Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Gordon is a moron

Not just droopy, but withering.........


Ah well, my hairdresser was there, no coiffeurial disasters, so thats okay. Pleased with my new short short short hair-cut.

courtesy of Gordon. Who is not a moron.
(not at all, actually! :o) )

But the question is, should I get my hair coloured?
Mostly I think - "No, I can't be arsed". Seems like far too much hassle, you have to keep doing it, don't you? And the grey doesn't notice toooooo much when its short. (well, no, I know it does, but I can quite easily ignore it).

But there are times when I think maybe I should think about it.
Like the times when I actually look in the mirror, or take photos of my hair (!) (not frequent) or see it trimmed off in my lap at the hairdressers.......

Hmmm, too big a decision to make at the moment I think.
(actually, I think that just means "I can't be arsed").

Today could have been another downward turn of the week because I woke up looking forward to my weaving class today, thinking it was Thursday rather than Wednesday. I realised in time, but it seems the memory is still coming and going!

Unlike my toothbrush, which has not gone missing again yet. But very like my belt, which I can't find anywhere.

This is a bit worrying. I really need a belt with my current jeans and don't have another which will do. Particularly as I've lost weight over recent months.
There is a real danger of slippage - don't want to look like one of those yoof with the crotch of their trousers down below their knees and inches of boxershorts showing.... They are mostly boys, aren't they? is this because they have anatomical features suited to holding up trousers? Can't be comfy.

But then of course, I am 46 and forget that fashion isn't to do with whats comfy.
(see - memory again)

I also forgot about the items I wanted to bid for on eBay. Well pissed-off about that. Its M's birthday later in March, and I wanted to get him an Eagle Annual No.1. Last time I looked - a few months ago - there were quite a lot of them about, going for about £20-25. This time - hardly any, and going for more. Sod's law.

My previous eBay purchase was a bit of a farce too. I wanted to get a remote-controlled Dalek for him for Xmas. I pre-ordered from Firebox in October (Dalek No.1), but it was one of this Christmas's "must-have" toys (apparently) and they couldn't guarantee getting one in time. So, being given to unreasonable panic over things lately, I bought one on eBay, paying well over the odds of course (Dalek No.2). It didn't arrive and didn't arrive - and after a couple of emails (very rude ones from the vendor) I discovered that I hadn't read all the small print, and these were pre-orders, not due till Dec. 15th. Not quick enough for an anxious person.

So I bought another one on eBay. Dalek No. 3. Not quite such a high price as Dalek No. 2.
Cancelled Dalek No. 1. The vendor of Dalek No. 2 wouldn't cancel the purchase and refund my money. Dalek No. 3 arrived. Great. Tho' spent 45 minutes trying to find an obscure delivery depot near the mouth of the Blackwall Tunnel...
Dec. 15th came and went - and I was just about to go through non-delivery of item procedures on eBay, hoping for my money back, when Dalek No. 2 arrived.....

So - We nearly had 3 Daleks. We now have 2. If anyone wants a remote-controlled Dalek, its yours for£30 (local pick-up).
Ah well. It was all worth it. He was very pleased. And I must admit, it is pretty cool, and it talks, and the sink-plungery bits swivel and light up... and everything! We call it "Kev the Dalek" in memory of Eddie Izzard.

The new Dr. Who is pretty cool as well - I thought anyone would be a big disappointment after Chris Ecclestone (who was FAB) , but the Xmas special was excellent. So far as I remember, of course.....

btw, thewebsite I gave you yesterday seems not to have been working - so here it is again, go on, its very funny and only takes 30 secs! And check out their version of The Shining.

I also think I forgot to eat any lettuce or bananas before bed last night!!! I can't quite remember!!!!!!!! but I had a sort of okay night. So maybe I'm not lettuce-dependent after all.

But I was woken by my daughter at about 2am, fortunately I got her calmed and off to sleep again. I slept okay-ish after that, except for a sneak tickly-cough-attack (had to get up to find something for that). Its hard, I'm not good at getting up in the night once I'm asleep - I think I managed to be calm and caring and patient, but wanted to wail "Oh go to sleep and let me sleep!" No sign of M., he was still downstairs in his other world.

We find out tomorrow which secondary school has given Little Gem a place for September. I can't think too much about it...... I'm sure she'll be okay, wherever she goes.... but... you know......

Hahaha - I've just looked at the tulip photo and realised that there's hardly any water there! I forgot to top them up!
They have some excuse, then, for drooping and dying.

I must remember to actually post this before I go to bed tonight.

And - nearly forgot!! - Dillo of the day, No6. about the strangest of them all (yes, its a gourd) :


ramblingwoman said...

Well, Lettuce, if you remember to look at your blog comments here's mine!!!

Funny about that Dalek! What are you like!!

Nice hair - with short hair like yours having it done professionally would be v. expensive and would grow out too quickly. Maybe you should take advice from Gordy - he might suggest highlights. Go on - you're worth it. And there's nothing like a fresh new hair colour to give you a lift for spring! But actually I'm only saying that from a psychological point of view. I never notice the grey in your hair.

Lovely armadillo! The things you can do with gourds. I will grow some on the allotment! We can fashion our own armadillos!

btw: did you see Jimmy's farm on TV this week? (new series)

lettuce said...

haha - i can just see us fashioning our own armadillos!! brilliant!

Missed Jimmy's farm! :o(
I'll watch next week.

Don't think I can be arsed with the hair colour....

euro-trac said...

I've always been envious of your hair! It's fab!
Wish I had known about the dalek... I would have bought it off you for Sid or Ren's birthday...
I LOVE David Tennent.. and I mean love as in quite fancy him too!!
:-) (Did you not see him in Casanova? - Just brilliant!)
He'll be tons better than C.E.
I'm really looking forward to the new Doc Who series!
Impressive Dillo!
Highlights?? Nah... dye it purple - You know you want to!! Hehe!

Donna said...

Lovely hair Lettuce. I personally would go for highlights just to give you a lift, and yes, you are worth it :-)

Poor tulip. They are very forgiving tho and, you never know, they may perk up again with a little water.

Molly Bloom said...

Really lovely hair - you haven't got any grey. You shouldn't dye it. You should see my grey and I'm only 33!!! I love those armadillos. Do you collect them? They are so cute. When I was a kid, the people next door had a stuffed one on the wall - I was really scared of it. I wonder where they got it from. I think they would make a good pet. They would make a snuffle sound and be hot all the time I bet. That's really weird about your daughter's rash because I woke up in the night with an itchy rash on my feet and legs and now it seems to have moved to my chin! (That's the chin under the first chin - ha ha) perhaps there is something in the air. Greenwich Park is empty today and absolutely fantastic in the sun. I'd recommend it. It heals me.

Molly Bloom said...

Check out this lovely worksheet type thingy:

Hope it works. It's really cute.

euro-trac said...

The Actics Monkeys cd would be great - Thanks! I've been waiting for Nick to buy it with his Amazon voucher, but I've spent years of my life waiting for Nick to do something...
I'll be there on Monday, no later than 11am!
I did say 11, didn't I?

euro-trac said...

Actic Monkeys?? Eeeek!
I hate it when I spell something wrong in peoples comments!!

Calamity Tat said...

blimus Lettuce what a read!!! Twas nice to see you if not briefly, I was stressed and had a long journey ahead. Looking good though Lettuce, trauma clearly suits, I thought you looked smashing, i do so like that word too...
go for them highlights, go for everything what have you got to loose, I'd go crazy....I've been thinking about my hair and what a mess it is but I am undecided as per usual as of what to do, let's take a vote...
leter plater

lettuce said...

great link Betty, thanks! (see my next blog...)