Saturday, March 25, 2006


I've not been sure what to blog about today. Sitting idly surfing friend's blogs and random "Next Blog" surfing (there is some weird stuff out there!)
(Nearly forgot the apostrophe in "friend's" there, Oooh dear Betty! (No.115)) (nearly forgot the final bracket too) (would anyone have noticed?)

There is no one else awake yet. The house is quiet.
Its a lovely day, I may even do some gardening. Bike ride with LG. Housework. Read the paper. Hoover the lounge. Do some weaving? Think about food for today. Just think about food! Etc. Etc. Etc. Etc. The fridge needs cleaning. (And the smeary grimy little-finger-smudged windows.)

It seems such a struggle sometimes to keep making the effort to get on with life, be active, positive, engaged, do the things that need to be done, enjoy the things I can enjoy. I just feel so tired of it all sometimes, weary. Bone-weary. Heart-weary.
The undertow of lethargy, misery, apathy, entropy, tiredness, hopelessness, alienation constantly naggingly pulls.

But thank the goddess (if there is a deity I think I'd prefer goddess to god) (I think) (on balance) for daughters, sunshine, friendship. And other smaller comforts.

I read Riverbend's blog this morning. And don't want to say something trite. I think its not possible, really, to compare lives. But it can make a difference to gain an insight into someone else's world and then return to one's own.

So I shall attempt to swim today, keep my head above water, float above the undercurrents, steer away from the undertow - maybe manage to sinksurf a bit. (hee hee, thanks Wendy and Tat) (this will be almost as useful (and frequent no doubt) in my blogs as brackets are).)

Starting by striking out away from this maudlin murkiness by choosing a dillo for the day:
No. 19. A maimed dillo! (oh dear). She has no ears, due I assume to some small child in our house some time, feeling curious or malicious, we will never know. Some time I will make her new ears.

And leaving you with something to make you laugh A LOT.
You'll love it if you like Lord of the Rings. You'll probably love it if you don't like - or even if you love to hate LOTR. Pleeeeeeze read this, you'll lyfao.

Oh, and finally, my Springwatch. These are pics. of a beautiful magnolia tree and a camelia, both just down the road, which we pass on the way to school. For some reason lost in the mists of time, LG and her friend always referred to the camelia as the "puffy" flowers, and used to pick them up from the pavement to bring home. Watching the buds appear, grow, swell, show colour is one of our Spring rituals. Even watched every day, it will still seem miraculous and sudden when they finally open. Needless to say, although camelias in London sometimes flower fully in February, the buds are tight shut just now, just the merest slightest hint of colour on the camelias while the magnolia buds look tightly shuttered. But 11C here today, so who knows?

And of course, in order to update these pics. and record the progress of this rite of Spring, I'll
need to keep taking LG to school, at least part of the way. :o)
(I think Le Chat is right, its worth making the most of this as long as possible.)


euro-trac said...

Well I must say... your weather pixie is looking very nice today, as is your neocounter!

Kitty said...

I hope you are feeling more cheery now. The weather was lovely this morning. Everyone feels that lethargy sometimes. I swing from mad frantic rushing around to slump on a daily basis!!

Monsieur Mange-Tout has raided our kitchen. Not a thing to eat this morning. He even ate my smelly smelly cheese. Perhaps I too should clean the fridge before refilling it?

Perhaps you should try ski-ing!!!!?

Calamity Tat said...

Wonderful weather today what ho? did it cheer you up?

grumpy old woman said...

hahaha laughed and laughed reading the Lord of the Rings Diaries.
Hope your day turned out to be a lovely one after all.
What was all that about the sun? We had rain, rain and then some more rain here in North Devon :o{

ramblingwoman said...

My word Lettuce, your weather pixie says 14C. Hardly believable after all this cold - and it's only 9am (8am if you don't count the clock change! - which I never do for a few days which really annoys andy!)

Hope you are feeling better today!
Happy Mother's Day! Thank goodness for daughters eh?
Know you are loved!

Molly Bloom said...

Hope you are feeling good today. The weather really was fantastic yesterday. I found that it really helped going out in the sun and feeling good. Goodness, Rambling is up before me and I'm Mrs. Earlybird.

I saw a robin and a wren this morning and even a fox! In the garden. Lovely!

Happy Mother's Day!

Calamity Tat said...

Happy Mothers day :-)

Kitty said...

Happy Mother's Day (had to ponder my apostrophe then, don't want Betty's Apostrophe Police after me).

Sorry to hear about your miscarriages. That must make LG or DC all the more precious.

We are off out for lunch now.

Too old for ski-ing? As if. If you can do that yoga stuff, ski-ing would be a piece of . . .

euro-trac said...

OK... Mmmmph! so you're going to BH and not meeting me for coffee are you?? :o)
OK, it's just aswell, I've got loads to do and the kids are going to be around on Tuesday as their schools are closed, so I won't be able to do anything sensible then!

You come out of Asda in BH.. instead of turning left up the main shopping bit like one tends to, you turn right, cross the road, and there are 3 CS's on your left... one of them is quite big! :o)

As for my Priscilla the weatherpixie... I sacked her quite a while ago now! She was a liar! It didn't seem to reflect what I was seeing out of my window and I can see City Airport from my place.... plus I also thought she encouraged far too much talk about the weather!
I don't need that! I get regular weather forcasts from Spain, Wales and London (whether I want them or not!) everytime I speak to my MIL anyway!!!! Hehehehehehe!!!

City Airport don't update their weather too often at weekends which is why it looked so warm this morning BTW...

er.. that's it I think!

Happy Mothers Day!

We'll get back to some regular coffee drinking after the holidays, and maybe even alcohol drinking too!!

Tracie B. said...

magnolias and dillos? are we in texas...

euro-trac said...

I only know 2 other CS's other then, and they are on the main shopping bit! But that's 5! So, if you find anymore... I want to know straight away!
Your flags have gone too... I think everyones has, so I'm sure they'll come back soon....