Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Signs of New Lice

Signs of New Lice Life

I've been too torpid for blogging lately, feeling totally wiped out and rather fragile at the weekend and on Monday, when I passed up the chance of 5 charity shops, (!!!!) being too lacking energy or the will to live. Plus it was bloody cold. (Too much bloodiness in Sunday's post, this is a word I must not use again for some time.)

But now it seems that Spring may really actually finally be here. Perhaps, maybe. And I am feeling a little more engaged with life again.

We have had 2 consecutive days of warmer weather, a fair bit of sunshine and, after a Monday of over-enthusiastically wearing too little and being chilly all day, I'm now in the annual transitional phase of wearing too much and having to frequently take off layers.

The magnolia and the camelias on the way to school are showing colour now, and there are all sorts of budding, shooting, bursting signs of new life.

LG spent all of yesterday evening, until 9.30, decorating an egg for a competition at school today, and took a 2nd hard-boiled egg for an egg-rolling competition. So, all very Spring- and Easter-ish.

LG's Easter Assembly is this Friday, her last day of term. Much hard lip-pressing, no doubt, especially as this is her last Assembly at primary school. I've always loved the assemblies and school shows and theres usually been some lip trembling, but the content has been more varied and fun since she was a junior rather than infant. There are only so many times you really want to hear/sing about the broad beans sleeping in their blankety bed (tho' I do love that one) and the caterpillars only crawling.

"Signs of New Life" used to be livened up considerably by the knowledge that LG and some of her friends, like myself, would be mentally singing the new words she wrote:

Signs of new lice
Signs of new lice in my hair
Springtime is here
And there are eggs everywhere
See the head lice
See their nits everywhere
See the new lice.

Assemblies have also improved vastly since the arrival of the new Head a few years back, and the departure not long afterwards of the widely-hated (with good reason) music teacher (known in our house as the music nazi) (Seinfeld ref. anyone?)

Her replacement was much better. The kids actually started singing and looking as though they were enjoying it! Then she had to leave and was replaced last September by The Best Music Teacher in the World, Ever, Anywhere.

He's unbelievably good. The Christmas concert was sensational and I'm looking forward to Friday's event.


Calamity Tat said...

Oh Poo, Tit, Bum!

wendy said...

Oh don't mention lice..last year was a nightmare - had to keep the boys hair shaved right off and even had them myself...aaargh....

but ooh's warmer here now but still no new buds anywhere. The trees are brown and dry and dull.

Onyx said...

Sounds sweet. I always loved school assemblies and plays. No chance for that now, as I don't have friends or family members under the age of 17.

Nice bloomage!

ramblingwoman said...

haha to all those comments! We,(touching wood madly) have not had head lice since we got up here. I'm not casting nasturtiums on the kids at the old school...well maybe I am! But it's great to be nit free at last - I never seemed to be totally rid of them in London. (Yes I caught them myself on a regular basis!) (YOU know all this Lettie, but just incase the other commenters are reading!)

Yes, spring is finally springing. It's wonderful!

lettuce said...

Well we've not had the itchies for a long while either, so there. Maybe its partly age (as well as London).

Molly Bloom said...

Lovely Spring pictures! Brighten up the morning.

grumpy old woman said...

Beautiful pics

Kitty said...

Glad you're feeling better now.

Head lice do seem to be an age thing. The three Rs had them almost constantly in the last years at primary school, but not since. I remember combing Romy's hair once and the things were marching off down her shirt, so many of them, so big, so foul. Urghh!

Ah, the broad beans and their blankety bed. I like that one too.

ramblingwoman said...

yes, lettuce, no offence! I think nits is an age thing ...but no one in Alice's class up here has passed them to her yet. But I'm not saying they don't exist.....

That camelia in your photo looks rude! (can't quite put my finger on it - fnar fnar)

Léons Life said...

I just love this time of the year when the first flowers come out and there are buds on the trees.

My favourite seasons are spring and early autumn the mild temperatures are so great ! I hate deep dark winters and stifling sweaty summers, the in between times are the best.

Meg said...

My head has started itching now!!

Yes, I know Woolwich. I grew up in East London, on the real Albert Square, (in Maryland, Stratford) so I wandered all over when I was young. It's changed a lot now though. Let me know where they are and I will visit them next time I am down.

Meg said...

Of course I'd love to meet you for coffee. I'll let you know when I'm next down. Boyd (or Greg as he is really called) works erratic hours so I tend to go at short notice but eblogger is fine for that.

Kitty said...

They are all girls, Lettuce. I don't think the boys were involved at all.

Renee took some photos on her phone. I'll see what I can do tomorrow.

Hope you had a good day.