Sunday, March 26, 2006

Bloody Hell

Well, I have at least some explanation of my sudden downward mood swing on Saturday.
(other than the on-goingly unresolved situation at home)
(tho' i think we are possibly making progress (despite
The Letter, which did not go down well) (but actually led
to important and helpful discussions at the next
counselling session )....thanks for your support and thoughts
some of you...)(still such hard work though)

But ... that aside, its another bloody period.
Bloody hormones.
Only 12 bloody days after the last one.
Which went on for nearly 2 bloody(very) weeks.
Bloody Hell.

I must add fluorodix to the shopping list.
After GIN.

(M is cooking this weekend, so no leafy iron-rich greens in our kitchen.)

When I found out I was definately peri-menopausal, a few years ago, at a relatively young age, I optimistically thought that at least I'd be through it all before LG started getting too hormonal. I should have known better.

And I'm still getting bloody spots (19). How bloody fair is that!

Tho' LG has not had another period since her first, early in January. Maybe I'm having them for her? Hmmm. Some kind of witchy weirdness to do with lunar tides or something, no doubt. Or ley lines? Bloody painters in by proxy, ha ha.

When this is all over, maybe I should have a Menopause Party.
And invite all of you?

Anyway. Despite the weather taking a turn for the miserable yesterday, I had a v. relaxed and enjoyable day, overall. A bit of gardening and re-potting plants before the rain started, it felt great to be out in the garden again. Though - as I did clean the windows too - it is now all the more crystal-clearly obvious what a mess most of the garden is.

I then managed to lure LG away from the computer with the incentive of miniature gardening. This was one of my favourite toys as a child. Its fantastic.

It all comes to pieces. (in a good, by-design, detachable sort of way, that is, not a falling-to-pieces almost-as -old as-me sort of way.)

All the plants have to be planted individually
with a little fork device; most of the tiny
flowers detach - and the teeeny weeny birds on the
bird bath and dove cote - and are also added by hand. Its wonderfully designed and made.

The lawnmower even has little metal blades and rollers which go round. A lot of this was mine in the 60's (blimus, yes I know) and I've added to it recently courtesy of eBay.

LG loves spending time together with me, with this and I had happy daydreams yesterday of doing this at some future date with LG and her daughter (maybe on another Mother's Day?....).

Not that anyone in the house except me remembered that it was Mother's Day today.

LG didn't realise it was today. M slept late (having come to bed at 4am, Bloody Hell).
( I had a good snigger, with a friend over MSN this morning, thinking he might forget about the clock change too and miss breakfast and lunch) (and even Poirot).
But he did remember the timechange. Bloody Tch.

When he emerged I reminded him, because LG would have been v. upset if she'd missed it.

M kindly reminded me that I had forgotten Father's Day last year too.

Bloody Hell. Fair enough.

I suppose.

Anyway, he did rush up to the Co op and buy flowers and chocolates and LG made me the great card, above. She does brilliant dragons, even at speed.

All is pretty ok chez nous, maintenant.

Miniature gardening is usually a pretty peaceful occupation. However LG was extremely hyper and manic yesterday. Lots of silliness, clowning around and laughter.

She went beserk like a demented kitten with the damp washing as I got it out of the machine. She was also even more demonstrative than usual - beaucoup de huge hugs and big bisous.

She made me feel exhausted, very much loved and extremely happy.

Happy Mothers Day to all mothers and children of mothers.


Kitty said...

That miniature garden is amazing. I've never seen anything like that.

Sorry things are so tricky for you. I don't really understand it all but it sounds stressful.

I feel sort of mellow now (alcohol induced I'm afraid) - this stuff with Mirren will probably blow over.

lettuce said...

Well I don't think I understand either. Or the feeling that I do never lasts for long!

Yes, mellow myself, definately to do with the alcohol.

I hope so. (re Mirren)

(must be such a worry. I can't even think about that yet!)

Will try to find pic. of me at Tat's halloween party.

Kitty said...

Good. I look forward to the photo!

Glad I'm not the only one up at such a silly hour, flicking between work and blogs.

Onyx said...

How sweet. I've never seen the miniature gardening thing either, but it's soooo cool!!

Calamity Tat said...

Ohhh Lettuce how pretty LG is, the girls can't wait to see her, they keep asking me when she's coming sigh.... it's months away... I would pay good money for Halloween photographic evidence of Trac as I must have deleted my photos! That one is all I have. Shame....My mother's day was good although it wasn't mother's day here, still we're watching UK tele,so we went along with it, or rather the girls did, will blog about it later..

Molly Bloom said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Molly Bloom said...

I've just seen your comment on Paul's blog and now I understand why he's left a comment here. Please see e-mail.

euro-trac said...

Oh dear! Has tat lost all the photos!? That's a shame!?

Great little garden thingy! And no, missing Fathers Day is not a good excuse!

My kids remembered, but I did think Nick let the side down a bit! He eventually cooked a roast, and nipped out and bought a bottle of vintage cava... so all is forgiven! :o)

Donna said...

Your miniature garden is wonderful. That's my idea of gardening, small scale. We have far too much garden here!!!!

I hope you get your periods sorted out. Have you thought of any alternative therapies? I see you take fluorodix, but do you see a homeopath at all? I have always had a homeopath both for me and the kids, a good one is worth their weight in gold. It would be good for your periods/menopause and to support you through your home situation too.

Manuel Gallardo Fuentes said...

Beautiful garden...

Kitty said...

Looks like you've got an admirer. You'll have to brush up on your Spanish now.

How are you today?

ramblingwoman said...

Ooh my a Spanish blogger has commented. Did he do a search on Google for Miniature Gardens?

Wow that Garden does look impressive. You've obviously been collecting since I last saw it!

Hope your day has been OK, Lettie. I've been thinking about you...

Paul Saxton said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Molly Bloom said...


Kitty said...

Good I'm glad you're virtuous like me (oh and Tats too, she's virtuous apparently!)

Tomorrow you will have to be super duper happy because it is my birthday and no-one is allowed to be miserable!!

43 tomorrow. Hurray!

Shit, my blood sugar is bad. Better go and shoot up.

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