Wednesday, April 19, 2006


My Questions & Answers (and winners):

1. What is the most unhealthy thing you enjoy eating?
Pork scratchings.
Trac is closer than anyone: "What otherwise horrible food can I not resist after a pint or two of nice British Ale?" - I've only ever eaten/wanted to eat them when also drinking nice British Ale.

2. What is your family/household fetish?
Trac - closest again, they certainly are slotted into most spare corners of our house.

3. Describe your most disastrous outfit.
Orange flared jeans, baggy flowery smock top with long puffy sleeves, long white crotcheted waistcoat.
Wendy - as you say, not such a disastrous outfit when I was 15, would be now! (on me anyway!)

4. What is (one of) your secret pleasure(s)?
Digestive biscuits with (lots of) peanut butter.
Wendy. Secret because M tells me to hide digestive biscuits from him.

5. Whats the most dishonest thing you've ever done?
Stealing flowers from other peoples’ gardens.
Wendy. I was 7/8, felt guilty, but couldn't stop myself. Now I'm just content with photographing flowers/trees in other peoples' gardens. Image/electronic theft.

6. Whats the ugliest thing in your kitchen?
Seriously. Its awful but I can't do without it. Must buy/make a better one.

7. What is your family famous for?
Walking very fast.
Absolutely true.

8. Something you do which might be described as "sad".
Checking my blog for comments ALL THE TIME
Meg possibly closest, tho' I don't think its my worst habit, actually.

9. Your worst ever accident.
Smashing through a glass door, wrist-first.
My sister was the other side (bathroom door), we were arguing, she had stitches in big toe, I had stitches in wrist. Scarey.

10. Whats the strangest thing you've ever eaten?
Sheeps’ feet.
Meg. In France, M ordered this on persuasion of good (French) friend in Aveyron, fabulous restaurant. I only tried, couldn't have eaten much! Great flavour, exceedingly gluey.

11. Your age when you had your first snog?
Dons. Yes, I remember it well.....

12. The country which you'd most like to visit (but haven't)?
Dons is closest - most exotic holiday I'd like. (tho' any exotic holiday would do really...)

13. Something you dislike about your appearance?
The back of my head.

14. Your worst ever fancy-dress costume.
A toothbrush.
My sister was dressed as the toothpaste, but we got split up by age and hence both looked extremely odd and inexplicable. I was about 6 or 7 and was humiliated and very upset.

15. If you had a totem animal (or daemon, a la Pullmann) what would it be?
Meg. Otters move quickly, are rarely still, good swimmers, sociable, like to have fun and splash around in water.

16. Where can you see tigers?
“Only in Kenya”
Trac - close enough! Didn't know it was that famous - it certainly is that annoying.

17. Don't you think thats enough questions?

This means that everyone who tried this got 3 questions right or close, except Betty, and she gets 3 points for being so very very very funny especially on 1, 4, 6, 7, 10, 11, 14.

So you all win.

If anyone wants to go for a tie-break, here it is - what is the question, when the answer is:

An armadillo (of your choice, if you like) will be named after you.


euro-trac said...


What am I highly allegic too??

euro-trac said...

Sorry.... far too many 'O's' there!
Well one too many anyway...

wendy said...

What is the first restaurant dish you eat when you're in France?

wendy said...

Oh -your entry made it in judguing tonight when my horrible, head-ache inducing 'aliens in childrens bodies' are ASLEEP!!

Calamity Tat said...

oh i came over to do it and you'd finished poo tit bum!

Molly Bloom said...

What does Mr. Universe dream (night after night) of having?

Molly Bloom said...

Oh, I think you should let Tats enter anyway.

Molly Bloom said...
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Molly Bloom said...


When I was a child, I was forced to write a poem about Christmas dinner. The only thing I could think of to rhyme with brussels, was.....

Molly Bloom said...


When Pamela Anderson has her implants removed, her breasts will resemble which shellfish?

lettuce said...

hahaha Betty.

Trac got the right answer.
You are the funniest!

lettuce said...

Yes Tat - have a go anyway, make us laugh

euro-trac said...

OMG!! I'm soooo overcome with having a dillo named after me!! Has it got to be one that I've seen on your blog?? Or can I trac your house down and look in all of your corners??

I know where you live...

How fab?
Well for me, but certainly not for you!! I adore Mussels! I would rather you be able to feel the same about them than not be able to eat them!!! (If there's an 'R' in the month... I'm there!)

But still - a dillo!!!! :o)

ramblingwoman said...

oh I'm too late! Betty's comments are SOOOOO SOOOO funny!

euro-trac said...

...and can I name one ELVIS?