Monday, April 24, 2006


Phew! template all sorted. My sidebar has returned (with a couple of extra links - v. good blogging advice, and wonderful art from a friend living in France) (everyone leaves Woolwich.....)

Thanks for everyone who offered advice and encouragement.

Tho' now my blog is back the way it was, I'm a bit bored with it.
Might try a bit more tweaking - but I'll keep it all backed up this time and I now have a PC emulator for one of our Macs, so I can run Internet Explorer and actually check what you are seeing, those of you not yet using Mozilla Firefox!!

I think this blog does need a spring clean - but had to get the essential repairs done first.

This is what M. brought back for me from his day out in London on Saturday:

Its actually not too bad a likeness, close up. Tho' he's a lot shorter than on TV.

And he's fully poseable.
I make no further comment.

I now face a dilemma: do I take him out of the packaging, to get dusty, depreciate in value (!)[there are those who worry about such things, apparently] and probably lose his little tiny sonic screwdriver? or do I leave him in the blisterpack, which is far less fun (and not at all poseable)?

The London Marathon went past the end of our road on Sunday. We met up with RW and family, and stood for an hour clapping, shouting, cheering and throwing money. It was great fun. Me and LG, RW, Mr.RW and RW's oldest.

M. was still in bed. Couldn't think of anything more tedious, apparently. Once again, I refrain from further comment. He cooked the dinner anyway.

The marathon started out like this:

went on like this:

for nearly an hour:

with bits of this:

and some of this:

and even this:

and this woman dressed as a whoopie cushion:

and it ended like this:

They just kept coming, its quite amazing.
After an hour of clapping, the palms of my hands felt strangely smooth, tingly and very very itchy.

Some runners helpfully had their names written clearly on their tops/foreheads/somewhere, so that we could bawl out personalised encouragement. Many of them were also/instead wearing the names of the charity for which they were collecting money, as well as their numbers of course. "Come on, Flora!!"

I did almost, at one point, find myself yelling "Go Prostate!!!".

RW & Co. then came back with us for lunch and some of the afternoon, which was luvverly.

See her blog, I think she has moving pictures for you!


CheeseSucks said...

Hey how did you do that Visitor really looks cool..could you help me do it for my blog....

ramblingwoman said...

Great pics Lettuce.

Glad you've got your blog sorted out! You must be SO relieved. I know how it's been getting to you (teehee).

Kitty said...

Cool, the words are back to normal size too.

Glad you had a nice time with Trac. I wish I could have a nice time with Trac actually!!

I've got to give a talk tomorrow. I was head hunted today as well actually. Very flattering. But not appealing.

wendy said...

You see the html by clicking on 'view' (on your browser tool bar) and then 'source'..if you use IE - Firefox has a better way, apparently, but I don't use Firefox so can't tell you how.

Bird said...

dr. who - hmmm... what a dilemma - i think i'd opt for risking the loss of his sonic screwdriver just to take him out for a spin and see how poseable he truly is - hahaha!

loved the photos - reminded me just a tad bit of the Bay to Breakers marathon run every May here in San Francisco - larger crowd - so an equally proportinate amount of zany costumes.

and yes!yes! please - i echo cheesucks (whose username alone warrants a visit to his/her blog) how did you do that visitor's log?

Calamity Tat said...

Blimus I don'tunderstand a word you're talking about when you talk computers! glad you've stopped melting though.. Talking as one who has had first hand experience of your house for many years I agree with GM, I personally adore your chipfryer, memories of fab chips chez toi :-) oh and chicken drumsticks, oh and icecream...

euro-trac said...

Oooh la la... le chat!

Oh yes! I remember now Tat saying you made good chips!

As for DT... yeah, get him out and get him posing and generally doing his thing! Oooh - I could come round to play! :o)

BTW - Thanks, Top advice (ignore the gears) I'm not quite up to Tour de France standards yet, but at least I didn't crash into anything! hehehe!