Sunday, April 30, 2006


Enough of the DC (Demon child) for the time being.

She's had 2 consecutive blogs to herself, thats enough for now.

(the squalor is already encroaching once again in her room.

I have promised to say nothing.
I must bite my tongue, grit my teeth, keep a grip.
I will be strong)

This is what I am doing at the moment in my weaving class:

The contraption is an "inkle" loom - a very ancient form of weaving used for straps and braids.

This length will be cut into shorter lengths to make handles for some little bags which I have already woven.

(But not yet sewn together...
Must finish one project before going on the next...
Must finish one project before going on the next...
Must finish one project before going on the next...
Must finish one project before going on the next...
Must finish one project before going on the next...)

The world of textiles - spinning, weaving, knitting - goes on for ever. There is always more to learn, amazing techniques and both very ancient and very contemporary ways of using them.

I'm committed to working on projects which will use some of the yarns, fleece etc. which I already have - rather than projects which will require me to add more to my already over-full stores. Its a good aim, though I tend to panic that I will run out of something, buy more, and then have surplus... which will need to be used at some point....
And then I quite often pick things up (unmissable bargains, obviously) at boot fairs or charity shops.
And so it goes on forever.

Which suits me pretty well. Its a wonderfully therapeutic activity, to which I intend to devote more time.

And its very satisfying to be able to make gifts which my 18-20 year old nieces think are cool!


Calamity Tat said...

I don't understand why you and Trac thought I cheated to get Johnny! I am quite perturbed by that! I did not cheat! I answered honestly, we are clearly made for each other thank you very much, Hmmmm
Think it might have something to do with admiting to peeing in the shower?

Calamity Tat said...

Lovely loom!

Joyce said...

Ok, YES! and, well, no. Do we really have to cling to the ideal of finishing one thing before going on? because sometimes walking away from a project for a time gives you new eyes when you return to it. Overstocking: Oh, yeah. I wrote the book on that. Loving creating and textiles, old and new ways- SING it girl! And further, I have two daughters of my own and they are pigs. Overstocked , over dressed pigs. And no matter how many times I make them clean up their own rooms, they never seem to learn the art of maintenance.
Also, and not at all related- thank you for leaving a meaningful comment on my sie.
thats all (for now).

Mel Gibson said...

You can take me for a spin anytime!

ramblingwoman said...

You fancy Mel? When did I miss that? Is HE the guy you fancy? Sal, NOOOOOOOOOOO! He's AWFUL! EWWW , EWWWW and double EWWWWWW.

Nice loom!

Donna said...

Lovely weaving. I have never done weaving. I look forward to seeing your completed bags :-)

lettuce said...

Nooooooo, I never said I fancied Mel!!

He was supposedly my celebrity love match (see Leon's life) - Sean Penn / Kevin Spacey my runners-up, much better thankyou very much, either of them!

Stuntmother said...

Actually, Mel's latest obsessive Mayan movie made me think he'd be an interesting person to have to supper. Maybe not to stay over...

I loved your comment to me (thank you) and I have read through your site(s) and feel a similar connection. Your looming stuff is amazing and I wish I could try -- and I identify with your desire to use what you have -- I am in a knitting up what I have stage, even though I still happen across yarn and think - ooooh.

Knitting is theraputic. So is cleaning, but then, as the natural chaos of the house overtakes, it is not theraputic. Until it is again. I wish I could figure out how to just keep it all clean. Some laundry days I announce that we are all, from now on, going to go around naked because I am done doing laundry.

Max said...

Hello Lettuce,

Another form of therapy but slightly off-topic, so start looking for the delete button.....

I'm an Aussie in Sydney looking for a massage seat as a gift for my mother-in-law in London. I've searched the web high & low for London retailers but can't find any. I was hoping you could suggest some retailer names where I can buy online & have the gift shipped.

If I'm outa line posting this here then I apologise; don't read further, just hit delete.

If you can help, then the seats are described here as "Shiatsu & Rolling Seat Massager", "Quad Roller Seat Massager", etc. I'd guess that they'd retail in London for 100 - 300 quid.

I'd really appreciate some advice,


CheeseSucks said...

Yes I wanted to do a little bit of "the one with Visitors Online". sure looks goood!!

lettuce said...

Max - I'll leave a comment for you under the followiing post

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