Wednesday, May 10, 2006

160+ and counting...

Through the keyhold. Part 3.

(Click here for Parts 1 and 2)

This was actually the first stage in the purge of LG's bedroom - last in my chronicles here of the process, because I've only just got around to sorting out the photos.

A good proportion of the TOO MUCH STUFF which my daughter (LG) possesses is her soft animals. Maybe our great relief that she was keen on animals rather than barbies led us to over-indulge her.

I had hoped that she might be willing to relinquish some of them as part of our Easter spring-clean, to put them up for adoption at the school fair - but it was not to be. Last year she parted with quite a number, but came back with more from the toy tombola. Grrrr!

2 : she was willing to part with, to go to said toy tombola.

1 : I managed to extract because it is actually M's (a long ago joke from a friend) (a parrot which was once dressed as Batman) (yes, we have some strange friends).

12 : went into sort

She wouldn't countenance putting them up in the loft, that was a ladder too far (she knows them all by name) but in a storage bag on the top of the shelves was a reasonable compromise.

59 or more little ones went into a small toy cot (which was mine when I was little) which can be pushed under the bed. Good job. Out of sight....
She carefully arranged about 35 in here, I managed to force in find room for at least 20 more.

40++ into the big purple bin.

(Similar sequence of careful arrangement by her and additional stuffing in by me)

These large storage containers seem so deceptively like a good idea in the shop, don't they?

30++ are now precariously suspended above her bed. They'll be fine, so long as no-one rocks the boat hammock. And so long as her night time cavortings around don't include standing suddenly upright in her sleep (which is always possible).

This leaves only about 15 on/in/falling-off-and-ending-up-under the bed. Mostly penguins and pooches.

Well, its a small step in relative terms, a reasonably substantial step for LG.
This does looks much better than it did, believe it or not, honest, cross my heart, take my word for it.

Lets hope they don't start creeping out of their assigned locations too soon.....


cream said...

Lettuce, just get rid of the bed and let her make one out of this amazing ménagerie!
I've never seen this many soft toys in Hamleys!

euro-trac said...

Odd socks!


e4c5 said...

Reminds me of an old Star Trek episode..."The Trouble With Tribbles." There were little furry animal looking things coming out of every hole in the ship.

lettuce said...

hahaha - the Trouble with Tribbles, yes, one of the best silly episodes they did. LG has been watching some old ST with us, we'll have to show her that one.

The odd socks thing makes the laundry easier to deal with, I don't have to bother matching her socks any more!

wendy said...

We also do odd socks in this house..heh heh - so we are not alone, are we! How do kids manage to sleep with all that stuff on their beds? There are times when I have to sneak in at night and remove the darn things before the boys fall out of bed. They have dogs bigger than they are that take up half the bed, without all the other gumf as well.

Love the purple walls.

Kitty said...

Yes, we do odd socks too. Romy and James never wear matching ones - much to the disgust of the school.

So many toys though. I've never seen the like. I may be messy but I do make regular toy culls!

Lovely bedroom though. Looking forward to seeing the walls turn black in due course.

wendy said...

Black! She's a card.

lettuce said...

Aha, you may think she's a card, but she knows that this is a definite plan of LG's.

Molly Bloom said...

The Troubles with Tribbles was a classic, classic episode!

I think all of those teds are cool. I think she should get more. We went to London Zoo on Saturday and you can go in with the little monkeys! You should take her there. They are unbearably cute!

Donna said...

Bloody hell that's some collection!

We too do odd socks. The dreaded sock monster reigns supreme in this house!

ramblingwoman said...

that's way way too many cuddly toys. How can you stand it? How can she stand it? How did she get so many? Surely not M buying all those? That's enough for one for everyday of her life so far!
I can't get over it! (Can you tell?)

I remember that ST episode (very silly)

ramblingwoman said...

odd socks... The kids don't but I do...nearly every day actually.

lettuce said...

Well, I have to admit, most of them were bought by M..... He just can't help himself.

He's stopped buying them now tho'.
But buys dragons/swords instead.


Jay said...

Well at least she's still a kid. I knew this older woman who had an entire house filled with that stuff. She called them her "stuffies" and she was as creepy as she sounds.

euro-trac said...

Well... lets talk about socks!

I do odd socks, and I often find myself defending my socks with
"They're not odd, they're just a different colour!"

My poor, poor children have never had a pair of socks to call their own! I buy bags of black socks, which all go missing in mysterious circumstances, but it saves worrying about finding two the same and they just share and wear whatever is available at the time!

ramblingwoman said...

may I ask a question? Why do you call it the keyhold? I call it the keyhole. At first I thought it was a typo but you called it a keyhold the last time. Have I been getting it wrong all my life?

lettuce said...

Actually LG's socks are the one clothing item which is not as black as possible. She has some bright and fluorescent and extremely bad taste socks and this is her way to subvert the school uniform which her head mistress is just a little bit too anal about.

Yes, got me RW, it should be keyhole....I got it wrong last time too? how strange, maybe my fingers know something I don't.