Friday, February 24, 2006

Slip covers?????

Website of the week: here
Not funny, like babieswithbeards (under Sunday Feb. 19th - go on, use the archive!) but blimus! Who'd have the time? or the inclination? (not like blogging, of course, which makes perfect sense to all of us.....)

Music for the week: El Presidente. Click on the audio link to sample - If you like the Scissor Sisters, you'll like it. Probably. Its great.

I've also been listening to Carole King's "Tapestry" - its a bit worrying, i still know all the words, the whole album, not just the "wondrous woven magic in bits of blue and gold, A tapestry to feel and touch, impossible to hold"... I could go on. ... I do, I remember it all.
But I spent 10 minutes yesterday trying to remember what I'd gone upstairs for, and the week before that I lost my electric toothbrush for about 3 days, couldn't remember where I'd put it.
It turned out to be between the banisters, half-way up the stairs... should have thought to look there, obviously.

Memory eh? Who'd have one.

Not me, obviously. Or not the useful kind.

Great Yoga class today. The teacher is unbelievably bendy. She did this (check under Yoga Postures : No.28"Forward Bend" - but with heels and legs flat against the wall.
See if you can do that without falling over!!
Relief, pretty well no one else in the class could do it either. I took it fairly easy, being my first week back after about 6 months. Even the tad arsna was hard work, let alone spreading the buttock bones and moving the flesh of the thighs back to the bones!!!!!

And then she tried to get us to do this thing where you sit on the floor, legs bent up before you, knees apart - bend forward and get your shoulders under your knees (yes, really!!) . Bend as flat as you can to the floor, then straighten your legs and arms (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) (the colour indicates both alarm and extreme pain) flat against the floor.*

We did this
- which I can do!!!

But with a less hairy chest.

And I was wearing a top.

And not smiling so much.

I'm sure i will feel the benefits. In a few days.
After a bit more red wine.

Sleep last night - pretty good actually, despite waking at 2.30 when M. came to bed, reluctantly dragging himself away from the fantasy RP on-line world where he mostly lives these days...

And NO LETTUCE last night! Not even a leaf.
Oh no, will I have to change my blog identity?
( i did have a banana. I suppose i could become "Bananas in pajamas". ha ha)

Dillo of the day:

* This blogger will not be held responsible for any injuries received as a result of this posting. Couldn't find a picture of this pose to show you - if anyone knows the name of the pose, please tell me. So that I know to avoid it in the future.


ramblingwoman said...

lfmao!! That woman with the slip covers! What must she be like in real life? She looks normal in the pictures, but God I'd hate to go on a road trip with her.

Still prefer dildo, sorry dillo number 2! Strangely I look forward to these dillo's arriving every day. (I really must get a life - soon)

As for Yoga, who'd put themselves through it? Well, we would, YOGA ROCKS!

PS: I'm turning into an American, can you tell, (dude) I've been watching too much American Idol/ER/FaithandHope (H watches that)

euro-trac said...

Dillo number 2 is going to take a lot of beating!
So, Monday - what time? There are only two places to meet in Woolwich I think..
Friends Cafe or Costa!
I'm happy with either, they both do good coffee! :-)

euro-trac said...

11.45 - 12 at Friends is just fine! :-)
see you there....

lettuce said...

do you not want to swim, too?