Monday, February 13, 2006

Half my life

well, I survived the weekend, my family are lovely, we had a great meal out in Cambridge on Saturday night - 14 of us altogether. My daughter S - 5 nieces and nephews (5 altogether, not 5 of each!), my mum and Dad, my sister and brother-in-law, brother and sister-in-law - and us.

Wandered around Cambridge in dreary weather - not much to do there, really, once you've seen a few dreaming spires and medieval quadrangles - and thats just the students!!! Of course if one was being cultural, there are plenty of museums etc. etc. - i used to know someone who worked at the Fitzwilliam Museum, so I used to know my way around there. But a family get-together would be a bit wasted if we spent all our time in museums, so we walked around the river and market instead and had good meals together. I did buy a great pair of hand-made felt slippers, brill. I get thro slippers like nobody's business - must have hard feet or something. (maybe its the blakeys???)

And I slept quite well. I'm trying not to think that i might be over the worse of the sleeplessness - don't want to jinx it. But i just took some Syndol - painkillers, but they cause drowsiness - rather than sleeping pills. And I've had 3 reasonable nights sleep. Without any lettuce or bananas!! It feels like such luxury when you're not used to it - sleeping, that is, not the absence of lettuce or bananas. like when the kids start finally sleeping through the night.

So tonight - well, maybe I'll take the plunge and go commando again. But with some back-up lettuce, just to be on the safe side.

The anniversary came and went - i gave a card and gift which was appreciated eventually, tho i picked a bad time to give it...
Twenty-three years. Half my life.

In the meantime - well, I'm off to get my lettuce for the night.
I'll be away again this week, half-term, and I'm going to stay with my great friend Luce who helps to keep me going - so no more blogs for a few days. But she can show me how to add pictures and STUFF!! and make this a bit less boring to look at.

tho if i start to sleep properly, maybe i wont have much to write about........


euro-trac said...

Oh yeah... show pics! I want to see your slippers!! :-)
I'm a slipper addict...
They're not called
'posh slippers'
by any chance?
Obviously I have no idea what is going on in your life, but there seems to be some bad stuff going on!? :-(
I hope you have a nice week with Luce!

ramblingwoman said...

show you how to put on pictures? and sex your blog up? You ARE joking! Tat did mine. I haven't got a clue!

lettuce said...

ha ha Luce. But you know how to put pics on so i'm sure you can show me. I can do without the sexing up. Sex? whats that?
So yes, Trac, I'll add a pic. of my slippers in due course. They're not 'posh' - but they are fab!

euro-trac said...

Hehe... it's just I received a pair for Christmas and they have 'posh slippers' written on the label!