Saturday, February 25, 2006

Funky Dillo

My daughter, having her ideal Saturday morning.

My husband told her that if she tidied up her bedroom on
Sunday, she could spend as much time as she liked on his computer on Saturday, playing the on-line RPG which he plays constantly (sometimes literally nearly all day) (and night) (believe it if you can).

What a silly twat.

He didn't consult me about this arrangement, despite the fact that he was out most of Saturday. Bloody marvellous, eh?

I'm coping, for the time being (and it is a strange time in my life), with him spending so much time in this other world, - but really I'd sooner my Little Gem didn't spend too much of her life there too.....

Mind you, I do see the attraction. Little Gem and I sometimes play a RP game together, between 2 networked computers - and its very good fun. Tho' she does get caught up in the game and sometimes extremely cross:

"no, I was fighting that monster!"
"get out of my way!"
"that axe is mine!"
"Did you steal my gold?"
"let me out! let me out! you're in the way!"
"Oh no, I've died!!!"

I'm pre-menstrual at the moment, so its probably good therapy.

(at least, I think I must be pre-menstrual - i'm peri-menopausal, and all over the place, biologically speaking)
Life sucks sometimes, doesn't it?

Anyway, I managed to get her away from the computer long enough for 15 mins. tidying her bedroom (RESULT!), for lunch, and to watch a film with me in the evening. Ralph the Wonder Llama. (aka Monty Python and the Holy Grail). One of her favourite films.
(I'm so proud of her.)
I'm also very proud of myself as I've just gone on-line and got tickets for Spamalot - not opening till Oct. but tickets selling fast.....

Website of the day (I had to offer an alternative to the website of the week from my last posting) (Mind you, I did find the thought crossing my mind that I could post a pic. of the jigsaw puzzle I've just started. Scary - I expunged the thought immediately !! would be a bit sad to say the least. Tho' i am enjoying doing puzzles. Thanks Luce - hadn't done a jigsaw for ages, but enjoyed doing one with Luce at half-term and remembered I have a couple I haven't done yet. Makes me sit and relax, gets me away from work, so thats a good thing - even if my husband thinks (he does, even if he wont admit it) that jigsaws are for old and boring people. I've also been doing lots of those japanese Hanjie & mosaic puzzles. I'm sure theres something Freudian going on there - they are absorbing and solvable! unlike life.)
That was a long excursus.....

Look at the Mod or Fraud? Art or Crap? quizzes too - excellent and entertaining! I scored well on the Mod or Fraud - quite good on the Art or Crap (tho' the urinal had me fooled). But not so well on Sexxx or Something Else, you can tell i'm out of practice. I couldn't bring myself to look at the Animal Vegetable or Mineral? eeeewwwww!

The internet, eh? BRILLIANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Today's dillo (No.4) is funky:

I know No.2 will take some beating, but this is a good one.

btw., can one of you experienced bloggers tell me how to change the "comments" title/header? I've looked at blogger help, and been into the html and experimented - without luck....
"0 Comments" is just a bit boring.

novice blogger still, but getting there......


grumpy old woman said...

Hi Sweetie
This is my favorite dillo so far -
funky indeed.
Thanx for your comment - I can identify with the space you are in right now - it can be pretty scary.
You are doing well by seeking support from friends who care for you.

Calamity Tat said...

Get her away from that computer and out into the REAL world!!!! (i sense anger Lettuce, good) sorry it was only half an hour but visit me soon, love you lots ;-)

euro-trac said...

I am so sorry for being dozy!
Still prefer no 2 but no 4 is funky!
The comment thing is not, like one would expect under the heading of 'comments' in your template. It is under the heading of 'Misc' which is about half way down...
You can put your own words after


It probably just says 'comments' at the moment!

Let me know if I'm not making sense, it's hard to explain here...

ramblingwoman said...

I have to say that is ONE FUNKY DILLO, but I still prefer 2!

Looked at Spamalot. Little Gem will LOVE that!