Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Droopy tulip

Oh no, after assuring you that my tip for yesterday worked - droopy tulip!

It always has worked in the past.... .... but this tulip looks rather how I feel. Sad, wilting and drooping - with very uncertain future prospects.

Might recover.... will it? wont it?
Its like a parable of life.

BUT I am actually feeling much better now than when I started blogging....

My life has been quite a nightmare over the last 5 months ++
but I am finally sleeping - almost normally, at least 4-5 hours a night, often more - which feels WONDERFUL.

Still lettuce- and banana
-dependent, but thats ok. Its become quite a night-time ritual, along with the warm milk and lavender oil (on the pillow - not in the milk).

(Though I do actually have a recipe which includes dried lavender
- an outstanding BBQ sauce recipe.
Dozens of ingredients (well.... a lot)
- bit of a process making it, but well worth the effort.)

Sleeplessness is so debilitating - it completely undermines my capacity to cope - silly things and simple decisions seem too much.

But now I'm making plans - little day-to-day plans, buying myself flowers, focussing on things to try to enjoy in life.

Of course the prozac could be helping too.....

So today's dillo (No.6) is a Cheerful Dillo - Reasons to be cheerful, in fact, Part 1:

And here is something else thats fun.

And i've decided to take Anthony and the Johnsons off my computer play-list, its just too club-style and has been annoying the hell out of me. I've been enjoying the Foo Fighters tho.....

I nearly met a good friend for meal and drinks this evening but she had to cancel because she's stuck at work. [:0{
(nearly met a friend yest
erday too, but failed... I'm due for a haircut tomorrow, hope nothing goes wrong there! there could be a pattern building up this week, droopy tulip and all.... )

But i will go and have a glass of wine, finish my jigsaw puzzle and eat pancakes made by my husband (if he manages to get out of the bath in time). Thence to my nightly lettuce, lavender oil and all, and hopefully sleeeeeeeeeeeep.

Found this today:

Happy Shroving to one and all.

Monday, February 27, 2006

My salad days

Today I went to Woolwich and I bought:
lots of green stuff

It can't go on like this! However, I am still sleeping mostly pretty well, so i guess it will go on like this for a while.
Romaine, for a change... (yum) and more Little Gem - of course. Its such a handy size for a bed-time snack. I'm surprised that hasn't been used as an advertising slogan.

Today I went to Woolwich and I bought:
lots of green stuff
and some flowers.

Tip of the week - tulips don't do that droopy thing if you pierce the stem - just below the flower - with a pin or needle. (which can then be removed! ) (or not, of course, if you prefer).
It works. Don't know why, but it does.

Today I went to Woolwich and I bought:
lots of green stuff
some flowers
a jigsaw and some buttons.

From the charity shop. LOVE buttons. Especially old ones. I've not had a chance to look through them yet, it looked as tho' there are at least a few nice quite old ones.
I know 3 people who have a mild phobia about buttons - weird, eh? They do wear clothes with buttons, but couldn't bear to put their hands in a button box & wouldn't handle them unless they had to.

Funny things, phobias. Well, not really I suppose!
My mother-in-law has a sort of phobia about tea leaves. Apparently black bin liners is also quite a common phobia. My husband has a cousin in Malta who is afraid of cucumbers. Best not to ask! Oh my god-michet!!! (thanks Tat).

Today I went to Woolwich and I bought:
lots of green stuff
some flowers
a jigsaw and some buttons
and some other stuff about which i have nothing interesting to say.

Still a bit more than i should have been carrying home on the bus, but the legs of lamb (baaaaa) were half price, and we had no red wine in the house.... so i clearly had no choice.

Last night, we intended to watch Midsomer Murders - never seen it before but my husband wanted to watch it as a Miss Marple substitute. (??! but who am i to argue? at least it gets him back in the same world as me for a while) He put the TV on the wrong channel and we were half-way through the Poliakoff before we realised!!! hahahahahaha - kept waiting for John Nettles to appear - he didn't!! What are we like??? I know!
I was glad actually, i meant to set a tape for the Poliakoff but forgot. Thought Bill Nighy looked younger - and then
found out it was made 7 years ago - so he was !! Miranda Richardson was quite delicious as usual. It was good - i kept thinking it would all go horribly wrong, or something gruesome would happen (had obviously been preparing myself for murders ...) but it didn't.

sooooooooooo I think thats it, for today.

Except thanks to Trac for more good technical blog-advice.

And except that i read in the papers that Apple on-line music store sold their billionth track - the customer received $10,000 in vouchers, 10 iPods and an iMac. Lucky lucky bastard! Who needs 10 iPods?

And except this - click here for a good laugh!

And except for the dillo (No.5) of course:

Not funky, but handy - you can put things inside it!
Who'd have thought there was so much variety in the world of dillos. (thats still dillos, not dildos)

Saturday, February 25, 2006

Funky Dillo

My daughter, having her ideal Saturday morning.

My husband told her that if she tidied up her bedroom on
Sunday, she could spend as much time as she liked on his computer on Saturday, playing the on-line RPG which he plays constantly (sometimes literally nearly all day) (and night) (believe it if you can).

What a silly twat.

He didn't consult me about this arrangement, despite the fact that he was out most of Saturday. Bloody marvellous, eh?

I'm coping, for the time being (and it is a strange time in my life), with him spending so much time in this other world, - but really I'd sooner my Little Gem didn't spend too much of her life there too.....

Mind you, I do see the attraction. Little Gem and I sometimes play a RP game together, between 2 networked computers - and its very good fun. Tho' she does get caught up in the game and sometimes extremely cross:

"no, I was fighting that monster!"
"get out of my way!"
"that axe is mine!"
"Did you steal my gold?"
"let me out! let me out! you're in the way!"
"Oh no, I've died!!!"

I'm pre-menstrual at the moment, so its probably good therapy.

(at least, I think I must be pre-menstrual - i'm peri-menopausal, and all over the place, biologically speaking)
Life sucks sometimes, doesn't it?

Anyway, I managed to get her away from the computer long enough for 15 mins. tidying her bedroom (RESULT!), for lunch, and to watch a film with me in the evening. Ralph the Wonder Llama. (aka Monty Python and the Holy Grail). One of her favourite films.
(I'm so proud of her.)
I'm also very proud of myself as I've just gone on-line and got tickets for Spamalot - not opening till Oct. but tickets selling fast.....

Website of the day (I had to offer an alternative to the website of the week from my last posting) (Mind you, I did find the thought crossing my mind that I could post a pic. of the jigsaw puzzle I've just started. Scary - I expunged the thought immediately !! would be a bit sad to say the least. Tho' i am enjoying doing puzzles. Thanks Luce - hadn't done a jigsaw for ages, but enjoyed doing one with Luce at half-term and remembered I have a couple I haven't done yet. Makes me sit and relax, gets me away from work, so thats a good thing - even if my husband thinks (he does, even if he wont admit it) that jigsaws are for old and boring people. I've also been doing lots of those japanese Hanjie & mosaic puzzles. I'm sure theres something Freudian going on there - they are absorbing and solvable! unlike life.)
That was a long excursus.....

Look at the Mod or Fraud? Art or Crap? quizzes too - excellent and entertaining! I scored well on the Mod or Fraud - quite good on the Art or Crap (tho' the urinal had me fooled). But not so well on Sexxx or Something Else, you can tell i'm out of practice. I couldn't bring myself to look at the Animal Vegetable or Mineral? eeeewwwww!

The internet, eh? BRILLIANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Today's dillo (No.4) is funky:

I know No.2 will take some beating, but this is a good one.

btw., can one of you experienced bloggers tell me how to change the "comments" title/header? I've looked at blogger help, and been into the html and experimented - without luck....
"0 Comments" is just a bit boring.

novice blogger still, but getting there......

Friday, February 24, 2006

Slip covers?????

Website of the week: here
Not funny, like babieswithbeards (under Sunday Feb. 19th - go on, use the archive!) but blimus! Who'd have the time? or the inclination? (not like blogging, of course, which makes perfect sense to all of us.....)

Music for the week: El Presidente. Click on the audio link to sample - If you like the Scissor Sisters, you'll like it. Probably. Its great.

I've also been listening to Carole King's "Tapestry" - its a bit worrying, i still know all the words, the whole album, not just the "wondrous woven magic in bits of blue and gold, A tapestry to feel and touch, impossible to hold"... I could go on. ... I do, I remember it all.
But I spent 10 minutes yesterday trying to remember what I'd gone upstairs for, and the week before that I lost my electric toothbrush for about 3 days, couldn't remember where I'd put it.
It turned out to be between the banisters, half-way up the stairs... should have thought to look there, obviously.

Memory eh? Who'd have one.

Not me, obviously. Or not the useful kind.

Great Yoga class today. The teacher is unbelievably bendy. She did this (check under Yoga Postures : No.28"Forward Bend" - but with heels and legs flat against the wall.
See if you can do that without falling over!!
Relief, pretty well no one else in the class could do it either. I took it fairly easy, being my first week back after about 6 months. Even the tad arsna was hard work, let alone spreading the buttock bones and moving the flesh of the thighs back to the bones!!!!!

And then she tried to get us to do this thing where you sit on the floor, legs bent up before you, knees apart - bend forward and get your shoulders under your knees (yes, really!!) . Bend as flat as you can to the floor, then straighten your legs and arms (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) (the colour indicates both alarm and extreme pain) flat against the floor.*

We did this
- which I can do!!!

But with a less hairy chest.

And I was wearing a top.

And not smiling so much.

I'm sure i will feel the benefits. In a few days.
After a bit more red wine.

Sleep last night - pretty good actually, despite waking at 2.30 when M. came to bed, reluctantly dragging himself away from the fantasy RP on-line world where he mostly lives these days...

And NO LETTUCE last night! Not even a leaf.
Oh no, will I have to change my blog identity?
( i did have a banana. I suppose i could become "Bananas in pajamas". ha ha)

Dillo of the day:

* This blogger will not be held responsible for any injuries received as a result of this posting. Couldn't find a picture of this pose to show you - if anyone knows the name of the pose, please tell me. So that I know to avoid it in the future.

Thursday, February 23, 2006

Hope springs ....

Just a reminder that Spring is on the way.... honest ! Everything else in my garden is damp and dead, but this cheered me up.

Great to see Tat yesterday - but only 30 minutes - come on Tat!!! you must do better next time. (hope you have a fab time in Devon, anyway) But Trac, me and G. went for a drink afterwards, which was cool. Thanx Trac.

I then came home, watched 2 episodes of Desperate HW - not in the same league as Shameless, admittedly - but still good fun - and then to bed for 7 hours sleep or more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

wonderful sleep, knits up the unravelled sleave of care and all that,
tho now i'm sleeping at last, i feel sleepy all day....

So i might go commando tonight, nutritionally speaking.
Tho i think i might have developed a psychological dependency on the lettuce and bananas. !!

Better sleep could also have been connected to the counselling yesterday, where - for the first time really - i got pretty angry. Which felt great!! Having spent months bewailing the ways i've screwed up and blaming myself (as you do) it might be about time i start seeing things from a different perspective......

Sleep makes such a difference to everything. Tho' not as much difference as friends, who could do without them? esp. some of you reading this... :-)

So, here is my Dillo of the day:

One of my favourites, from a great African craft shop in Covent Garden. If the worst comes to the worst at home, there could be serious custody issues about the armadillos.....

Btw, i was thinking about Hidden again today (that kind of film) and its very clever because the person behind the camera (in the film - if you've seen it, you'll know what i mean) is also hidden....
Hmmmmm, makes you think.......

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Dillo of the Day

More fun than lettuce!

We have a large and varied collection of armadillos ...its a long story... (well, its not long actually, just long ago) - so for the next week or so I will be posting a dillo of the day.

Just noticed this one has a dusty head. Too busy blogging to do housework ha ha.

I went to see Hidden (Cache to those of you in France) today with a friend and the new (newly refurbished) Picturehouse in Greenwich - lovely comfy squishy seats. I'd recommend it (the film, not the squishy seats - tho' those too, obviously) - but not if you don't like unresolved endings. Its one of those films which leaves you wondering and thinking... It begins very well - and before long you don't feel you know whats going on! but in a good way. I think. And it has the lovely Juliette Binoche, and Daniel Auteuil who is great. Has anyone seen Romuald and Juliette? (also Auteiul) - another of my favourite films.

And Binoche (who really reminded me of Brenda, from Six Foot Under) was good too. Tho' frequently seen wearing a curiously shapeless, non-French-chic looking dress, strange.

And looking forward to Battlestar Galactica tonight - fab new series, not at all cheesy, or much at all like the original series. Followed by the peerless Shameless. Followed, of course, by lettuce and bananas! (which may be working, slept pretty well last night, tho' woken at 5.45 by neighbours very noisy motorbike, but 5.45 seems very bearable after recent months).

so, look out for the next dillo! Thats dillo, not dildo.

Monday, February 20, 2006

Goggle eyes

First day of my carefully planned week.
Nearly bottled out of the swim, in a "can't be arsed" sort of way, but i did go and felt great. 50 lengths, i was quite pleased with myself!! though my legs felt slightly wobbly afterwards, and my shoulders ache. Tho' thats probably partly because i carried too much shopping home on the bus.... silly woman, i always do it.

i have a significant goggle problem. I swim mostly crawl and have to have goggles otherwise my eyes hurt and stream afterwards from the chlorine. But they leave deep circles stamped around my eyes.
This picture was taken nearly 2 hours after I came out of the pool - the circles are still there!

So I walked through Woolwich and did my shopping, sure that everyone was looking at me strangely.... Does anyone know a way to avoid this? (the goggle eyes, not the strange looks) (though I'd welcome advice on that too.....)
I thought about putting vaseline around the edges of the goggles - might help? Might just give me greasy as well as weirdly panda eyes.

Well I've quite depressed myself taking pictures of my baggy haggard-looking eyes. Some of the pictures looked far far worse than this... Maybe I really look like this all the time, I've just been in self-denial. I think I'd better go and put on some slap.

Anyway - less depressing is the fact that I slept pretty well last night! It must be the lettuce.
(or possibly the prozac too, i'm feeling more in balance and able to cope, more of the time)

Which reminds me, nothing much in the charity shops, except I did buy a salad spinner. I've been meaning to get one for ages, fed up with the damp tea towel lark. When I remembered the bloody nightly lettuce I nearly took it back to the shop! Still, i suppose there are worse things to go to bed with......

End of the afternoon, I cycled up to the doctor's - only about 10 mins. bike ride, but my legs ached! The swim obviously exercised some muscles that needed it. Then went to the pharmacist for my prescription - i've recently been put on thyroxin, which hopefully will help with the fatigue problem i've had over the last couple of years. I've got a medical exemption card - being on thyroxin for life, i get it free! but discovered that it covers all my prescriptions. I was expecting to pay for the prozac, but it was on the same form and they couldn't process them separately. How much money must the NHS be losing through people like me?

Anyway, it was very shocking - there were new staff in the pharmacist and they explained that the previous owner/manager of the shop was murdered a couple of weeks ago. They don't know how - because the body was burned in/with his car. How awful is that? He was a very friendly, helpful man - just dreadful.

on that happy note, i'll log out! What a downer, sorry!

Sunday, February 19, 2006

P.S. (doesn't count as a second blog for the day...) Just read very funny Guardian blog on the Brit Awards Guardian Blog - on James Blunt, You're Beautiful .."I don't have a view on this song any more. It just is, like the weather. Or flu."
ha ha. Pretty much sums up my feelings!

More tryptophan

Well there had to be a picture, sooner or later i suppose.

Maybe I should use this picture with my profile? these look a bit brown and limp around the edges.... sounds about right...

And I will be back to the lettuce and bananas again tonight before bed.
3 good sleeps at my friend Luce's house, but not so good since being home..... so back to my bedtime snack of choice/necessity - its tryptophan, apparently (not laudanum!) which is in lettuce, bananas, milk.. can't remember what else, i must check, more nightly lettuces might drive me mad - and it causes drowsiness.

So they say.

However - no sleeping pills for over a week now, and i'm fairly determined not to take any more, so i'll keep trying......

In the meantime, heres a pic. of my fab new slippers. They make my feet look large and square, but i don't care - they are sooooooooo cosy and warm, and I can skate in them on our kitchen tiles.
What more could one want from a pair of slippers?


Managed to move a picture!!

For those of you who haven't checked it yet, let me see if I can make babies with beards a link - so, click here:
go on, it'll make you laugh.

Well, I have a week without having to go to work ahead of me. Which would normally be a good thing. A very very good thing.
But..... since my personal troubles emerged limping out into the open - exploded, erupted, oozed unhealthily (eeeeewwwwww!!) - having to go to work at least a couple of days in the week has helped a lot - having to get out, see people, having some structure to the day. I work a lot from home anyway, preparing classes, marking essays - hard to not work too hard / hard to get dressed and DO something!

So, i'm determined to structure my week anyway and try to have a good time.
Swimming on Monday - i used to swim regularly, and am trying to exercise more, it should help with the sleeping too. Some work to do at home, should be ok if i've been out swimming and shopping on the way home. (food, nothing exciting - other than the lettuce/bananas, obviously). Tho i might have time for the Woolwich charity shops. Tuesday - hopefully going to see Hidden (take note, Frenchophiles) (sorry, that should probably be Francophiles!!) with a friend in the afternoon (!! love going to the pictures during the day, it feels so decadent). Wednesday - counselling in the morning with M. £50 a pop which hurts - but it does get us talking about stuff we need to talk about. Then meeting Tat for coffee pm (and Trac?).
Thursday - my weaving class, tho actually i might be spinning rather than weaving ... sometimes difficult as my mind wanders and who knows where it might end up - but its a nice group and good to get out of the house and be with people. Friday - yoga in the morning. Hooray! Haven't been able to get to yoga since last summer, as I've had to work Friday mornings. I'm so looking forward to that. No doubt will suffer afterwards. And Friday afternoon my lovely mum and dad are coming up for lunch & afternoon - shopping? walk? and staying for tea (which they are bringing with them! they're so lovely)

Could be a nice week. Should be. Hopefully. Will keep you informed.....

Friday, February 17, 2006


Yeeayy! pics! there'll be no stopping me now.....

My Little Gem on the left, and Lu's 2 on the right. We had a lovely time in Ipswich, thanks so much Lu. This was a good muddy sunny country walk just after we'd arrived. I like living in London, but it was nice to be in the country for a while.

Hmmm - trying to add another picture here:
but it will only add them to the top of the posting. Can i move around the pictures once they are added? please, all you expert bloggers, help if you can.

well managed it, sort of - but only by putting in the 1st picture 2nd - there has to be a simpler way.....
Anyway, this is not one of the family (ha ha) - we went to Colchester zoo, which was lots of fun: amazing and totally unfeasible giraffes, wonderful tigers, stinky but fab aardvarks - and this happy chappy. And a "zedonk" - a cross between a zebra and a donkey. I ask you, how imaginative is that? Reminded me of the house near my mother-in-law's, called "Mar-San" - Martin and Sandra no doubt, though it always makes me think of the Elsan we used to use in our toilet tent on family camping holidays..... And "Kevanic" - the home of my Auntie Ann, Uncle Vic and Keith. I think Tat's maison needs some such suitable name. Tageeflophlidulc.

Anyway - whether it was the country air, or Lu's company, or just being away - but i got 3 pretty good night's sleep, with no sleeping pills, no lettuce - just the odd banana and some warm milk. Luxury.
I had 2 good days, nearly managed to forget about my troubles and did actually enjoy myself. The next 2 days i wasn't brilliant company, sorry Luce. It all came back and hit me, bit like a brick in the face - but it was still so good to be with a friend - and we had picnics, lunch out, Jimmy's farm, jigsaw puzzle (bit of a tricky one, actually. didn't think to take a picture of it...) good cooking - just lovely to be there and so hard to come home.

Well, more pics. will follow - and I've taken a picture of my new slippers, Trac - will post soon!
In the meantime, check out this website: www.secretlair.com/babieswithbeards

Monday, February 13, 2006

Half my life

well, I survived the weekend, my family are lovely, we had a great meal out in Cambridge on Saturday night - 14 of us altogether. My daughter S - 5 nieces and nephews (5 altogether, not 5 of each!), my mum and Dad, my sister and brother-in-law, brother and sister-in-law - and us.

Wandered around Cambridge in dreary weather - not much to do there, really, once you've seen a few dreaming spires and medieval quadrangles - and thats just the students!!! Of course if one was being cultural, there are plenty of museums etc. etc. - i used to know someone who worked at the Fitzwilliam Museum, so I used to know my way around there. But a family get-together would be a bit wasted if we spent all our time in museums, so we walked around the river and market instead and had good meals together. I did buy a great pair of hand-made felt slippers, brill. I get thro slippers like nobody's business - must have hard feet or something. (maybe its the blakeys???)

And I slept quite well. I'm trying not to think that i might be over the worse of the sleeplessness - don't want to jinx it. But i just took some Syndol - painkillers, but they cause drowsiness - rather than sleeping pills. And I've had 3 reasonable nights sleep. Without any lettuce or bananas!! It feels like such luxury when you're not used to it - sleeping, that is, not the absence of lettuce or bananas. like when the kids start finally sleeping through the night.

So tonight - well, maybe I'll take the plunge and go commando again. But with some back-up lettuce, just to be on the safe side.

The anniversary came and went - i gave a card and gift which was appreciated eventually, tho i picked a bad time to give it...
Twenty-three years. Half my life.

In the meantime - well, I'm off to get my lettuce for the night.
I'll be away again this week, half-term, and I'm going to stay with my great friend Luce who helps to keep me going - so no more blogs for a few days. But she can show me how to add pictures and STUFF!! and make this a bit less boring to look at.

tho if i start to sleep properly, maybe i wont have much to write about........

Thursday, February 09, 2006

lettuce & laudanum

Well, so much for the laudanum - not much sleep last night.

Tho' that was partly due to a sneak cough attack. You know the kind of tickly cough that lurks dormant until the second your head hits the pillow - or, worse, the second you feel yourself falling from consciousness into sleep!!! and then it starts ticking and coughing and wakes you up again..... Hate it, hate it

So - about 3 hours sleep last night - and shattered today. I've been debating all day whether to take a sleeping pill tonight or not - or whether to take some syndol instead! makes me sleepy.
Red pill or blue pill to enter the Matrix?
But now my cold is getting worse and i have work all day tomorrow, so will take a sleeping pill..... sigh.

At least it means a night off from the lettuce! i don't mind so much, but every night? :(

I wont be blogging for a few days because we have a weekend away with all my family, at a guest house in Cambridgeshire - which should be really nice, and might be nice in some ways, but is vastly complicated because i'm in the midst of a personal crisis (hence the prozac and sleeping problems) - which some of them know about and some of them don't.

And its my wedding anniversary this weekend, (lots and lots of years) .
And who knows if there will be one next year.

ah well, will update next week.....

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Victory V s

Well victory over the sleeplessness last night! a GOOD nights sleep - the 2nd good night without drugs since October. Without sleeping pills that is.... it might be to do with the proszac of course ....... but hell, i don't care, it was great.

(why the proszac? well, maybe another time..... who wants to read a blog full of misery?)

I wont give up on the lettuce and bananas for a while yet tho, one night doesn't constitute a pattern.

Or the lavender oil - generously, over the pillow, sheets, me.....

One other suggestion for strange/inadvisable things to eat before bed:
Victory Vs.

I've been eating them again!!!!! (tho not with the lettuce and bananas). Does anyone else remember them? Didn't know you could still buy them, they take me back to the 60's and 70's, and my Grandad. Very peculiar sweets (if you can call them that) but strangely addictive.
The packaging etc. is the same as ever. Its only a matter of time before they crop up in Life on Mars, they would somehow go with the blakeys.

Talking of TV, Desperate Housewives tonight, yeayyyyyy.

So, looking forward to going to bed, i'm sooooooooooo tired - but also rather apprehensive in case i have a bad night. Now i've been reminded what i am missing..... it would almost be worse. I will keep you informed.............

btw, as i eat my nightly lettuce, I've remembered that a friend told me yesterday she thinks that its laudanum in lettuce! which is why its bad for guinea pigs. !!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, February 07, 2006


i'm sure i wont keep up the pace, daily blogs - no way. But a few lines, as its lettuce and banana time for me.

Last night wasn't bad actually. And lavender oil does help, thanks Trac. Woken up by my husband coming to bed far far too too late, from his on-line computer RPG, but managed to sleep a fair amount before and after that.

So - going commando again tonight.
Pharmaceutically speaking that is.

Other strange and/or inadvisable things to eat at bedtime:

stilton (or roquefort, for the French-inclined)
pork scratchings
spam fritters
garlic king prawns
just garlic
donner kebab
sticky toffee pudding

thats done the trick. Little gem and banana don't seem so bad now.

Night night.

Monday, February 06, 2006

Pop a pill or munch a lettuce?

Just eating my bed-time lettuce, so i thought i should post an up-date. Hmm, maybe this could be a sleep diary?
Slept well last night - i took a pill because i had to work today. No question, pills work much better than lettuce. Though after a reasonable amount of sleep of course i felt more tired than usual today (as you do...). Fortunately i was only showing a film in my 9.00 class - came close to dozing off at one point though. zzzzzzzzzzz

So, can i do without a pill tonight? I think I'm going to try.

Apparently bananas have the same thing in them which causes sleepiness - funny, i always thought of bananas as giving energy. Still, i'll try anything, though its a very strange thing to be doing, eating Little Gem and banana at 11.30.

Watched Life on Mars tonight, i know Luce loves it. Pretty good - and Blakeys!!! i'd forgotten about Blakeys, i used to have them on my shoes. Can't you buy them any more? Chicken in the basket!! In Manchester - the dirty bastards.

One little gem down, one banana to go.

Feel free to leave any tips for a good nights sleep!

Sunday, February 05, 2006

Blimey - or blimus as my daughter would say.
Never intended to do this, just wanted to leave some juice for my friend Rambling Woman.....
.... who knows where it might end!