Saturday, June 13, 2009

SHAMELESS PROMOTION (but it is for charity....)

is launching now!

made4aid is a new charity project I've been working on with some friends, and we're launching now. Yes, right now!

This is evidence of the power and reality of blogging because the inspiration for this project was a blog-friend (who I hope to meet in person one day), Joyce, who I met on Blunderview, when my mother was dying and her brother was dying, both from cancer.

I think we both found some strength and comfort and solidarity in each other's blogs - certainly I did over at Joyce's, plus wisdom and warmth and lots of humour. Another friend met through blogging has done various web things too complicated for me, and has set up the made4aid blog and will be helping to run it.

The inspiration for made4aid comes from Joyce's project which you will find over here, which raises money for the World Food Programme's work in Darfur by selling Joyce's fabulous hand-made vintage-fabric bags.

made4aid will be starting its own on-line auctions to raise money for charity

- on MONDAY June 15th

via the made4aid blog.

We have some great hand-made art and craft items which were made, found and given or mailed to us by a range of people.

We will be selling via the made4aid blog - please look over there from Monday 15th - I hope you'll see something you might like to bid on. We are planning to post an item every other day. Or thereabouts. We will be selling till we run out of items - but then, we are hoping to receive donations of more items to sell to keep the project going, and hopefully growing.

We will be sending money raised to the World Food programme in Darfur, in the first instance - if the project finds its feet and has legs, as they say, we would support other causes in the future.

There are all sorts of ways you could contribute if you are willing and able to help, whether or not you are arty or crafty yourself - telling other people, giving, buying, giving us a mention and link on your blog ....

Anything hand-made and postable and good quality/condition can be donated, whether or not you made it yourself (a few exceptions... here are more ideas of what could be given and what we would rather not be sent).
Plus we will accept and sell materials for artist and crafters to use. And vintage hand-made items... The website has details of how and where to mail donations - and hopefully any other information which might be needed.

This is an entirely non-profit-making voluntary organisation, all money will go to charity and aid. And yes! we will also accept cash donations. Cash donations would go to charity, but also en route would help us raise the funds we need to open a made4aid Charity Aid Foundation account and then, in the future, hopefully to register as a charity.

if you lovely bloggers are willing to help promote made4aid, we will be very grateful.

Please pass the word along to any one you know, any individuals and groups who might like to donate and/or buy things.

If you are willing to plug us on your blog or website, that would be fab. The made4aid website has a flier which can be downloaded, and the made4aid blog will soon have html for a button which you could cut and paste onto your blog or website.

If you have feedback on the project, on the website or blog - especially anything which is unclear - please email us. There is contact information on the website.

And.... I'd best not go on about this any longer.

Its very exciting!
It seems to us like a good idea but, fingers crossed - we will have to wait and see.

Note on pictures: the photos here illustrate the kinds of things we hope to be selling, not particular items for sale - though we do have some items made by artists whose work is shown here. There are details of the sources of these images on the website.


natural attrill said...

Hi Sally,
Toby has just this minute posted about made4aid - you 2 must be psychic hehe!!
He has also put on the blog a competition, using your banner images, to guess his jewellery, winner receiving a zip charm, hope lots of people have a go!
Good luck with made4aid, it's a wonderful idea, I'll be visitng the auction.
Looking forward to meeting you 'in real life' next month.

Betty said...

Yay! Well done. Cocktails are on me :D

mum said...

Congrats and best of luck with your project, Letty.

ArtSparker said...

I will put a post up in the next couple of days and will add the button when you have it.

Gledwood said...

that stuff looks decent. i'd go for it if i had the cash...

r. said...

Oh my goodness Sally, what you two are doing almost made me cry this morning. All for the welfare of others. I'm going to look over all the links you provided tonight and see how I can help!!

What you two are doing are so amazing!!!! My deepest congratulations to you both!! This has really touched my heart for some reason.

Gary said...

Excellent! It is wonderful that you are so energized about this project. You have my support.

Megan said...

Wow, that's incredible and wonderful! I will certainly check out the links and I'll bid on something if at all possible. I've wanted one of Joyce's bags forever but they always shoot up over my budget so fast...

I'll add the link to my place shortly!

Megan said...

Ok that's spooky that I was leaving a comment here while you were leaving a comment at my place!

Serendipity, I guess?

Vintage to Victorian said...

Hi Lettuce

Will bundle up some vintage crafty supplies for you over the next few days. Hope they'll sell well for you.

Sue x

Baino said...

Me and Megan both, I just saw your plea over at hers. Yep. I'll push it no problem. I just had a quick (and I hasten to emphasise 'quick') look at the site and there's a 'grab our button' link but no html or embedded code. Happy to embed in the sidebar as well.
Cheers:) This is a great thing for a forgotten conflict, good on you!

mum said...

made4aid is up on the blogroll at mum's. The Monas are arguing over who will mention it in an upcoming post. If need be, I'll step in and resolve the matter :-)
cheers and a pleasant Sunday in London.

Anonymous said...

Hi Lettuce! Cool idea. An older friend of mine is crocheting "afghans for veterans" at a local centre. And I just finished my work at our local book/bake sale( oh, the things the gals cooked up ). Plus the food donations to the local pantry! I can have a link up on either bloggo, no problem. Anon!

Liza B. Gonzalez said...

This is absolutely fabulous! I would love to be a part of it. Thanks for shamelessly promoting it. Great work!

Leah said...

This is great! I'll promote it, and I'll be at the auction!

Leah said...

p.s. a sidebar button would be great!

Akelamalu said...

Wonderful! I'll be back tomorrow to have a look at your auction items. Let me know when the code for the button is available and I'll put it on my blog. :)

tony said...

Great Idea.I will start by putting a link on my blog.Regards

lettuce said...

thanks everyone!


Tom said...

oK...i linked to this post...
Thnks for stopping by, and good luck!

Brian Miller said...

hey there! this looks great. will stop by on monday and check things out. good work lettuce!

Chakra Pennywhistle said...

What a wonderful thing you are doing! I will certainly twitter this too :) Thank you for letting me know about this!

Mrsupole said...

Okay I have put the link up in my sidebar and it holds the honor of first place. Please come check it out to see if what I did is okay and if you want something changed then please let me know.

But I just looked and I am not in your RSS feed, I am so hurt, please, please put me in yours too. Just in case someone comes there then they will get the story again, so to speak. I will try to get others to add me to their RSS feed to help do this. Truly please come see if I did okay.

I will run your post on Tuesday or Wednesday. Will see.

God bless.

affectioknit said...

What a great idea - I'll definitely be donating!

mum said...

This to tell you Monareya is modestly promoting Made4Aid on coucou, c'est moi.


Made 4 Aid said...

thanks again.

Chakra Pennywhistle (great name btw) it would be great if you would twitter about it, thanks.

Mrsupole, please don't be hurt! I don't have RSS feeds to anything! not as a matter of policy, just a matter of no time to keep up to date. I'm still on OLD blogger template can you believe? one day..... in the meantime I will add you to my sidebar.

bevchen said...

Just been directed here by Welsh Girl. What an excellent idea! I would love to buy something but don't have the money at the moment... hopefully this will keep going for a long, long time and I'll be able to help at a later point :-) I've bookmarked the website so I don't forget.

Mrsupole said...

I know what you mean. And I am not upset. Thank you though. I am trying to figure out how you want us to adverstise. Do we use your pictures or do we use the flyer with no pictures. Just let me know what you would like me to do. Then I can go an shamelessly promote it.

God bless.

tut-tut said...

Will promote this to my more talented friends.

lettuce said...

hi everyone

valuing your comments and good wishes and help
and please tell people who might like to buy things, as well as those who could donate....


Ronda Laveen said...

Very nice, Lettuce. Wonderful looking products and, of course, I will help.

Mrsupole said...

Okay, I hope what I did helps, and that it was okay with you all. I have also added the made4aid to my RSS feed.

Good luck in you endeavor.

God bless.

Anonymous said...

Hi lettuce. I've got the link up at top of the page, over at me bloggo. And some very interesting and unique items on display, wot?

Chick said...

What a great web site! Best of luck to you...I will check it out further & probably bid.

I'll also check back later for that HTML tag.

Nancy said...

Hi, just stopped by from Mrsupole - this is a great idea and I have bookmarked the page to bid. Hope this does well. Good luck.

IntangibleArts said...

Very cool stuff, Bravo. Methinks I can spread the word in some word-spreadable venues...

The Silver Fox said...

Just letting you know that I've posted a "real" plug for made4aid on my blog... not just the "button."

Anonymous said...

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