Monday, May 01, 2006

post haste

Just a quick brief post, before my sister and her family (minus one niece) arrive. Lunch followed by bowling, which should be fun.

News from Charlton this (bank holiday) weekend:

I watched Kung Fu Hustle with LG on Friday night. She LHAO. So did I, despite having seen it twice before. Very very funny, I recommend it. Even possibly for non-martial-arts/Stephen Chow fans. I saw this first with Rambling Woman, who had an anxious 10 minutes or so at the beginning thinking that it really wasn't her kind of film, but she then really enjoyed it too. And I'd forgotten how very sweet the ending is.

Quite a lot of computer-gaming on Saturday, mostly with LG. Also blogging. Also a cycle ride with LG on Sunday. She wouldn't admit to enjoying it, but didn't want to return when our negotiated "only 10 minutes when we get to the Thames" was up.

A certain amount of house-work, not too much. I'm much more of a slob these days, I can recommend it.

I've just started another blog (who would have thought it? I never would have imagined myself blogging, but now just can't stop) which will be about my weaving/textiles - inspired by Stuntmother's knitting blog. (No, nothing to do with your boyfriend Noddy, Tat).

Drat, darn, ptb. Not hasty enough. My family arrived before this was ready to post.

We ate lunch, we went out, we bowled, we returned. Fun was had, strikes were scored (mostly [though not entirely] by others), games were won and lost. I forgot to take socks with me, so had to wear bowling shoes which other peoples' feet had sweatily inhabited, bare skin to stinky leather. Eeewww. I managed not to think too much about it, but had to wash my feet when we returned home.

I then helped LG clean out her guinea pig hutch, bare-footed (stupid me) and had to wash them again.
I now have the chance to finish this post, which has evolved and is no longer quick, brief or hasty. Who would have thought I have such a capacity for rambling? (but then I did get into this via Rambling Woman).

Good news for Trac in the weekend paper: there is a registered "Church of the Militant Elvis " (political) party.
I don't know if they are putting up any candidates for the local elections this week, but we can maybe look forward to their campaign for the next General Election? The paper had this quote: "Many of our followers believe Presley to be alive and living in the Middle East disguised as an Arab sheikh... Presley was most upset by Robert Kilroy-Silk's attack on the Arabs ... He has (according to our source) let it be known that he would like our party to give Kilroy a jolly good 'tangoing' ... We will be delighted to carry out his wishes."

Finally, here is another Dillo of the Day. The Dillos have been rather neglected of late, but there are a few who have yet to make their debut. This armadillo, No 24. was made by M's mother, who accompanied LG to a half-term pottery workshop some years ago - never having done any pottery in her life before - and who made this. Isn't she great?

ptb again. Blogger wont upload my dillo, and this post is so much longer and later than I'd planned I will post it anyway, and add the dil
lo later.

Finally! Tch!!! Here it is:


ramblingwoman said...

Sounds like you had a great day Lettuce. You are sounding so perky! (and no night time bra wearing in sight)

lettuce said...

Hi Luce - nearly caught you!

perky in parts! hahaha

Meg said...

What a busy day!

Yes, I've been busy too. I got James gardening and the girls have been very helpful and chatty. Shearer of course keeps mewing at me - she's probably hoping I will get the fishfood out.

Tess and Ruth will be back soon. It'll be nice to return to the peace and quiet of Myrtleville. I don't much like the clutter here.

Calamity Tat said...

Oh you perky person, did you score a turkey?

euro-trac said...

PTB! Where's my comment gone?


No, No, No, That's not right!
It's wrong!
All wrong!
Just wrong!

The King will find it in his heart to forgive, like we all must!


Where's that Dillo then?

Where's Kingdillo and Tracdildo come to think of it?

Molly Bloom said...

That was a very busy post. You've been up to loads, haven't you?

I loved your weaving too!

I've come to bring you your gold star for being the top student. Excellent story. **
Two stars in fact!!

Donna said...

Good to see you so perky Lettuce. Do we get a proper photo of you? Oh go on, Luce did it :-)

Kitty said...

You do sound lively. Bet you're knackered now though? Kung fu and guinea pig poo, bowling and biking. Wow, I feel tired just thinking about it.

Must write something about Florence and then I just must work. I am so behind!

Kitty said...

Thanks Lettie. Thanks for your advice too, it made a big difference.

This balancing business is too tough though. Right at this minute, faced with these piles of bloody forms, I would jack it all in and just do ski instructing and public speaking, but when I get to work I love the buzz of it all, I love my staff and I even quite like the pupils. Tricky wicky!!

Good night. Back to my forms.

lettuce said...

Hi Max!

couldn't find your blog or profile - blogger just said URL not found (maybe because you're new and haven't posted yet?).

Anyway, if you use GoogleUK there seem to be quite a few options. Its not something I know anything at all about, but I had a quick look and some of these looked promising: (all www) massage-chairs dot co dot uk, supatherapy dot com, keyton dot co dot uk, backworks dot co dot uk
but there were quite a few more pages.

Good luck!

Max said...

Ah ha, Google UK, never thought of that!

However, I have found what I want on both Heaven7 & amazon UK.

Thx for all the tips, and................if any of u r coming to Oz, and more particularly Sydney, then I can give u lotsa helpful hints :)


PS I do have a family web site, but it's not on Blogger :(