Thursday, May 11, 2006

No Bike

I've got a bike you can ride it if you like
its got a basket and bell that rings
and things to make it look good

I'm missing my bike.

Sad smiley face
(if I could get them for my Mac, which I've not been able to do so far)
[further sad smiley face]

Its is still at the bike shop, having a service and some repairs... brake cables and other stuff, I don't know, M. took the phone message. Its going to cost more than I thought. Serves me right for being too hard on the poor thing and cycling home with far too much shopping in the panniers. I should learn how to service it myself. I feel a bit incompetent not being able to fix my own transport.

I walked to my weaving class today, partly through Greenwich Park which is lovely (click here for pics if you've not already seen them) which compensated to some extent.

But I'd sooner have cycled.

And I got a bus part of the way back so as not to be too late for LG
(not that she minds, she had a door key to let herself in, which she loves to do, and she's on her father's computer now and too busy to talk to me anyway).

I got the "hey Sharon you slag!" bus (as its known in our house):
3.30 and full to bursting with teenagers on their way home from school, pushing and shoving and swearing and chucking water at each other, loud and lairy.

I want to ride my biCYCLE
I want to ride my BIKE
I want to ride my biCYCLE
I want to ride it WHERE I LIKE


Molly Bloom said...

Ooh that ending is a bit RED and angry. Get your bike back quick!

I still think you should go and see those monkeys.

No, not working too hard. But still shattered. Did 5 hours straight teaching today with only little breaks, but it was ok. The kids are just fab...

Molly Bloom said...

Yes, you can actually go in the enclosure with these little yellow monkeys now. It is so much fun. But you aren't allowed to take any food in there just in case they get peckish and steal it from you. They are adorable. They are also rebuilding the gorillas and chimp enclosure, so we were sorry not to see them. You should go and see those little monkeys though.

Donna said...

Poor poor you. I hope it comes back soon :-(

Kitty said...

Oh poor you. Ruth does it herself (so to speak) - she has these big fat books "Zinn and the Art of Mountain Bike Maintenance" and "Zinn and the Art of Road Bike Maintenance." and she replaces spokes and does stuff with brakes and generally spends loads of times taking bits off and doing things with them. Perhaps you should acquaint yourself with Zinn.

Who would have thought I would ever write more than a sentence about bikes.

Hope it's back soon.

Bike said...

I really,really miss you,
Please come and take me home,
I'm waiting for a bike ride,
Around the Millennium Dome.

I need for you to pick me up,
I need for you to peddle,
I promise I won't break again,
Or with your exercise, meddle.

I'm going to be a good bike,
I promise I'll be fine,
I promise not to break again,
Oh please say you'll be mine!

ramblingwoman said...

You are the Greenwich bike! It must be having some service to have been away that long!

grumpy old woman said...

Awwwww, Sweetie, you and your bike must be reunited soon .......

I thought, at first, right at the beginning of your blog, that you had had your bike stolen!!!!

So, really, things are not as bad as they might have been - well, that's going to be my thought on the matter, anyway - cup half full and all that ...


lettuce said...

thanx Betty, you're brill.

Do you know, GOW, that the Kinsey report cited news of one's bike being stolen as a cause of ejaculation? Apparently...
Bizarre, eh?

Yes, I'm usually a cup half full kind of person myself.

grumpy old woman said...

OMG - hahahahaha!

???????? .... but WHY ?????????


Calamity Tat said...

You do know I was the greenwich bike and you've stolen my crown! I know what you mean, I use mine daily, nothing like being in the saddle wot ho! "Hey Sharon you slag" love it...or what about the "yeah but no but yeah but no" bus...

cream said...

"A woman without a man is like a fish without a bicycle... "

But you are a woman without a bicycle...
So where's the fish?

That's it! I'm hooked! I'm getting a bike...

Carlotti said...

I'm so relieved - when I started reading your post, I thought some horrible person had STOLEN your bike. Having it in the shop is much easier to bear.

You are inspiring - my bike spends too much time locked to a post in the basement. Time to get moving!

Kitty said...

Perhaps I should follow Shearer's lead then and try the fishfood?

What on earth was that about bikes and ejaculation? I shall think twice about moving the pupils bikes around when they leave them in unsuitable places now in case they think they have been stolen. I don't want any unfortunate and messy incidents in school, I've got enough trouble with half naked female teachers without bikes causing problems.

lettuce said...

sorry for making people think my bike had been stolen. (though maybe you should be thanking me!) (though maybe it doesn't work if its someone else's bike)

ramblingwoman said...

bike back yet? How was the stinky bus?

ramblingwoman said...

how do you know when summer's arrived?

The old people have unbottoned their coats!

Boom Boom!