Monday, May 22, 2006

Its my birthday and I'll cry if I want to

... but I won't cry, its ok, I'm only joking.

Though I don't know so much, looking at some of these these pictures....

I was going to post just one little baby pic for my birthday, but got a bit carried away.
I've had such a good time looking through old family photos. Though its a bit scary how very OLD some of them look.

I love photographs, almost any photos, including photos of people I don't know. I suppose this is the sort of nosiness which is a prerequisite for blogging? I like looking in other peoples' houses too. If they didn't want me to look, they'd put up net curtains!

Anyway, I hope you enjoy these, nosily or otherwise, at least a little bit as much as I enjoyed finding & choosing them.

This is one of the earliest baby pictures I have, I was the youngest of 3 children, my sister and brother were (respectively) 16 months and not quite 3 when I was born in 1959. Blimus double blimus. My poor mother.

I had pneumonia as quite a little baby and there are some very pathetic early photographs of me looking like a Betsy Clark baby, all head and not much body - but I soon fattened up again nicely as you can see.

Making a bid for freedom, by the looks of it (though what a fab perammmmmbulator ) ... I was probably watching my brother and sister. My first words apparently were "Me too".

This is one of my favourite of all baby pics, me with my big sister, somewhere probably on the South Coast of England.

Very chic, ne-suis je?
I remember this towelling beach robe thing very well and the hat was almost certainly my Nan's.

I would guess I was maybe 6-7 here? so, mid 1960's. Don't we look vintage?

I love the colours in this picture, they somehow instantly date it. Did you notice the curtains? I remember them well and wish my Mum still had them.

I don't know what I had done to make my father look at me in that tone of voice. Maybe it was something to do with he vesta curry. My mum is a wonderful cook, but even she was hoodwinked for a while by that 60's yellow curry powder (and raisins) thing.

7/8-ish possibly? I must ask my Mum. In my still-blond days, it sadly didn't last much longer.

Early 70's, I was about 11-12, just beginning secondary school.
Fortunately not too many photos of this stage in my life survive.

I remember the humiliation of being asked by another child in a park - where I was wearing my flares, absolutely fave Ben Sherman shirt and tank top - whether I was a boy or a girl. Admittedly I was pretty gangly in those days. (Back to the short hair again now though)

I have nothing at all to say about this picture. I'm sure some of you may have witty remarks to make. Please feel free. Maybe this should be the caption competition?

Early/mid 70's.

I'd like to think that the colour in this picture is to do with its age, but I have to admit, I think I really did look that sort of colour. And yes, my hair was that lank and greasy. (aggravated, sometimes, by using that Schwarzkopf dry shampoo - or talc if I was desperate)

Mid-late 70's, the pic. on the right is the earlier, I think. And in it I am wearing a pale green lambswool and angora jumper which I remember loving and wearing to bits (which was also the fate of the aforementioned Ben Sherman). And a coat which I made myself. It was made from quite thick green woollen fabric, God knows what it looked like - well, home-made probably! I think it was easier to get away with home-made clothes in the 70's.

En (Adams) famille - Halloween 2002 (I think - is that right, Tat?)

I'm sure you'll agree that I've seldom looked better. Never a better colour at any rate.

I must admit though that its not all my own
hair .....

Today I will be mostly marking essays and exams. ptb. But I have been hugely cheered by birthday wishes from all you bloggers, thankyou all for joining me on my little show here tonight, Good Night and I love you all. Esp. check out this and this.


cream said...

Happy Birthday, Lettuce!
Love your collection of photos!
Listening to Trac's Return to Sender, while composing this!
Kitty's Poem...
Tat's Birthday song...
You have a great set of friends!
Have a Great Day!

ramblingwoman said...

Great Pics Lettie, Amazing how you changed from being a blond little thing to a completely different thing at secondary school - and your nose, mouth and eyes all changed completely...Do you think our girls'll do that?

What lovely pics, and you are still beautiful - you should put a pick up? Can I put one up of you? (a really nice one in Barca?)

EuroHippyRockDilloFlower said...

Fabulous photos...

Have a lovely day xxxx

Anonymous said...

Oh Lettuce, our old school uniform!!! Your home made coat looked great - I remember being very impressed as I was rubbish at dressmaking (of course I'm rubbish at most things compared to you!). Have a lovely day and don't do too much marking. Love from v v old friend K!

Calamity Tat said...

Oh Letty what gorgeous photos... I love the one of you and your sister on the beach, gorgeous and you blonde....Love the Adams family one that was a funny night...

lettuce said...

Just finished a lunch break with M (who didn't go out after all...) watching the first FAB episode of Casanova. Thanks Trac.

and thanks everyone...You're right Cream I do have great friends,and you're not at all rubbish, K. (we're waiting for your blog....)

euro-trac said...

I love the 7/8ish picture.
You haven't changed a bit!

As for Casanova - glad you liked it (who wouldn't?) I was hooked from the first 5 seconds! :o)

Have a nice evening....

Donna said...


What gorgeous photos. I have sooooo enjoyed looking through them. Vesta curry and french bread, you were posh!!! I don't know what you look like now but I suspect you are really gorgeous. You have beautiful features.

Molly Bloom said...

Dear Lettuce,
I'm sorry I'm a bit late. But work, you know how it is....

So here goes:

I'm here to bring you a birthday wish,
It's just for you my Lettie,
I'd like to send my heart-felt love,
From she who used to be B**y!

I've met you twice,
I've traced your blog,
You're kind and gorgeous and pretty,
So I've come here on your birthday,
To sing you a little ditty.

I've watched your garden,
I've seen you limp,
I've stroked your armadillos,
I've even talked to you and Luce,
About her smelly pillows.

(Think FIL)

I've sat in your chair,
I've seen your hair,
You look so fine in the 70s,
I've shared your dreams,
Along with Cream,
And we've even had elevenses!
(In Ottaker's)

(Well, you try and rhyme something with 70s!!)

You've got a heart,
As big as your smile,
You love to weave and talk,
You've found some shoes,
And plenty of slugs,
And in the park you walk.

Your soul is strong,
Your eyes are clear,
You fight for what you believe,
You fill our hearts,
With moments of joy,
I hope you never leave.

So Happy Birthday, Lettie my dear,
You're never far away,
You'll be our salad blogger,
To keep our sadness at bay.

Lots of love, Mollunious Molloo.

Molly Bloom said...

Gorgeous, gorgeous photos.

Calamity Tat said...

Cream Teas,
lemon tea...
lovely poem Molly...
Awwww still having fun?

ramblingwoman said...

What a great poem Molly.

Hope you had a lovely curry out Lettie!

ramblingwoman said...

but not a vesta one!

Molly Bloom said...

He he. Vesta curry. With Arctic Roll or tinned peaches and evaporated milk for after.

euro-trac said...

Brilliant Molly! :o)

ramblingwoman said...

I use to love evap milk. Wonder if I still do? I used to love it on stewed rhubarb. Makes me suck my cheeks in just thinking about stewed rhubarb.

Come to think of it I have some stewed rhubarb in the fridge actually (but no evap - ptb )

Molly Bloom said...

Evaporated milk never leaves you. Try some now! Lettuce get some out now! Have some tinned peaches. Have some!

Actually, I bet you're having something much more delicious!

Butterscotch angel delight.

Molly Bloom said... about a Fray Bentos pie?

ramblingwoman said...

Molly! what are you like! Butterscotch Angel Delight - that used to be my favourite. You're trying to lure me back to junk aren't you?

Ah Fray Bentos pie favourite bit was that soggy bit of pastry underneath the first bit of pastry - ooh that was delicious.

What are you going to come up with next?

euro-trac said...

Dream Topping?

ramblingwoman said...

Nope, you can keep your Dream Topping Trac me dear.

Molly Bloom said...

Oh yes, Dream Topping....

Now Lettuce...I want you to look at this picture and tell you think they look a little bit like armadillos. Could they possibly be cuter? I'm not sure...a birthday surprise!

Molly Bloom said...

possumbly they do!


Hee ha ha harrrrr! I'm in a silly moooooood.

It's the birthday spirit.

Iced Gems.

Calamity Tat said...

Birds Trifle,my absolute fav! could eat that NOW...

Molly Bloom said...

Let's have a virtual birthday party!

I'm here with jelly and icecream. Yum Yum.

Lots of fairy cakes.

Some candles for the cake.

Altogether now:

Happy Birthday to You!
Happy Birthday to Yoooou!
Happy Birthday dear Lettuce,
Happy Birthday to youooooo!

Tinned cherries made into a pie with very white pastry. That's nice too.

ramblingwoman said...

Mmm yes, tinned cherries

lettuce said...

cheese footballs anyone?

blancmange - made in a rabbit shaped mould.

And trifle made with jelly with sponge and tinned fruit in it.

Thank goodness I've already eaten!

thanks so much all of you, I'm sat here with a daft big grin all over my face, love you all.

Great poem Molly, made me cry.


Donna said...

Am I too late? I've brought a black forest gateau :-)

lettuce said...

Molly those are SO cute! Nature's Clangers!!!!!

As cute as Dillos, not cuter. Have you seen a real dillo? I've got some video you can see next time you come and visit your own foster-dillo.

ramblingwoman said...

Black Forest Gateau Dons? That is STILL my favourite dessert actually.

I still make it for dinner parties (dinner parties? I mean drunken meals)There's nothing better than chocolate, cherries, cream and alcohol!

Kitty said...

I think I shall just have to curl up on the rug and sleep at your birthday party, but maybe someone could toss me the occasional cheese football and piece of soggy pastry.

Gorgeous photos Lettuce - such a bonny wee lassie (as Ruth would say).


wendy said...

Oh I missed it as usual..Happy Birthday!!

Molly Bloom said...

I'm just here clearing up the leftovers. There's a cheese football stuck to Le Chat's eyebrow. Some Fray Bentos in RW's hair. An occasional blog, I mean, blob of blancmange on Lettuce's left knee. There's a cherry on Molly's head. And...someone has put raisins around the rabbit's bum.

ramblingwoman said...

Any crisps left Molly?

lettuce said...

what are you like Molly?

was there any ginger beer left?

cream said...

Anybody for more bubbly?

Kitty said...

No wonder I feel so knackered today then if I was cavorting about in your dreams last night!!

I'm sure we'll meet one day and you'll probably be glad to see me go. I talk far too much!!!

Molly Bloom said...

Oooh, look. I've just found a Pringle on the head of an armadillo.

And a piece of cheesey pineapple on Cream's nose.

I'm sure that's not a peanut under the telly. It's far more sinister.

The Possums said...

We are really loving it over here on your blog.

Can we stay?

We promise we won't disturb the resident dillo population.

Dillos said...

Move along now, move along.

Slugs said...

But...don't forget us. It took us a long time to make it from the end of the garden to your blog. We left a bit of a trail on the carpet we're afraid.

Happy Birthday!

lettuce said...

Oooh yes, possums are most welcome.


PG said...

..but not slugs, I've seen what slugs do to lettuce and it's not pretty...

Scampi in a basket, because it's dead posh, being in a basket.

Belated birthday wishes from me, anyway, what a great set of photos. I especially like the white pop socks...trendy!

Tracie B. said...

tanti auguri :) thanks for sharing your childhood with us!

Pod said...

what a brilliant post. thanks for alerting me to it. i love old photos too, and my idea of lettuce has been enhanced by seeing these. i love them all, but especially the baby with ball (how odd! i may steal the idea), and the curry one (of course. LOOK at those curtains! we had similarly clashful wallpaper and curtains. how i wasn't constantly nauseated i do not know). and the 7ish and 11ish ones! oh all of them! what a pretty thing you are. you remind me of (a lovely) someone/thing but i can't put my finger on it?)