Tuesday, May 16, 2006


**ADDITIONAL at the bottom**

Just a quickie.
Up to my eyes in essays and exam papers.
Must get through them so that I can go and visit RW over half-term.

LG's hair, a statement of individuality and subversion for her school journey this week:

Dillo of the day:

And finally this:
The ancient armadillo
is as simple as the rain,
He’s an armour plated pillow
with a microscopic brain,
He’s thoroughly disinterested
in what the world has wrought,
But spends his time in contemplative
Armadyllic thought.



Blimus, I have to get away from undergraduate scrawlings for a while.

I went to the cinema last night with a very very good friend - also a very very old friend (good enough for you, K?) who I have known since I was about 15. At a number of points I started talking about som
ething of which she seemed to display uncanny pre-knowledge - I'd forgotten that she's been reading my blog! Fortunately this didn't leave us short of things to talk about. I have been trying to persuade her not only to leave some comments, but to start a blog of her own.... (go on K, just do it!)

We went to see
Brick - which I would highly recommend.

It has the feel and st
yle very much of classic film noir, but in a contemporary American high school setting and with almost exclusively teenage/young actors. It was reminiscent of Raymond Chandler, Hammett, Bogart and at times also - disconcertingly - Bugsy Malone. Disconcertingly because the events which unfold are deadly serious, and this is evident from the very start of the film. This makes the mundane and suburban setting of the film - which takes place largely at school and in the homes of teenagers - quite surreal at times. There was particularly enjoyable juxtaposition of tense and threatening encounters alongside the provision (by a suburban mum) of cookies and juice from a bizarre chicken-jug. Tense, interestingly shot, gripping, darkly funny, tragic and very styish. It takes a fair bit of concentration to follow what is going on, but well worth the effort.

I've seen references to the film as this year's Donnie Darko and its a good comparison. Not least because, like Donnie Darko, the film left me wanting to watching it again immediately.

Starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt - the kid from 3rd Rock from the Sun, he's has certainly grown up! - who is exceedingly excellent - I'd suggest you catch this at the cinema while you can.

Well, back to the undergraduate ramblings.....


Armadilla said...

"Oh, you look sexy!"
"Am a dildo!"

euro-trac said...

Yeah K - do it! :o)

What are you up to on your birthday then? When's RW coming up, down or whatever it is, to celebrate with you?

I think I should be informed of these things! Perhaps.... perhaps... I could come and have a G&T with you two, somewhere, somehow... When I'm less contagious!

Cool Hair!

ramblingwoman said...

you should be a film reviewer Lettuce. Better than the Sunday papers.

H now wants to dye her hair red, thanks for that!

Yes Trac - come round for a G&T with proper tonic and real lemon! And crisps which you can witness me eat!

Kitty said...

ooooh can anyone come? Actually it wouldnt be much fun watching you lot guzzle g&t whilst I'm still perched on my wagon.

Will try to see the film at the weekend.

Molly Bloom said...

Great review. I love 'Donnie Darko' but it didn't half make me jump when there was that really loud bang near the beginning. I shot out of my seat!!

Don't work too hard on the essays!

Jay said...

I wish that would be playing here soonish - lately, the choice between the lindsay lohan movie or the tom cruise movie has left me feeling rather movieless.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Lettuce - I feel that my self-esteem has been restored (not sure about the "very very old" bit though)- K (PS film really was very good!)

wendy said...

Love Lg's hair - it's beautiful - red and all!

lettuce said...

Sorry K, its just that 47 is looming rather close. Do you realise (yes of course you do) that I've known you for over 30 years? 47? thats very nearly 50!!!!

Donna said...

Love LG's hair. It's really beautiful :-)