Thursday, January 07, 2010

polka dots

I had thought I wouldn't be playing this Theme Thursday. "Polka dots" gave me no ideas at all and a quick scan through my photo archives didn't help.

And then, as I changed from cycling gear into backfromworkslobbingaround gear, this caught my eye:

(a new wash bag I was given at Christmas)

and looking down, I saw the socks I'd just taken off.

(the other socks just visible here were also spotty [I'm wearing 2 {minimum} of most clothing items in these chilly days] but in a less polka-dotty way)

And so I thought again, and took my camera for a walk around the house.

Not expecting vast quantities of spotty things, and I mysteriously can't find a special red and white polka dot plate which my mother gave me.

How does a plate go missing in the comfort of one's own home? the losing of teaspoons, socks, tickets, toothbrushes, pens and remote controls I can understand of course, indeed it is almost expected, and the frequency with which I mislay my glasses is getting entirely beyond a joke. But I'm flummoxed about the plate and having to restrain myself from re-searching in all the places I've already looked.

However I did find this in the study:

fave new umbrella

this in the bathroom:

from my shell-collecting youth

and this in the spare room. It may not be exactly polka dots but I do feel that any opportunity to include daleks has to be acted on.

temporarily relocated due to Christmas "things", will soon be back on terminating duty in the lounge...

In the lounge is my current notebook for knitting and weaving projects

(theres a surprising amount of maths to keep track of when weaving)

and this spotty S which is my daughters:

who also claimed to be wearing spotty underwear....

I admit that some of these picures had to be re-shot after dusting.
My "housework is overrated" mantra seems to be working nicely.

And finally, amongst the decorations waiting to be put away are a couple of red and white polka dot baubles.

More spottiness altogether than I would have expected to find.

There is something in particular that I find appealing about red and white polka dots. I do hope the plate turns up from the other dimension where it is hiding.

Maybe it will arrive bearing red and white polka dot cup cakes?


Gary said...

Is that a Dalek? What does it do (if anything). I bought my friend Joy a TARDIS USB port for Christmas. I just watched the Dalek episode - Dr. Who my new passion.

Brian Miller said...

it seems you live in many a polka dots in your house. smiles. nice hit on the daleks...and the shells, had not thought of that. happy tt!

subby said...

See? And you thought you'd have nothing to write about, heh, heh. But a laundry bag as a gift? That's a mite different!

Dumdad said...

Couldn't you find your itsy bitsy teenie weenie yellow polka dot bikini to photograph?

Mrsupole said...

Okay, I too have no clue what a Dalek is used for. But it looks cool.

After reading about all the things you found around your house, I went to have a look around to see if I could find anything with dots on it and I found none. Not anything except for a shower cap in the bathroom. And I am not sure if that counts as a decoration. I did not even have polka dots on my socks. Stripes and flowers, they were everywhere. I guess maybe I should see about get something with dots. I like the socks. Hmmm I am gonna have to see what I can find.

I like all the things you found and hope you do find that plate. Do you think the Dot Fairy took it. Maybe she will bring it back.

God bless.

The Clever Pup said...

A lovely collection of polka dots. I like your shells.

mouse (aka kimy) said...

they are everywhere!! funny that we don't often notice/think of them.

especially love the sea shell!

willow said...

I love your dotty shells!

Akelamalu said...

Your place is literally covered in spots! LOL

Jill said...

Well, I should think that the spotted umbrella would be quite classy on a dark and gray day! I like it!

Alan Burnett said...

How very clever to have done a search for dots amongst your possessions. As I read of your wanderings around your house I realised that I would have also found many such things in my house as well. Wish it had been my idea. Happy TT

VE said...

You're being slowly infiltrated and taken over by the polka dots. Was that one a polka dot grenade or was it a tiny space ship?

ArtSparker said...

I would substitute "exposing" for "including" Daleks, they shold not be doing their work in secret.

Poetikat said...

For a second there, I thought you were showing us your black lingerie_in the study. (Sounds a bit "Clue-game" doesn't it?)
I was much relieved to see it was your new umbrella!

tut-tut said...

Patterns are contagious, once you start looking, you see them in unexpected places.

Stephanie said...

I hope you find your plate. I hate it when stuff goes missing - I have numerous pairs of reading glasses scattered about the house...

Tom said...

oh my gosh, who keeps a dalek in their home! That is too funny for words. That's a lot of polka dots--you win!

Baino said...

Amazing isn't it. I didn't think I had anything dotty other than my mind but I have a little pair of canvas shoes and same ss you, dotty christmas baubles and more than likely a few pairs of similar sox!

The Mistress said...

It's obvious that you're surrounded!


JeffScape said...

I guess it's true... they say people often don't see what's right in front of them.

Heck... I'M probably wearing polka dots and don't realize it!

Ronda Laveen said...

Usually, when my dishes disappear it means that someone broke it and hid the evidence. Cute post.

Betsy said...

I didn't know lettuce had so many dots! ;)

Joy Keaton said...

I LOVE your Dalek! Exterminate!!!!!!

Mmm said...

Oh that is so clever and what a lot of dots you found. I have none in my wardrobe--only shows up in my art of some obscure reason.

Coffee Messiah said...

If your house were a museum, I'd expect no dust but since it isn't, don't worry, it has that lived in look ; )


The Silver Fox a/k/a The Foxster said...

What a tremendous amount of "research!" And what fun!

lettuce said...

hi gary - it is indeed. which dalek episode? David Tennant? (there are so many dalek episodes!) if you're new to Dr. Who you have so much to look forward to!! we've just been re-watching the previous doctor episodes (Christopher Ecclestone). and looking forward to the new doctor who starts in the Spring.

I could go on about this, can you tell?

oh and yes, they do 'do' things, they are remote controlled and hence move, and talk, and seriously freak out the cat

well Brian, more than I thought, thats for sure

Subby, it is a very nice, designer-ish wash bag...

haha dumdad, that would have done nicely

Hi MrsU. Daleks are cool in my view, many would disagree. And I don't think the spots are mandatory :-)

Pup, mouse and willow - i do like the shells too - tho seem (thankfully) to have lost along the way those little ornaments covered in shells which I also loved as a child...

Akelamalu, certainly i'm noticing them more since Thursday

Jill it is a particularly favourite umbrella and, thinking about it, the previous one (broken) was also spotty

Alan i'm intrigued to wonder about spotty things around your house too

VE, they travel in space ships

ArtSparker you are right, of course, as usual

haha Kat. My lingerie isn't this nice.

its true Tut-tut. spots before my eyes...

Stephanie, my glasses are for reading too - i'm desperately holding off against getting a neck chain for them :o/

thanks Tom. too funny? why? it seems entirely natural to us

it is Baino. I don't think of myself as suited to wearing spots, but socks don't really count do they?

hello angela! indeed!

Jeffscape, they are sneaky like that

Rhonda, the thought crossed my mind but i'm still holding hope

Betsy, spots on lettuce probably aren't healthy are they?

Joy, right back at you!!

mmm - i hope you've posted pics

ah, thanks CM. *relax*

Hello Foxy One. Glad you enjoyed.

Steve said...

This makes me wonder how many spotty things I have lying around! I loved your remark about dusting -- funny!

Gary said...

Letty, I am a newbie so I am watching Season 1 with Christopher E. as the Dr. and that beautiful, stunning companion Rose. Dalek came on for the first time but then he terminated himself (all dripping slime in the sunlight coming through the hole in the roof). I thought he was the last Dalek in existence. But, like you wrote, my friend Joy told me "no, just you wait". Haha. She is turning me into a geek but very proud of me! Also, she tells me the new Dr. who just started reminds her of me. I need to see him in action. xxoo

Vintage to Victorian at Dairy House Antiques said...

Love all your spots and dots. Had to laugh as I currently have the self-same spotty clown 'S' on my desk. Hannah gave it to me years ago and it suddenly came to light last week when I knocked over a box of odds and sods that had been lurking on a shelf ever since we moved here (3½ years ago!). Maybe you have a similar box hiding your spotty plate?!!!

Sue x

Esmond said...

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