Monday, January 18, 2010


I usually buy the weekend Guardian newspaper on Saturdays.

Its liberal/left wing stance fits me quite nicely, but it is as critical of liberal and left wing people, groups etc., as of conservative and right wing. I think it makes at least a good attempt at unbiassed reporting, some of their columns are enjoyably witty (I enjoy [as well as being outraged by] the Bad Science column) as well as informative and thought provoking, and it has pretty good coverage of international as well as British news and issues across a wide range.

It also usually comes with extras.

Lately its arrived with sections of the New York Times and there are often little booklets or CDs - "The worlds most famous speeches", or literature or good pubs or... almost anything. Wall charts of all sorts of things.

Last week there was a little book about fitness through walking.
I am now giving some thought, when I walk, to pushing through from heel to toe when hitting the ground, and showing the sole of my foot to the person behind...
Apparently it makes a difference.
I couldn't quite make sense of the instructions about how to hold the arms though. Something about holding the elbows at right angles. To what, I'm not sure.

This weekend's little supplement freebie was a DIY "thing".

"How to do everything yourself"



I'm not at all opposed to a bit of DIY, I'd always do my own decorating rather than hire someone (even if it does take months... years... to get around to it....) I even quite enjoy it.


I'm only newly becoming liberated from a sense of having to do everything all the time.

I don't mean to return to it.

And anyway, I like the old plaster on the walls, I think its photogenic...

Heres another kind of DIY - Craft Hope have set up an Etsy Shop for Haiti - donations can be sent up till Jan. 20th when they are taking a break and regrouping - and you can buy lovely art and craft items in the shop, all money is going to Doctors without Frontiers in Haiti. Do go and take a look, they are doing fantastically.


Gledwood said...

I used to go to my left wing middle class student friends' houses on Saturday mornings to peruse their Saturday Guardian ~ with all the lovely extras ~ and chat on bourgeois topics, sipping herbal tea... how on earth I ended up on HEROIN I will never understand!!

Stephanie said...

The plaster is a wonderful backdrop - nice droopy flower shots.

Heel to toe? I'm going to have to pay attention how I'm walking - later as I've already walked the dogs this morning.

ArtSparker said...

I like those beautiful ruins.

Re elbows: what about akimbo?

Catskill Snap said...

Artsparker said it poetically...i like those beautiful ruins also.

love the bare old plaster walls... reminds me of childhood walls.

mithing u verrry much.

e said...

Your walls have character and texture...What would they say if they could speak?

Hope you are well.

Barbara said...

If I had to do everything myself, there would be no time left for Blogging and just enjoying life.

The pictures of the flowers are really artistic.

Gary said...

I think I do show the sole of my foot to the person behind me all the time which is why I am constantly kicking those who walk to close or at least knocking into their shopping bags. It is a habit I thought I needed to break but here I find out it is just good walking technique. Who knew?

mouse (aka kimy) said...

gorgeous pics

old plaster and distressed environs is so much more photogenic than things all new & squeaky clean

Anonymous said...

i'm partial to old plaster on the walls too :) and love the pics