Thursday, April 30, 2009

Water - randomly

There are holes in the sky where the rain comes in
But they're ever so small, thats why rain is thin.

by Spike Milligan

The Thames Flood Barrier, Charlton (just down the road from me). 
We have recently been assured that the barrier will go on working until 2070, rather than 2030 as previously thought.

Though I assume that it very much depends which side of the barrier you are on....

River in the Dordogne, France (sorry, feeble lack of precision).
Water like molten gold.

Royal Victoria Dock, East London (just across the river from me)

Storm King park, New York State  (with Andy Goldsworthy's dry stone wall)

The Thames near Westminster.

Swimming regularly - helps keep me going at the moment.

As does the thought of a summer holiday in Jersey, with long walks by the sea:

Video - Suffolk, East coast of England. Unknown dog.

Water - a Thursday Theme


R.L. Bourges said...

great photos. Love them all but specially the golden water and the winding stone wall.

Swimming - it really helps, doesn't it? I'm much looking forward to visits to the pool again very soon.

Cheers to the random dog!

Leah said...

Really neat post--and I love going to Storm King--it's about an hour from where I live.

Brian Miller said...

very nice pics! water is such a good medium. happy tt!

Candie Bracci said...

Great post and beautiful pictures!

JGH said...

Fantastic pictures. That flood barrier is amazing. Never seen one of those before!

The Clever Pup said...

The flood barrier looks like a fantistic hippy house boat.

How wonderful that you live in (Greater) London. My Mum grew up near the naval dockyards in Chatham.

Wings said...

Love the pics, so nice. Thanks for sharing!

Shammickite said...

I adore that winding curvaceous dry stone wall, do you think Mr. Goldsworthy would care to visit my back yard and build one for me? Probably not. :-(
And I used to have a Penguin book of Spike Milligan's inspired writings.... I wonder where it went????

ArtSparker said...

Re Spike Milligan: they do keep one's mind from wandering (not surprising a surprising kinship, of course, but new to me). I love those layers of gold in France. And I had the same though as clever Pup, the flood barrier is both graceful and sturdy and I can visualize vegetables growing on the deck.

The Silver Fox said...

I, too, was captivated by that stone wall. Gorgeous.

tut-tut said...

Isn't it amazing how many variations in color, hue, mood you've captured. I love them all, Lettie.

Ronda Laveen said...

Such crystalline photos. Loved the first one. Intriguing. The clip was too funny. Ya just gotta love dogs, well, at least I do.

Marianna said...

Thanks for the wonderful pictures and video lol

Happy TT
Peace and love

lettuce said...

it does, doesn't it? and I know its not just the exercise, its the being in water too

Lucky you Leah, I thought it was a fabulous place

and Happy TT to you Brian!

thanks Candie

and JGH - it is a bizarre and impressive sight

hello Pup. ha! I've never seen it in that light, but now you come to mention it.... I shall look at it differently in the future! Chatham isn't too far from here.

Ta, Wings.

well if you manage to get hold of him, Shammikite, send him my way when he's done...

ArtSparker, he did have quite a mind

SF, it was one of my favourite exhibits in the park, and just perfect by the water - and disappeared into the water, emerging the other side of the lake

Tut-tut I'd find it hard to stop taking photos of water, it is always so different [i have plenty of failed water photos too of course :-) ]

yeah Ronda, I was so happy when the dog bounced along in front of me and my camera

to you too Marianne

Tom said...

great pictures and love the sound of the of these years i'll get back to the beach.

mouse (aka kimy) said...

what a terrific series of water pictures....that flood control thing-y looks very much like the sydney opera house....interesting.

I love the stone wall st storm king park... I must check that out - hope it's near squirrel's nest!

Kris said...

How is the barrier supposed to work?

Dakota Bear said...

Really nice post. I especially like the picture of the stone wall. The sound of the ocean was very relaxing, I played it more than once.

Michael Rawluk said...

A fabulous set of photos.

Gabby said...

Love the stone wall at Storm King. What a great shot. Wish I could have seen it when I went to NY a couple weeks ago. Can't see everything though.
Happy TT and have a great weekend!

Megan said...

The reflections are what I really get lost in...thanks Lettuce!

Baino said...

Lovely shots. I've been to London many times and never actually seen the Thames Barriers. . don't know how I missed them and the stone wall is fab. Love his work.

Barbara said...

I especially like the photo of the park with the Andy Goldsworthy dry stone wall. I once heard him give a lecture. He is truly a genius. Reya introduced me to his work.

I'm enjoying swimming these days, too. Never thought I would say that, but it makes me feel so good.

Sandra Leigh said...

I'm sorry to be so late to the party. I'm glad I came, though. Your photos are excellent, and the French river shot makes me want to hop the next plane to France.

lettuce said...

thanks everyone, glad you enjoyed the video.

Kris, the barrier consists of a number of these thingies (technical term) and the barrier swings up from the river bed to form a barrier between them, hence preventing the water from rushing up the river and flooding the centre of London.

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