Sunday, April 29, 2007


Right, theres a sort-of-not-quite-random selection of stuff served up below.

H'ors d'oeuvres - tadpole

Beginning with my frog pool.
V. excited today to see a newt in the pool. And in my head, I'm saying "excited" in a Welsh accent. "Ex-XCI-ted". Why should that be?

Here it is:

and again, slinking out of view, avec 3 (frog) tadpoles.

But heres my dilemma. Ex-xcit-ted to have not only tadpoles but also a newt. But, did you know that newts feed off little frog-tadpoles? how could they? i'm more than happy for them to eat any quantity of slugs and snails (oops, that originally typed out as sluts and mails). I hope they will. But I don't want it eating my little baby froglets. They are most definately NOT supposed to be a feast for newts.

I discovered, googling away (i don't know much about pond-life) (is it a bit like park life?) that newts are a protected species within Britin. So, I couldn't/shouldn't euthanase them even if I wanted to. Which I don't. I like lizardy things. I may just have to let nature battle it out. I'm hoping the tadpoles are big enough already to look indigestible. Or fast enough to wiggle out of the way.

I always liked newts - and I now know that they are The Original Sci-fi Species. Also sometimes called tritons, they can regenerate not only limbs but also eyes, heart, spinal cord, intestines.... they change colour, shed skin, exude defensive toxins, they metamorphose and go through an "eft" phase, the males are distinguishable by fringed toes and are prone to dropping spermatophones..... Sounds like something from Star Trek to me.

I also discovered more than I needed to know about Newt Gingrich. Who, for what reason/s, would call a child "Newt"? Wouldn't you just steer away from Newton as a potential name, for fear of "Newt"? Up there with fear of mullet, I'd have thought.

LG is also excited by the newt-discovery, and has proposed a series of little pools in the garden: one for frogs, one for newts, one for toads - the idea being that they can battle it out and feast off one another, providing her with war-gaming entertainment.

Nature red in tooth and teenager. She defines the word "belligerent".

Main course - cornus.
I have started cycling again.
The downside is that I'm remembering muscles I'd forgotten. And not in a good way. Achey thighs, hips, bum.

The upside (one of many) is that I'm following a slightly different route through Greenwich Park from my walking route and so passing my special cornus tree, whose spring progress I always watch and enjoy.

I was just in time to catch it in full bloom this week, and tho I did post pictures last year, I had to post some more here because its so wonderful.

So, this is a feast for the spring-hungry (nice phrase from Steve Reed) but in a hopefully-nicely potted form so its easily digestible (but with a little added protein) in case you're really not ever so interested in green and veggie stuff.

Dessert. Aniseed cake.

Dark and dense - a bit like gingerbread, except sort of liquoricey rather than gingery.
Not in an over-the-top liquorice allsort sort of way. In a subtle but yummy EAT IT sort of way.

From the Guardian Weekend, April 2006.
I'm not a frequent cake baker. But this is worth it.

(its eggless, just in case the thought of frogspawn puts you off)

Dark Aniseed cake.
350ml boiling water
175g pitted prunes
225g black treacle
75g dark ale
175g unsalted butter
175g dark muscovado sugar
450g spelt flour
2 eye of newt
4 tsp baking powder
4 tsp aniseed or fennel seeds
250g icing sugar
3Tbsp orange juice
zest of 1 orange.

Preheated oven 180c/350f/gas 4. 20cm-ish cake tin, lined.

Soak prunes 5 mins in the boiling water, before pureeing with the treacle and ale.
Cream butter and sugar - slowly beat in prune mixture.
Add sieved flour, with baking powder and seeds and beat evenly.

Bake 50 mins or till skewer comes out clean. (needed longer when I did it. could be due to crap oven). Cool in tin. Use icing sugar and orangey bits to make icing. Use newt eyes as you see fit.

Bake it, have it and eat it.
Eat it and make another one.

yum yum
Good spoon and bowl licking too.

except maybe not if you don't like treacle or liquorice.

I hope the newt isn't repeating on you.
Apparently they can carry salmonella.

well, yes. An eclectic menu.

Ok, so maybe it was Random.

I just tried to find some continuity.

Its my way.


ramblingwoman said...


that was a lot to take in Lettie!

Lovely Cornus! Looks like snow, glad it isn't

Lovely Newt! Enjoyed eating it in the aniseed cake - gave it that 'je ne sais quoi'

Burp..ooh sorry again.

PG said...

Gorgeous pics! I'd be so happy to have a newt (if we had a pond) tadders are ten a penny but newts are special!
I found a site and thought of you

you are not alone, although you may in strange company...

Akelamalu said...

Greaet feast but I'll give the newt a miss. :)

tut-tut said...

Love the organization; lots to digest! When I was little, we used to catch red efts. They have lovely, pensive faces.

Donna said...

Phew Letty I'm stuffed :-)

Pod said...

i think you should call the newt lorraine, coz if you listen quietly and with intent, you will hear her singing her favourite song 'newton airport'.
get it?
the pic with the wingtip and blossom is fab! well captured letto!

Spy Charlie Mouse said...

psst! pod has given someone else a clue about the tv series thinking you wouldn't find out. am i doing my job properly?

Spy Charlie Mouse said...

by the way...i hope this news doesn't find you too aghast?

Jay said...

Maybe we should have sauteed the newt first, in some light olive oil with basil?

Either way, very palatable.
Good stuff.

lettuce said...

RW, eat some more aniseed cake, its good for the digestion.

pg thanks for the fab link! i want a mamadillo. Belly-up dillo is a little distressing though.

Akelamalu - ok with the tadpoles though?

tut-tut i'd never before heard of efts, red or otherwise. life-long learning eh? love it.

dons, i've not felt hungry since doing this post..... really ....

haha Pod. 'twas going to be Isaac, but Lorraine is better. Yes, i was esp. pleased with that pic, thanks.

good work cm007. I've rarely been so aghast.

or maybe garlic, Jay? to mask the flavour of frogspawn?

Z said...

I agree, newts are special. I was very pleased to find a few newt tadpoles in my pond a couple of years back - they are much more feisty than frog tadpoles and wriggle fiercely in a puddle in your hand.

Soon, the newt will move out of the pond and spend the summer on dry land like a lizard.

Cream said...

When I first looked at the top photos I thought they were a Balti dish. Glad you explained.
I think one should be called Pizza the Newt...
Sorry, still hung over!

Reya Mellicker said...

Absolutely delicious, every single course. You made me laugh out loud with your newt facts, and yes, I believe Newt Gingrich's parents must be rolling in their graves to realize how dreadfully named their son was. His name did not bring out the best in him.

The cake looks delicious. I have to try baking one.

We call those beautiful trees 'dogwoods.' They are a favorite of mine.

Thank you for the great feast! I'm honored to have been a part of it. Really!

Ex-Shammickite said...

ooooo I really fancy that aniseed cake! As long as there's not a surprise newt in the middle. Or tadpole icing.

martin said...

Cool cake.

ramblingwoman said...

I think you should call the newt 'tiny' and when people ask, 'why's he called tiny?' you say, 'because he's my newt' Geddit?

Akelamalu said...

Tadpoles turn into frogs right?
No I don't like tadpoles. :(

Steve said...

I wondered if that tree was a dogwood, Reya! It sure looks like one!

As heartless as it sounds, I vote for letting the newt get his fill of the tadpoles. You hate to see it, but that's nature, and he probably won't get them all, right?

I'd try that cake, but I'm skipping the eye of newt part. Especially if it's Newt Gingrich.

Wendz said...

Hello Letty Pie..I'm hoo-oome...!!

And please would you bake me that cake for next week....not that I need feeding up, mind you, but it looks heavenly.

Oh it's lovely to be back in Blog Land. I missed you all.

Dizzy said...

What a lovely blog.

Thanks for all the important info on frogs, newts and toads. I hope he doesn't eat your frogspawn and concentrates on the slugs.

The cake sounds wonderful; I will try it out on Al, if there is any left that is.

The tree is gorgeous; I love your nature photos, thanks for them.

Whats is all this smuttiness about riding up nighties and you never mentioned the static.


Wendz said...

I think I made the piccies go too fast again - I have got blurry eyes now. But they were very nice. ;)

lettuce said...

z, they are great aren't they? but how do you tell frog tadpoles from newties?

haha Cream, I knew i could rely on you for the "pissed as" joke, v. nicely done.

You're so welcome Reya, i'm happy to sit and eat with you. (called dogwoods here too)

exsham., tadpole icing.... now theres a thought.

martin. :o)

RW - hahahahaha. Excellent. Ok, its now "Tiny Lorraine Isaac", ok?

Ake. :o( ... they might turn into handsome princes, you know.

Steve - what a vein of anti-Newt Gingrich feeling I've tapped into!

Wendy, welcome back, I've missed you. Will be very glad to oblige cakewise. Hope you've got your focus back.

Dizzy - feeling left out? do you have a confession about static?

Queenie said...

Newt or cake? err let me think!!
cake please. Mind you I think I've met a lot of newts in my time!!!!
Love the photo of the Cornus.
Love your blog, really interesting.

Annelisa said...

Great post - really enjoyed all the courses! :-)

Anonymous said...

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