Saturday, October 07, 2006

snap shots

Snap shots from last weekend.

A magnificent yew tree in my parents garden.
There was a yew tree in the front garden of the house where I grew up, for my first nine years. I grew up knowing yew was poisonous, and also loving it.

More pictures of the garden. Mum can no longer garden with my dad, and he has fairly graciously let go, ignoring weeds and work-to-be-done. But the garden still looks wonderful, and they have only just finished eating their own beans from the little veggie patch.

This exquisitely lovely tree is a spindleberry.

The berries will apparently turn themselves inside out and produce startlingly orange stamens.

Doing jigsaws is another favourite shared activity which Mum no longer engages in. It was with a painful flinch that I realised I'd just given some new (charity shop) jigsaws specifically to my father, rather than to both of them as always before.

We spent some time together on this one - appeasing my guilt at giving it to him at all because its a lot harder than it looked from the picture!

The house is always full of cards from friends around the world. My mother is loved by so very many people. When the window ledge gets too full, they are collected up and put away, and they start over again. Mum is a great letter writer, and spends time every morning writing cards and notes, she replies to every one.

The house is always full of flowers too - a bit overwhelming at times, but they give mum a lot of enjoyment.

One friend sends flowers, or a plant or something, every two weeks.

This olive tree was one of the "or somethings".

Mum may not be up to gardening or jigsaws, but we did make marmalade last weekend.

Bought marmalade just doesn't do.

It was a very good weekend, following some not so good days during the week.

She is more often having more pain and the oncologist was disappointed that the chemo hadn't reduced the cancer/s and need for pain relief at least a bit. BUT a recent scan showed that there was no growth or spread in the cancers, which was way better news than we had all expected.

Up until recently there have been many more good days than bad and they have been painfully precious.

Most recent news is not so good, more pain most days at the moment.


euro-trac said...

Awww... beautiful photos as usual and your Mum sounds like such a lovely, lovely lady.
All those cards too? Amazing...
She must be very special to have so many caring friends!

One of 'those' blog posts Lettuce!

grumpy old woman said...

Thank you for this lovely post Lettuce and for sharing so much with us.
Yes, your mother sounds wonderful.
Hugs xxxx

Bird said...

this is beautiful indeed - all of it. and a loving document too of your mother's journey - and yours and your father's.

i'm in awe.

Bird said...

and i forgot to say, i send my best wishes and thoughts to your mom and you and yours. thinking of you all and have added a candle for you and yours to my little table in my balcony garden - where i burn candles for folks. maybe a superstition or some relic from my catholic days (or both)....

Anonymous said...

Such a poignant picture of your mother.

It's good you could spend some time with her - even if she is limited in what she can do.

About the jam and stuff - I am ashamed to say that I prefer bought jam - homemade stuff always seems so runny. Except once a friend made me strawberry jam with hazelnuts - it was FAB and I yearn for another jar.

Pod said...

homemade all the way for me! i was moved by this post. lovely photos of the garden and a touching pic of your mum. i can imagine how you felt taking it. the best thing to do (as you are) is to make wonderful memories and have a good laff. hope it isnt funny to send you a hug

Jay said...

I'm sorry the news has been less favourable lately.

I always wanted a lovely garden, but I think I lack the follow-through for the upkeep. Probably some potted herbs is as far as I'll ever go, and right now I'm far too urban even for that.

Joyce said...

such incredibly beautiful plants! I've not seen those before.
thanks for sharing.

lettuce said...

you're absolutely right Pod. And Geena, you wouldn't say that if you'd tried some of the marmalade RW and I used to cook up on our mega-marmalade-making-marathons!

lettuce said...

Eh RW? where are you?

Pod said...

bless ya x

ramblingwoman said...

I'm here Lettuga. I haven't commented. I was going to speak to you in person. I tried to comment but everything I wrote sounded wrong.


Donna said...

Hi Lettuce I am with RW. I've been here 3 times and left as I just can't find the right words to say. I'll just send you my love and a huge hug (which I shall give to you in person soon). Stay strong sweetie xxx

Molly Bloom said...

I was just thinking about how the flowers and the cards and the words show all the love that is there. These are the things that keep us going aren't they? The precious moments of joy found in a flower, a petal, a memory or a word from a friend. Your moments with your mum are a message to her that only she will understand - moments without words. Precious, magical moments. They are more than anyone can give.

I'm sending you some huge hugs too. Treasure the moments and know that you have so many friends to look after you tooxxxx

Carlotti said...

Haven't visited in a while - thanks for sharing your photos. I looked at the one of your mom for a long time. So many memories for you.

Take care.