Friday, October 27, 2006


I don't go looking for this stuff, honestly.

It just finds me.

Or maybe what we notice and take in depends on where we are, our state of mind.

Anyway - another mother/daughter poem from the Saturday Guardian, only a couple of months since the previous one I posted.

This is by Anne Carson


While talking to my mother I neaten things. Spines of books by the phone.
In a paper dish. Fragments of eraser that dot the desk. She speaks
of death. I begin tilting all the paperclips in the other direction.
the window snow is falling straight down in lines. To my mother,
of my life, I describe what I had for brunch. The lines are falling
now. Fate has put little weights on the ends (to speed us up) I
to tell her - sign of God's pity. She won't keep me
she says, she
won't run up my bill. Miracles slip past us. The
are immortally aligned. God's pity! How long
it feel like burning, said the child trying to be

No need to comment.

Especially as I didn't write it anyway, hahaha!

But one thing you can comment on if you know anything about it: should I switch to Beta blogger or not?

Trac said YES! she has and its easier and quicker and fun fun fun. And she's now purple after all.

Wendz said NO! she has and its a pain in the arse.

.... so now, how can I decide?


Anonymous said...

I left a comment over at Tat re beta blogger...

I think if you don't mess around too much with your template then it's okay.

The new format of the template is very easy to use, yes, but I find it has serious limitations..but then I do play a lot with it.

I also find the signing in to leave comments very annoying..but then I am an impatient person.

Don't listen to me Lettuce - I am a pernickety old cow. Listen to Trendy Trac.

Anonymous said...

BTW - that poem is brilliant. Ta!

Molly Bloom said...

Oooh, I don't know, I hate any kind of I'm not sure if my whole world will implode if I change.

That poem is really lovely. I have been looking at my buttons this morning and thinking about how kind it was to give me one of your mum's treasured ones.

grumpy old woman said...

Lovely poem Lettuce.

I'm hating dealing with the new Beta system so far. Maybe it's because I have an old computer?

Having to sign in - I can never remember which accidental name I gave to Google in order to get into the Rhumba Room, never thinking for one moment that they'd hold me to it for ever!

I can very rarely get onto Trac's or Wendz's comments pages, and if I ever do I'm so frazzled by the process of getting myself signed on that I've lost the moment and don't know what to say....

Probably this is just me being useless at change and newfangled ways of doing things! hahaha


Calamity Tat said...

He's not one of the strangers you've been dreaming about is it??? hahahhaahaahahaha got a wee little dog on my lap snoozing right now.....

Pod said...

hmmm. i too find beta a pain. i have left loads of comments on beta blogs that just disappear. there's nowt wrong with how things are now is there? lovely poem. i read one t'other day that i will re-read and send to you i think.....

Anonymous said...

OH good -'s not just me who things Beta Blogger is a pain in the butt...really Lettuce

Anything in the IT world, that has the label 'beta' is still essentially a trial thing....full of bugs. is still in the trial stage and I would wait until they have sorted the bugs, if I were you. I SO regret changing...I think once they have sorted the teething problems it will be great...but just hang on...that's my advice.

I hope your weekend is not as wet and poo as mine..we were promised sunshine and got rain...*sighs*

Anonymous said...

Trendy Trac?? Yeah if it was 1972 perhaps!? :O)

Hey, I've just posted 8 pics on my blog today... 8!!!
Not a single problem!

Thinking about it, I don't think this is an issue for you anyway, as Sal told me that it's not Mac friendly! You're a Mac Laydee aren't you?

Why not just try a beta one, with a different url address as an experiment and see how it goes? You can always switch the url address over if it works and you like it!?

Lovely poem!
p.s. I switched my Hotmail to beta sometime ago and it was rubbish, so I switched back. I don't think you can switch back with blogs so yeah, I would take both mine and Wendy's advice if I was you... keep this as it is, and have an experimental blog!? - But, it might not work for a mac user anyway...

Donna said...

Lovely poem Lettuce, powerful stuff eh?

Sounds like Tats is bonding with her new son, he has been farting on Trac's blog and is snoozing merrily over here, ahhh!

Muddy Red Shoes is a mac user too and her beta blog is fine, had a few teething probs but she thinks it was down to her lack of knowledge rather than blogger. I might go away completely and try Typepad myself. I love the look of the Typepad girls blogs, they are always so stylish.

lettuce said...

Oh no, now I don't know what to do!

Which will probably mean nothing, at least for the time being....

ramblingwoman said...

I have nothing to say regarding the beta blog debate I'm afraid.