Friday, August 04, 2006

Back to reality

Remember this?

Nearly didn't bother posting it, after I eventually found it - not one of The Greatest Songs Ever - but firstly, the words are rather apt actually for my situation (though I've never listened to the words before) and secondly, now you'll be humming it all day. hahaha.

(btw I tried to embed this, but blogger kept telling me the tag wasn't closed... though it looked closed to me... any help from anyone out there?)

Back from Perpignan.


Grey, rainy and a little on the chilly side in the UK at the moment.


I gather the weather turned just in time for our return yesterday. I had to open my suitcase on the train and find more clothing to wear. With sleeves.


Work emails to deal with.


Missing Tat.


Enough of that.
Some photos:

Fantastic clouds on the plane over.

Did you know there are cloud-spotters?

Like train-spotters, but devoted to unusual cloud formations.

The second of these pics. reminded me of a Roger Dean album cover, very 70's. Though not nearly psychadelic enough of course.

There was lots of this going on in Tat's pool:

A bit of this on the beach

This is LG's purchase from a Perpignan flea market.
I blame the parents myself ...

And my gift to myself.

The only flip-flop to be seen in in Perpignan.

Back to reality now.


Another Blogger commented a while back that when someone close to you is dying, it is rather like living in a parallel universe. And it strangely is.

It was hard to come back from France - from a week when I relaxed, switched off (mostly), lounged around, spent lovely time with lovely Tat and less - but still lovely - with Trac (also lovely) (skinny dipping incident to be related hopefully by Trac (?) later ?) - to my various situations at home.

But my mum seems to be as well as we can expect - mostly comfortable, a recent blood transfusion and more chemo seems to have had some beneficial results - and I'll be back down there to see her soon.

So.... my blogging will probably go on being intermittent.

Please don't stop visiting.
(another help request - if my sidebar has slipped to the bottom, please let me know - and tell me which browser you use. Thanx!)

I'll try and find time to visit you too.


Dizzy said...

Lovely photos! Sounds (and looks) like you have had a super holiday Letty, I am glad you were able to relax some.

Yes back to life back to reality - shame isn't it... Though I guess we would bet bored if we relaxed too much. Or would we...

Coming to see the shed very soon... tickets booked. XX

Calamity Tat said...

Awww Letty....
still miss you....

Rosa said...

Prayers for your mum.

grumpy old woman said...

Hi Sweetie,

Glad to see you back, though of course that means that your wonderful visit is now over

Thanks for your comment - I'm back from the wedding now. Had a fab time in Edinburgh - got only three hours sleep each night I was there - hee hee
v. tired now - PTB

Will post photos of my trip as son as I have some to share.


Donna said...

Awww hello you, welcome back we missed you :-) You should come to Devon, it's still sunny here. Love the cloud photos, the pool photos and the havaianas (of course). xxx

Molly Bloom said...

I'm glad that you had a lovely time Lettie. It was good for you to relax and spend time with Tats and Trac. I hope you are ok...and e-mail me if you want to go for a drink...that would be great. Sending love to your mum and to youxxx

PG said...

Hi Lettuce, good to have you back. That mace ball thingy looks a bit lethal...