Friday, April 22, 2011


Not something I photograph much

but here, experimenting with the hippstamatic app. (which I love)

(no idea what we were watching......)

and on holiday with friends.....

(and we can see what/why Rosie is watching!)

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Friday, April 15, 2011


is amongst the reasons why the state of Kerala, in India, claims the slogan: "God's own country".

The state is full of spices, everywhere - growing, being sold, being cooked and eaten.

Amongst the spices I saw growing there were chilli

coriander, curry, cardamom,



turmeric, vanilla, rue, allspice, clove,

ginger and pepper

star anise

Spice is a major part of the culture, as well as the economy - whole shops devoted just to spices

and they were a feast for the palate as well as for the eyes

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Thursday, April 07, 2011

faces...... places!

gates to Greenwich Park, South London

as seen from Lewisham Station, South London

Greenwich Park - I love this tree

Britvic crate - South London

a friend's house (ex-house) in Suffolk, England

St. Aubins, Jersey Channel Islands

Sussex, England


South London

I could have gone on and on with this one, photos of faces in places is a bit of an obsession, this is just a selection ..... and you'll see that I am not alone if you go to flickr and searches for faces in places groups

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