Sunday, October 24, 2010

new arrival

Well... it doesn't take much more effort to look after two cats than one, we thought. Unlike children.

and this little cute and mad-whiskered kitty needed a home.

and, we fondly thought, it might be nice for Logan to have some cat company when we are out or away...

There have been occurrences.

Near-misses with cups of tea and computers

glasses of wine in peril

and a bucket-of-water-dalek spillage yesterday evening

Also frequent facings-off with Logan, who is grumpily not impressed.

They have been not unlike children.

Ah well, they'll learn. Incidence of growling and hissing is decreasing, I hope the penny will drop and Logan will realise that a bit of chasing could be fun.

Its been a week, and little kitty hasn't stopped purring yet, nor staring wide-eyed with a constantly shocked expression.
After drawing up a shortlist of names including Spock, Skaro and - a late favourite here, which almost made it - Emmett, he is now named Lemmy.

So, two posts in two days, whatever next.
Yesterday's post was supposed to appear on a different blog - I'm vaguely surprised thats not happened before.

Happy weekend everyone.


Gary said...

Water Dalek Spillage!!

This kitty looks just like the one I had growing up. Only ours didn't have a tail (he got into a fight and had to have it removed - OUCH!).

Too cute!

e said...

Lemmy and Logan...Look out, Lettuce, I thought that a second cat was just as easy to have as the first, and eventually, had the fearsome foursome...

dennis said...

Dennis says Excellent choice!

Giulia said...

Oh, I love tuxedo cats. He's so handsome...Logan will adjust. I did similar some years ago...they ended up very good friends. It took awhile. Excellent photographs, up close & personal, indeed.

Cheers, Letty.

Megan said...

Welcome, Lemmy!

Marilyn said...

Wonderful photos - what fun having two cats.

Akelamalu said...

Great name choice for a very handsome cat. :)

sue said...

cute..and great name:o) were off to see motorhead next month..woohoo! cant wait:))


Barbara said...

Love the shot with the very green eyes and the last one of Logan and Lemmy stalking each other. Hopefully Logan will appreciate the energy and new company!

Shammickite said...

Like in "Journey Into Space"????
Or am I the only one old enough to remember that excellent BBC radio serial??

Baino said...

Aww I'd love a cat but worry about all the lovely birds in the back yard. What is it about cats and computers, can't tell you how often I'm 'signed' out of chat by someone else's cat hahaha! Oh wait, perhaps it's a ploy to get rid of me. Doh!

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