Tuesday, April 06, 2010

cat's life

I have a week's leave and need some help switching off, slowing down...

I'm caught between the instinct to completely slob out and go inert for a week (which I suspect would make me feel bleeeagh) and the nagging conviction that I should be "getting on with things", "getting things done" ..... and also the knowledge that I ought to be resting and re-charging and living in a less task-oriented way for just a precious week ....

Balance is so tricky sometimes.

Why do we laugh so when the cat falls off the sofa or misses his step? I suspect we envy his mostly-perfect and thoughtless balance

as well as his ability to sleep and sleep

to lie and just be, no anxieties in his golden eyes,

to make the most of time to stretch

and laze.

Not that he is immune to task-directedness.
He has few desires, but one of them is that penguin

It remains elusive

but he takes the foiling of his plans with equanimity and settles for the pen instead.

Equanimity. Wouldn't that be nice?


Giulia said...

It's a life's goal. And one of my favorite words. About a week off...& how to do it. Doing some things you feel you must (cleaning out a cupboard or whatever) is good; a laundry list of it is not good. (I have a lot "off" & have learned to structure time for getting things done & rest for some years now & so am something of an "expert.") It's good to have some dates with yourself. Doesn't have to be anything grand (or it could). But with yourself. And maybe one with a friend you've not seen in some time.

Or you could hang with Logan for the week. He's a good role model (& he's adorable, too. GG has her eye on him).

Have a great week off, Letty.

Jill said...

Isn't he adorable?? I just smile looking at each photo as the Cat's Life is a GOOD ONE. Maybe you should indulge in a bit of laziness AND some catching up on at home tasks! A week's leave goes quickly so enjoy EACH moment!!!!

Shammickite said...

Black velvet with little black toes that look like soft leather. Lovely!
There's a certain balance that can be achieved during a week off. A balance between those nagging thoughts of "I must get something useful done" and the other extreme of "I'm making the most of this opportunity to chill, so there!". So my advice is to make a list of jobs that you have already done, then cross them off the list in coloured marker, preferebly RED, thus making you feel like you have achieved a goal, and then do whatever you want to do for the rest of the week. Which will include suggling with your black velvet friend, of course.

Shammickite said...

I meant SNUGGLING of course.

Baino said...

Do a bit of both, one day off, one day active. We did that over the four day break and it felt like a week. Love your Puss! They sleep for 20 hours a day the lucky buggers, I forgot to turn my alarm clock back and it went off at 4:30 am! Ripped off!

Enjoy your break. Ah the pen is mightier than the . . .penguin?

mouse (aka kimy) said...

we do have a lot to learn from the cats in our lives

Gary said...


I am coming off a week long vacation (it is back to work tomorrow) and although I had big plans to do a bunch of school work, I did a whole lot of nothing. Nothing meaning riding my bike, writing in my journal, yard work, taking care of the house/dog, shopping, attending a show and three services at church. But, no school work until today.

You know about the best laid plans...

Enjoy your days as you see fit.


Megan said...

I'm ready for a week off, myself. I always vote for no schedule, but at the end I'm always a bit sorry I didn't get out and "do stuff" so, yeah, balance would be a good thing! If I could find it.

Nice kitty captures!

tony said...

Even when they fall, they do it with such Supreme Style!

Tom said...

oh what a nifty kitty. i love them from a distance.

Squirrel of Nyack said...

Oh what a beautiful guy Logan is, and smart ~ Love him.

Reuben said...

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