Monday, April 27, 2009

Pool of garbage

Only on flickr...

In my inbox, an invitation to join the 'Pool of Garbage'.

["pools" on flickr refer to groups who collect and contribute photos on a particular theme to the group pool.]

I do belong to a number of rubbish and garbage groups on flickr.
Some of them are quite specific - "Rubbish in the river", "I hate shopping trolleys".

Here is a selection of my "rubbish" photos:

I add pictures to these pools, but don't often go there to browse, its rather depressing.

Possibly the most bizarre group or pool invitation I've ever had on flickr is an invitation for this photo:

invited to be part of the "tea tags" group.
I kid you not.

Its an indication of the weirdness of the world of flickr that I didn't think "how amazing!  theres a tea tag group, who would have thought it!". 
No, I thought  "where's my head?  should have thought to look for the tea tags group."

Maybe its also an indication of something or other that I found the existence of such a group somehow strangely heartening....


Akelamalu said...

And...... have you joined?? :)

Dumdad said...

You're a rubbish photographer and I mean that in a good way!

R.L. Bourges said...

'Platform Art' - an apt label for the fourth photo in the series.

'Heartening' - as well it should be, lettuce: what you have here are the front lines of archeology in the making. Nothing to sneeze at - excuse me, had to add that comment because I just did :-)

Lynne said...

We humans really are a bunch of slobs, aren't we? No respect for the planet that nurtures us!

And just how do all those trolleys end up in the Thames? :)

I think you can find just about any kind of group on Flickr ...

tut-tut said...

Hello, Lettuce! You have an eye for the unusual and the unusual angle. Feeling better today, tho L has the car until 7:30 pm.

Gledwood said...

hey: I thought someone was taking photos of my place for a sec there...

ArtSparker said...

I believe the poet said,

"To see the world in wrinkled desiccated tea bag".

At least tea bags are good to plant in the garden.

goatman said...

Recently read that the country of biggest tea export is Kenya and biggest importer was Russia!! Whouda thought?
Solicited by a group . . . How would they know your tendencies?

Barbara said...

The first one looks sort of collage-y. I really like the one with the shopping cart. It seems like you posted it before, right?

I'm guessing that organizing your photos, when you have so many, is quite a challenge!

R.L. Bourges said...

Lettuce: please don't panic if you can't find my blog or get a warning when you try to access: it's been swept away in an automated 'clean-up' of blogs posting reprehensible material... (Don't ask, I'm still reeling.)

I now have to figure out how to retrieve and reinstate graulhet, bonjour. Meanwhile, I can still be reached through my profile page for access to my other blog.

Absolute Vanilla (and Atyllah) said...

I've had invitations for some damnably strange groups on flickr - and the thing is, there are so many groups!
But I do love your garbage shots - so colourful - there's art in everyone's refuse, right :-)

Avid Reader said...

I like your trash photos, sometimes trash can look colorful, interesting, and always make me think of how much we consume.


Steve said...

Flickr groups really ARE fascinating. There's one for practically every object or behavior. Unfortunately I often doubt how useful groups are -- I post a lot to groups but I almost never look at them, and I think others do the same. All my Flickr viewing I do through my contacts list.

lettuce said...

I did akelamalu! but have had no other suitable photos to add. Every now and then I have to review my groups and leave some of them...

um, ta D-D!

bless you, rlb
and - oh no! I was able to access your blog despite the warning but haven't tried since. Hope you manage to sort this

its pretty disgusting isn't it lynne?

Glad to hear you're feeling better Tut-tut

Surely not Gled? :-)

true ArtSparker - they're wasted on the pavement

ha! thats a good question Goatman

Barbara I've posted other Thames trolley pictures before definately. there are so many... I try to keep organised with the pics as I go along -do get backed up sometimes!

damnably strange indeed AV. Tho often in a good way?

AR I do have to fight the impulse to yell at litter-droppers sometimes

I don't look at many of my groups Steve, true - but I do get comments sometimes via that route. Which probably makes my membership of them a bit onesided :o/

Archibald said...

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