Thursday, March 26, 2009


back into bloglife

with a bright shiny new computer which is mine.

(for the first time ever in my life. And as a 3rd child I grew up used to hand-me-downs and I have a great affection and respect for second-hand-ness. 
But I love having a brand new bright shiny computer all for me.)

(and for LG whenever she is here and I am not)

(And Logan [kitten] sees my computer chair quite definitely as his)

(along with any random pens, paperclips or small chase-able things)

The garden is also springing, despite the miserable chillyness of this end of the week.

I am springily delighted to report that there is frogspawn in my little frog pool, despite lack of frogspawn last spring. 

I inadvertently chanced upon some frogs in the pool at the weekend, engaged in .... froggy activity....

Frogporn, as LG put it. 

Duly followed by a large splodge of frogspawn.

I  will be posting regular reports and pictures as the frogspawn develops into little wiggly things.

Which before too long, I hope, will be little springy sprongy things.


Steve said...

Woo hoo! Tadpoles!

Well, tadpoles-to-be, anyway.

Glad you're back. :)

Akelamalu said...

LOL ...wiggly things turning into springy sprongy things..... :)

Nice to see you back m'dear. x

R.L. Bourges said...

spring has spronged
in the backyard pond

(yes, I see them, they look like passion fruit seeds which in a way, they are.)

Welcome back to the blogosphere, lettuce!

Lynne said...

Welcome back Letty! That looks like an awful lot of little spring sprongy thingys in the photo. You may be overwhelmed with them! How fun! For the first time this year I heard our first "peepers" singing last night. A sure sign of spring!

What do you think Logan will make of them?

Tom said...

loving your amphibious descriptions, frogs are too much fun

Squirrel said...

Glad that spring has sprung!
Congrats on shiny new computer!

Dumdad said...

Welcome back!

Frogspawn - how exciting! Really. I used to collect the stuff when I was younger (35). A few years back I found some in Bois de Vincennes and brought it back for my son. Turned out to be toadspawn, if there is such a thing. Not a great success.

ArtSparker said...

Pretty...Scary....Pretty Scary. Reminds me of the cult classic invaders from Mars.

Here's a link to a fictionalized take which I find charming.

Robert said...

Congrats on the shinny new 'puter! woohoo! Spankin'!

The bubbly pattern from 'em poles kinda spooks me, but they're quite cute when they start growing out their tails! heh!

Enjoy the weekend Lettuce!

xo, r

Betty said...

Frogporn lol!
Glad you're back :D

Sally said...

'passion fruit seeds': brilliant, RL Bourges.

Nature being true to his or herself.

Good you're connected back to the blogosphere, Let.

Reya Mellicker said...

The frogporn is beautiful but ... how about a pic of your new computer? Hmmmm??


lettuce said...

woo hoo indeed steve!

thanks Akelamalu, nice to be back

rlb, you are funny, thanks for the smile

Lynne, I've not yet seen Logan around or near the frog pool. though he did come in one evening with a rather wet back leg...

Tom they are, my excitement is real

Squirrel, glad here too. (frost this morning tho )

Dumdad, we used to go and collect it somewhere in Kent when I were t'kid. Toadspawn? now how different can that be?

ArtSparker it is most definately alienesque. Thanks for the link - it is charming and reminds me of a childrens prog. LG used to watch where the mother frog used to take the bowl of frogspawn/tadpoles for a walk in the pushchair....

Betty, :-)

Good old nature, eh Sally?

Reya thankyou so much, I now know what my next blog post will be. Later today, hopefully...

Robert it was a great weekend, i hope yours was too.

Absolute Vanilla (and Atyllah) said...

Whoohoo - a new pc, frogspawn and a springy kitten. Life sounds good!

goatman said...

Not to rain on your lovely frog eggs' parade but I just read where a fungal infection: chytridiomycosis (chytrid),is attacking the protein keratin in grown frogs causing mass extinctions in some areas. (National Geographic, April) Apparently it is world-wide with no known fixes yet. We have noticed a reduction of bullfrogs in our lake the last few years but I have never seen any dead ones.

With that bit of happy news, I'll leave now!!

Sally said...

a coda:

the fungii or funguses, nasty bacteria, etc. are always with us.

It is only when the environment stops being supportive of healthy life that they start to get carried away and become a threat.

Coffee Messiah said...

Cool, haven't seen this occurrence since a wee kid ; (

Glad to C all is (s)well! ; )

e said...

Frogporn, sprongy things, curious cat, new computer...Sounds like fun, Lettuce!

Thanks for stopping by. Will post better news when and if. Meantime, trying not to forget blog manners and see what everyone is up to.


mouse (aka kimy) said...

yeah to all...spring....a new PERSONAL computer....and the promise of froggy development...ribbet, ribbet

flawsnall said...

i love the color in this pic. wow! congrats on the new computer! we just got internet service through cable, via the black box scare... and someday i'll post some serious stuff on second-hand-ed-ness. we make a living on it...go fig!


Chick said...

Sure sign of spring...frogspawn...can not wait to see them wiggle.

Barbara said...

I LOVE tadpoles. They never fail to excite me as they go through their metamorphosis!

lettuce said...

Vanilla, life is good. work is another story but life is much more than work, right?

goatman i will be checking on my spawn all the more regularly for your bad news

sally, it is all pretty messed up, isn't it?

CM it is very reminiscent of wee kid-dom

e, hoping your news will be better

ribbet ribbet mouse. (apparently "ribbet" has become widely understood "frog talk" because of Disney reflecting the sound of local tree frogs.... in other parts of the world frogs make very different kinds of sounds)
(i learned this from stephen fry...)

thanks flawsnall! i think i'd enjoy making a living out of second-hand-ness

me neither Chick

Barbara i'll be posting lots of pics at every stage i hope!