Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Reya asked for a picture of my new computer, so here it is, but it did occur to me that it looks scarcely very different from the old computer which has appeared here before, in situ.  A bit shinier maybe, cleaner and brighter.  And a far superior keyboard which will no longer hoard toast crumbs and general spong.

Otherwise, much the same, at least on the outside ...

But next to my new computer is a new plant which I'm also rather pleased about.


I remember a college friend having one/some of these, I was fascinated at the time. They are called lithops - literally "stone-like" - and they really are like little pebbles.  Also rather like little brains or aliens.

I found and bought this one with another London blogger at a delightful nursery in North London, where we didn't find lunch but we did find lithops.

And see how many different kinds and colours there are:

image from here
(and when did amazon start selling plants??)
(i'd have ordered one of these if they weren't out of stock...)

image from here

It will hopefully flower in the autumn or winter.

Whilst googling to learn more about lithops, I found this blog.  Isn't that wreath extraordinary?  I also love succulents and have quite a few varieties in the garden (and some indoors) though my succulents are not as succulent as her succulents. 

But I do have a hanging basket filled with them which is coming along quite nicely, it is a sort of tribute to Barcelona after a wonderful weekend there some years ago when I admired the cascades of houseleeks trailing tumbling and dangling from the balconies.

Given the choice of computer or lithops I would indeed choose the computer.  To say otherwise would be just silly talk.

But I am happy to have both.


Coffee Messiah said...

Very cool plants and look as if they should reside under the sea ; )

Dumdad said...

I've learnt something new again, thanks to blogging.

Lithops. Incredible looking things. Must get some!

R.L. Bourges said...

that keyboard looks wonderful. No crumbs, no blocked keys, what a treat!

As for the succulents, now that I have a tiny courtyard instead of a huge garden, I am thoroughly addicted to them. They never give up on you, ask for hardly nothing in terms of upkeep and just keep on keeping on forever.

The wreath is gorgeous and the lithops, thoroughly fascinating.

Thanks for the peek!

Lynne said...

I do so need a new keyboard. I'm not sure what all resides within it, but spong may not cover it all! That new design would be perfect for me!

As for the "stoney" plant, I think I had one a long long time ago. For some reason succulents (although fascinating and fun) do not thrive for me. I think I water them too much; or not enough.

Squirrel said...

I LOVE your new computer! LOVE it. Loveeeeeee. looovvveee.. One of my cats (Troublemaker EC) ate one of the keys off my keyboard.

The plant is amazing also. truly fascinating to stare at.

Shammickite said...

Looks like living stones. The ingredients for stone soup, perhaps?
Yes, I took a peek at the wreath, stunning! Those colours and textures are gorgeous, so calming.

Akelamalu said...

I've never seen or heard of these plants before but they're really nice. I want some now! :)

Steve said...

We've always called those "Living Stones." They're so amazing. Isn't evolution an incredible thing?

LOVE your new computer!

Barbara said...

Oo-la-la! Fancy new Apple you have! It should serve you well for along time to come.

I never saw or heard of a lithop before. They are intriguing!

Betty said...

Ooh. Shiny!

Never knew they were called lithops. They're beautiful.

mouse (aka kimy) said...

far freaking out....both new computer and the lithops!! I wonder if lithops is an acceptable scrabble word......


tut-tut said...

I love that plant! You and Another Blogger certainly get about. I can see doing some fabric interpretation of it!

lettuce said...

they do CM. (prone-ness to rotting aside...)

D-D they are! do!

they are addictive RLB and perfect for a little french courtyard I bet. can we see a pic?

lynne, spong includes EVERYthing!

Squirrel i love it too!!!! did EC get a tummy ache?

shammickite, stone soup? plus what other ingredients i wonder

Aklelamalu, get some! they are strangely appealing and calming. well to me, anyway

isn't it STeve? :-)

barbara i appreciate my good fortune.

Betty I'll pop a bit in a pot for you and see if it grows. (as much as one can tell if they are growing or not)

mouse i'm sure it would be. But not cross-atlantically of course :-{

Tut-tut I've been thinking how fab. these colour combinations would be for weaving. How about a patchwork version?

ArtSparker said...

So that's what's under chia hair...fascinating and somewhat unsettling.

Gary said...

Congrats on the new computer. I have the same one (except I went for the wireless keyboard and the Mighty Mouse). The iMac is amazing. Did you get the Apple Care Package? It was helpful for me since I was new to a Mac. But, once you go Mac you never go back. Or so say I.

Glad you are back to blogging. I think I will come back as well.

Sally said...

They're nice: I've got one by the phone.

I love the sound of the word: lithe-ops.

Robert said...

Beauties everywhere indeedy! :-) Congrats on your new 'puter! Now I hope you'll get even MORE work done! doh! :-)

The Clever Pup said...

Ahh your lithops are freaking me out. They look like sea anemones. Are you sure they won't stalk you at night, like pod-people.

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