Saturday, January 10, 2009

Mice beware!

We have a growing short-list of possible names which might suit our new family member. He doesn't seem at all convinced by his current but obviously false name, "Tommy".

He is 5 months old, quite shy and very beautiful.

Update: he was quite shy when I began this post yesterday, but after an hour or two of sitting (happily but hidden) in a little quite inaccessible hidey hole last night, he then began to take possession of the house. And us.

His shyness seems to have vanished entirely, he is purring constantly and doing those things that kittens do.

We would be happy to add any of your naming suggestions to our list, subject of course to our own hardly-thought-through, difficult-to-articulate and wildly subjective and inconsistent criteria.

Top-runners at the moment are:
Havelock Vetinari.


Akelamalu said...

I like the name Tommy! :)

Shammickite said...

My childhood feline companion was called Pandora Syringa Patam.
My suggestion is Spider.

Squirrel said...

awww... little angelic devilish Havelock has my heart!

Gary said...

You had me at Logan.

Trac said...


I'm sure you know what name I think he should be! :O)

Betty said...

You did it! Hooray. :D

How about Jack Black? 'Cos he is.

(Can't wait to be introduced.)

mouse (aka kimy) said...

of course t.s. said it before:

the naming of cats is a difficult matter,
it isn't just one of your holiday games;
you may think at first i'm as mad as a hatter when i tell you, a cat must have THREE DIFFERENT NAMES

havelock vetinari tickles this mouse's fancy!!

t&r's neighbors moved leaving behind the pregnant lil one cat, I'm crossing my fingers that one of the kittens will be orange! nothing like a kitten to bring a constant source of joy into a home

congrats on tommy whatever-else....and best of luck finding the human bestowed names

Anonymous said...

I Vote for Havelock (as in Ellis the ... social reform chap.)


ramblingwoman said...

Hey you have a cat! That was quick! (Well, I know you've been thinking about it for a while but quick after Christmas - you know what I mean) I take it he was from the Cat Protection League?

And of course he just HAD to be black in your house!! Do I have to go an look up all those name references in my ignorance then? I only recognise Logan as the one who ran back in the seventies!

Cats usually end up with two syllable names despite their real name being double barelled (sp?) or even tripe barelled. So I quite like Havelock - but what could you shorten it to? Havvy? Sounds quite eSpanish to me! And when you spot some mice in the kitchen can you can call Havelock in to 'have a look!'


ArtSparker said...

I also have a black cat, I named her Bosco after a bear on cocoa commercials.

In any case, congratulations.

The Devil Makes Work said...

He's gorgeous. How about 'Liquorice'?

wordwitch said...

I like Frank - maybe short for Franklin?

Or.....Gargoyle? (Heeerrrrreeee Gargy!)

Or maybe Zorro?

Or even Alistair.


herhimnbryn said...


R.L. Bourges said...

Tommy's nice.

IntangibleArts said...

Submitted for your approval:

- Steve
(because all critters benefit from the name "steve")

- Doctor
(after which you must procure him something which resembles a sonic screwdriver to play with)

- Mustapha
(simply because it's awesome)

- Cornelius
(as in Jerry Cornelius. Read 'the final programme' by Moorcock, he's a great character)

- Oslo
(which is a very cool name, but it enables you to have a private game: the first person to say "NORWAY is that his real name!" gets a prize of some kind)

i could go on...

c james. said...

I have two sibling black cats - male & female, Thelma & Luis (after the movie: "Thelma and Louise").

When I say Luis' name with the Spanish inflection, he always seems to perk up, because of the long 's' sound at the end of his name. Try that out and see if Tommy's convinced of this tentative new name.

Lynne said...

Oh, an all black cat! How gorgeous! Before you know it he will have taken over the household, never fear!
Corny, I know but (Black) Majik comes to mind.

Cats do have a way of naming themselves, so observe him for a few days and see if he tells you anything.

P.S. He needs some catnip.

tut-tut said...

Ha! I haven't been around much, and now this development!!

Glad you picked a black cat; they are the smartest, most rambunctious, loving ones around.

Now you can knit him all kinds of toys.

goatman said...

We name our cats only for the vet's convenience. Then we call it "kitty" at home no matter what name we gave the vet. If we ever have two cats at one time we may have to go to kitty1, kitty2 etc !!
Not true for the dogs though, we give them true names for some reason.
I would suggest "spook" for your kitty.

Barbara said...

He looks like a shiny Midnight to me! Pets brighten up any home.

Chick said...

He's beautiful...I like Jinx for a black cat...although I like your pick of Logan too.

Squirrel said...

Logan is a good aloofish name --cat perfect.

natural attrill said...

Oh isnt he lovely!!
We have a kitten, from RSPCA, and he was already named, Des. He'll be about a year old in March. I am in love - it's brilliant to be woken up by purrs in the ear!!

lettuce said...

well we had nothing against the name "Tommy", it just didn't seem to fit

thanks for all your great suggestions, i esp. like liquorice and spook.

Skaro is a Dr. who name, being the planet of origin of the daleks...

and though theoretically we most favoured Havelock Vetinari (one of Terry Pratchett's best characters) in fact Logan is the name which just seems to fit him best.

If Kimy is right about 3 names, maybe he can be Logan Havelock Vetinari.

Tut-tut - knitted cat toys! what an excellent and joyful thought!

lettuce said...

PS Kimy, Cashew was one of our poss. names - & might especially suit an orange kitty?

milly (elephants&redwoods) said...

I have a cat named Kermit. We also refer to him as Kerm, Kermy, Kermdog, Squirmit,, you name it!

Otherwise all the cats in my family have been Miss Kitty, Mr. Kitty, Orangekitty and Graykitty. This is not a joke! We weren't so creative. haha. Good luck with the new kittie kat!

Femin Susan said...

In our custom see a black cat is very bad...

Lynne said...

I had a grey cat named Spook(y). He somehow got out of the house and never came back so Spook is not a name I myself would consider. My in-laws however, had a black kitten adopt them and they named him Spook. So far, so good! :)

Steve said...

I like Tommy too, I have to admit.

I'm not sure how I feel about Steve.

goatman said...

Good enough name, Logan. Lets hope he is never mistaken for the airport in Boston!!

Squirrel said...

Glad he's black, a black cat keeps bad spirits away. Logan's run --your home? has he fully investigated every nook?

Squirrel said...

Stevie Ray Cat!

Sally said...


There is nothing quite like bringing up a kitten (as it were).

e said...

Kittens are awesome. They adopt and train us, not the other way round. Good luck with the naming. Wr have our own black cat, Phoebe.

Sally said...

Both my kittens, e, are now full grown and fully in charge.

They do refer 'up' on occasion though. :))

maicher said...