Monday, September 01, 2008

Coney Island

Here are some more pictures [and moving pictures] while i'm on a roll, from my trip to Coney Island with Ched.

People were still on the beach when we arrived


queuing for the shower.

though Beer Island looked already deserted.

Before long the wind was gathering force
[vid should appear, blogger seems a bit slow to load....]

and the evacuation began

It got pretty wet.

The sandwich boards were dancing and racing across the boardwalk, driven by the rain and wind.

We took refuge in the warmth and friendly shelter of a clam bar, ate sausage and watched the rain.

['nother vid]

Once the weather eased off a bit, we meandered around the streets and through an arcade where the Tunnel of Horror was closed

but there were other entertainments

And then we headed back to the station,

through the puddles,

leaving it all behind, wet but warm, tired and happy


Akelamalu said...

I thought it was just here that the weather was unpredictable!

Great photos and video Lettuce. :)

tut-tut said...

Really great progression through all of that. Colors against the grey really pop. And vids too!

Lynne said...

wow, I had a totally different experience there than you did. Yours was pretty interesting ... did you eat a coney at Nathan's? Did you play the horse race game? I did; I won! A brown teddy bear that has turned into a dog toy .... fab pics, letty! Look for my blog on Coney coming soon...

Your pic of the Aquafina water bottle is my fav.

Reya Mellicker said...

Fabulous pics, as always.

Coney Island is so tacky, it almost surpasses its funkiness and becomes art.

Love the gathering storm, the vids, too.

Aren't you glad the Tunnel of Horrors was closed? I think that's a good sign!

Steve said...

Great shots!! I love the neon glow of Nathan's in that last pic. I still think it's so funny I was wandering nearby in Brooklyn that same day!

Bob Dylan said...

Amusement Parks are all so gaudy--but that's part of their attraction, if they were the Hamptons they wouldn't be much fun. The people looked like real nice people, too. Just folks. The rain didn't seem to dampen the enjoyment all that much.

Shammickite said...

You must have had the same rain that we had in Canada... lots of those windy wild rainstorms. Love the reflections in the puddles.

Absolute Vanilla (and Atyllah) said...

Some brilliant shots - and awful weather - and I thought the idea was to get away from ghastly British weather! ;-)

Squirrel said...

Coney Island is so happy. I love to see the people do their polar bear swim, and the many celebrations. Sheer joy--and the kids, of course--more joy. very beautiful I have a zillion childhood memories--all good ones!

Barbara said...

I will have to take in Coney Island on another trip to NYC. I love the brewing storm and the wetness of the last pictures. I could almost feel the drops of water the boy was trying to catch.

Vintage to Victorian said...

Good weather I see!!! We did actually see some sunshine in Devon - photos will follow in time!


Betty said...

My favourite shot is of the boy catching the raindrops.