Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Perpignan - cinema

Just look at this.

is it a bird? is it a plane?

there is something quite asian about that elephant head. but wings? and a fish-tail?

bizarre, n'est ce pas?

This is from the front of the Cinema Castillet in Perpignan.
As well as this weird and wonderful gargoyle/gutter,
it also has some lovely tiled panels:

which look art nouveau or deco to me.

This must have been a spectacular building in its heyday. (what is a heyday? i know what it means, but wonder what its derivation was....)

Its now a shell, and this is whats on the inside:

I was very pleased at being able to wiggle through the hoardings and get these pics.

It looks as though maybe they are going to keep the shell, renovate and redevelop.
But what do i know?

hope so, anyway.


kimy said...

curious minds need to know, hey here you go!

hey·day1 [Origin: 1580–90; var. of high day, appar. by confusion with heyday2]

hey·day2 [Origin: 1520–30; rhyming compound based on hey; r. heyda < G hei da hey there]

love the picture....nothing quite like seeing the skeleton of a building...what adornments!

Pod said...

i should have liked to have seen you wiggle through the hoardings. tis a funny thing indeed (the gargoyle). i think it may have something to do with all the noisey birds about my parts at the moment. it looks like it quietly controls something.
hope they don'y stuff the building up!

ramblingwoman said...

Yes, that is a weird not quite mythologocal creature there.

All the pics look wonderful Letty.

You'll be off again today is it? Looking forward to more wonderful pics on your return.


PG said...

Really enjoying these pics, the elephant/gargoyle pipe is pretty special!

Akelamalu said...

The gargoyle is very intersting!

Fantastic pictures hon. :)

la bellina mammina said...

Reminds you of the many Indian gods? Great pics, Lettie. Btw, drop by & collect your award...

tut-tut said...

Hope they do salvage that building. Someone should hire you to scout out these venues in need of rescue and document them!

Anonymous said...

I can tell ya, it's going to be a restaurant downstairs and a cinema upstairs..

Reya Mellicker said...

Cinema verite indeed!

I can almost hear the echo of all the movies that were shown here. Wow. The gargoyle on the front looks to me like a water faucet. But ... that doesn't make sense, does it?

I'm loving this photo tour of Perpignan!

Lynne said...

What a beautiful exterior! I certainly hope they renovate instead of tearing it down. Dragonflies and iris ...

Love the gargoyle. He reminds me in a way of that blue creature on the Star Wars Phantom Menace that ran the shop where young Anakin worked. He had a long nose and a similar look about him. :)
oui, c'est très amusant!

lettuce said...

thanks kimy - how nice of you to compensate for my laziness!

no wonder its frowning a bit, pod.

not gone just yet RW. when are you off?

isn't it pg? glad you are enjoying them.

ta lulu

and bella, thanks so much. :-)

TT that would be a cool job! lots of wiggling through hoardings... i do find derelict buildings fascinating. i love it when you can see all the different wallpapers

thanks anon. i should have asked you about it! hope to eat there with you some time

it did look like a water spout of some kind reya. but would have discharged on all the people underneath...?

yes lynne! you are right - i knew he reminded me of someone! good identification.

Gary said...

I have a soft spot for the gargoyles. I collect them myself and always give them as gifts to folks moving into new homes to symbolically protect them from evil spirits, plus they just look so cool. There are actually a few gargoyles on my school so I feel very welcomed there. Great shots once again.