Wednesday, July 18, 2007

looking up

Some things which lift the heart:

good books
physical exercise
juicy french peaches

i've had a thoroughly sun-drenched 5 days, and have done lots of looking up.

Here are some of the things i saw whilst looking up:

Tat's bats

no pun intended.
(though in France it wouldn't be punny anyway, cos they say "spiders on the ceiling")


Anonymous said...

Ohh me first me first.. went swimming today sal and thought of you.. I only managed 20m Lily came too and Guy and they sat and watched me, Guy did 2???? glad you had a relaxing time my heart xx

Lynne said...

Glad things are looking up for you!

LOVE the bat vid! We have bats here as well and I love watching their nightly ballet. Tat's bats look very large — are they fruit bats?? Ours are just little ones ...

Trac said...

Cool bats.

But I love Tat's lizards.

I have fond memories of Jack, Vera, Chesney and Hawkes. My four fave lizards in the world.

I am sighing just thinking about them...

...I'd like to think that they remember me wistfully too!

Ahhhh...Happy Daze!

OK - I am going before I talk anymore rubbish!

ramblingwoman said...

Your bats. ..................
are a bit scary. Wouldn't want to go out with those flying about near my barnet.

Glad you had a lovely time Lettie.


Ex-Shammickite said...

Welcome back.... I am sure you had a wonderful rest. I'd absolutely love a few days in France right now, as I'm stuck in the back yard on crutches!! The bats are awesome, I read that they eat their weight in mosquitoes and other insects daily! We have lots around here too, nice little things.

martin said...

Great pictures such fantastic light and colours. It is always nice to look up.
Hope you got a tan.

Pod said...

love the pool pic. very blue and lovely. you should see the bats here! great big fruit dracula-like fruit bats with corrosive poo! glad you spent some time looking up! did you look up any hot frenchmens' trewsers?

Reya Mellicker said...

The bat vid!! Fantastic. I love bats, love the way they can fly around but never crash into anything or anyone. At witch camp one year Starhawk did a flamenco dance accompanied by Tampax claves. Bats were flying all around her but never even clipped her. It was fantastic.

I've never had a juicy French peach but I'm guessing they are as great as everything else on your list. I agree completely!

So glad you had a holiday from the blahs. BRAVO!!

Jay said...

I'm not a fan of peaches, but luckily I have you - coming here makes me smile.

Wendz said...

Glad you're back.

Dizzy said...

Hi Letty, you sound like you have had such a lovely time with Tat & Co.

What a great pool. We had two outdoor pools where I live as a child, and we spent nearly every day of our summer holiday in them, great memories. Both gone now unfortunately.

Glad things are sunnier in you world. xx

tut-tut said...

I'm just back myself; L and I were in the mountains of western North Carolina and I haven't had such a good time or laughed so much in I don't know how long. I feel completely refreshed.

james said...

hey, funny you should mention me and the furries. i did some dressing-in-animal-mascot-costume-volunteering once at a children with cancer hospital. i was snoopy. i could only see through the black netting of the black ball on the tip of his nose, which was really far from my face. the entire headgear was not well-balance and when one kid with leukemia rushed up with excitement to hug snoopy's legs, i almost tripped, lost my balance and let the massive dog head slip off and crush him. not to wory, i and the little yellow helper bird (Woodstock?) caught it in time....but don't poo poo us brave people is ridiculous mascot costumes. it's hot in there.
oh, what? yes, i guess i am a dressing-in-animal-mascot-costume-volunteer failure.

la bellina mammina said...

Hey - have missed you. Glad you had a great time - hope you're no longer feeling blank and blah! I should do what you did - looking up and taking photos. Have a great weekend!

lettuce said...

hey anon. missing you. Swimming in Woolwich just isn't the same.

Lynne i don't know what kind of bats they are. They are big tho, at first i thought they were swallows!

Trac I think I saw Chesney - and a little baby lizard by the pool - but they slinked away too fast for me to snap a pic.

Barnet, RW? is that better or worse than having a mullet?

Shammie, i didn't know they were so voracious! i was hardly mosquito-bititen at all, maybe i have the bats to thank

yes martin, i am def. a better colour now. well, most of me... ;op

pod, sadly no, to the hot frenchmen query.

Reya i have googled Tampax claves, but am none the wiser. Most of it seemed to be in spanish or related to feminine hygiene. Please enlighten!

Jay, the feeling is mutual. :-)

Wendz, not sure i can say the same, but thanks!

dizzy, i used to go to one in south london too. Something very 60's about english lidos i think.

TT - heres to holidays!!

James, no poo pooing was intended! i always loved Woodstock.... And you didn't actually fall, right? So, not a failure surely.

thanks Bella. Intermittently blank and blah, i must admit, but so much better for the time away.

Gary said...

This is a wonderful list! I am glad that things are looking up for you.