Saturday, April 21, 2007


The face of....

- remind you of anyone?

I've been tagged by Cream, to pick 5 favourite blogs.

I'm afraid I'm declining that exact task, as I couldn't possibly pick 5 favourites, from all the different blogs I love for so many different reasons.

So instead, I'm introducing 5 of the blogs I've discovered most recently.

My 5 bloggers - don't feel obliged to take this as a tag. If you want to do this, you could pick "5 Something" blogs to tag - 5 favourites, 5 different types, 5 in a category, 5 diff. countries .... or something.
Or you can do nothing at all about it.

Martin - another London blogger - most of the blogs I visit are not so close by. Short, sharp and funny (thats his blogging I'm talking about) (but he might be too) He always makes me laugh.

Tut-tut - another knitty yarny weavy person like me, thoughtful, funny, varied posts.

Crazy Jane - a young and gifted artist with a brand new blog.

Mist1 - very newly discovered and very funny. Her post on dental floss got me immediately hooked on her writing.

Annelisa - also very newly discovered, lovely writing and wonderful photos. She has a bewitching misty morning vid. posted at the moment.

I'm really glad I found you all.


Ex-Shammickite said...

Hi Lettuce:
The tree picture was a print on Japanese paper with some watercoulour, and then hand embroidery, I'm afraid my out of focus picture didn't do it justice. Now you have tagged those bloggers, I'll have to visit just to see what they are all about!

Cream said...

Lettie, I am not a believer, but I can see Jesus! I swear!

tut-tut said...

Rip it down and sell it on eBay! Thanks for the kind words, too!

martin said...

I see Rasputin....... Is it a Banksy ?. Could be worth a fortune....... thanks for listing me, I went all red and silly.

Akelamalu said...

Ah Annelisa and Mist1 already on my favourites, I'll take a look at the others now.

Steve said...

Looks like Burt Reynolds to me.

Dizzy said...

BH said it looked like Led Zeplin, I think it looks like a man with a long black beard poking his tongue out.

I will check out your tags...

Donna said...

My eyes are too tired, who is it? Put me out of my misery, do ;-)

ramblingwoman said...

Then I saw his face! Now I'm a believer!

Pod said...

dare i say....i can see noseybonk


tee hee

(runs away sniggering)

Annelisa said...

:-D Yo ho ho, and a bottla rum...I see a pirate, me hearty! (that is a patch over his eye, is it not?)

Oooo, tagged again... I'm going to have to do a tag catch-up soon! :-)

Thank you so much for the mention here, Lettuce! It's made my day! I'm glad you found us too, else I wouldn't be able to come back and meet you here!

It's good to meet a fellow photographer (i just flicked through some of your other posts :-)) and I love the style of your blog here!

I'll be back!

grumpy old woman said...

I too can see Frank Zappa

lettuce said...

hi ex-shammy, thanks for the info. Ilove those mixed media paper/embroidery pieces.

Cream - has this not moved you to faith?

tut-tut you know, I bet it really WOULD sell.

Rasputin! oh yes Martin! "the evil monk Rasputin" as I learned at school. red and silly sounds cute.

Akelllm i admit to finding them through your blog.

Yes, I see a touch of the Burts there Steve.

LZ... well they were very beardy at some stages, weren't they?

Oh Donna, sorry to stress your poor eyes. Its whatever/whoever you'd like it to be.

RW - hahaha! not a trace of doubt in my mind.

naughty Pod. Just wait till I catch up with you.

really nice to meet you too Annelisa. Something to do with the Flying Spaghetti Monster/talk like a pirate day maybe?

GOW - yes! yes yes! Frank with a patch over one eye and sticking his tongue out maybe?

Akelamalu said...

Ah that's what the tag was all about - getting to know people!

Sorry I missed the question about the picture - looks like Che Guevara to me - look here....

Pod said...

i'm quaking in me boots.....

mist1 said...

I hope what I'm wearing is acceptable for accepting this honor.

Also, I am sitting next to a nest of recently used floss if that sways the Academy.

lettuce said...

Aklmlu - how could we all have forgotten Che? (actually, possibly interestingly, Che was painted/depicted as Christ more than once, and Christ has been depicted as Che) (never as Frank Zappa tho, so far as I know...)

Pod would those be your buffalo boots? or your Ug boots? or baseball boots? interested parties need to know.

Mist1, the honour is all mine. But you can keep the floss, thanks anyway.