Monday, April 23, 2007

springy thingies

It never gets old for me, this spring thing.

In fact, it gets better as i get older (or may be thats just me?).

Scientific/botanical understanding notwithstanding, I still think its magic that this

can turn into this

and that these

have, within a few days, grown into these:

I will try not to bore with a selection of spring photos that would probably look much the same as photos I posted last spring.

But here are some 2007 springy thingies:

and theres also this, which I call
"Git Orf my Land"


martin said...

I am with you on the spring thing, I notice buds opening more now, and smile when I pass fields with little lambs running around. O dear I am in touch with my feminine side......

Akelamalu said...

Spring is absolute MAGIC.

Love the pictures - oh those little lambs. :)

PG said...

Ah but who can resist a spring picture? We raided out compost bin for the first time, it was quite wonderful to see what our left overs had turned into.

Joyce said...

The miracle of spring. I think that its more miraculous as we get older,because we've seen so much ugliness. The stubborn beauty and rebirth of spring is almost baffling.

Reya Mellicker said...

I LOVE your films! and the pics - love the lambs so much.

Every spring is just the same as every other one, but every spring is also completely brand new. Like you, I enjoy spring more each year. It's so precious (in the true sense of that word). So much promise, so much potential. I love spring!

Cream said...

Why is it that ferns always remind of Britain?
Why is it that lambs always remind me of mint sauce?
Sorry for being so insensitive...
It's just that I liked Ready, Steady, Cook more when she was on...

Lettie, your photographic skills are absolument fantastiques!!!

ramblingwoman said...

Haha to Cream's comments!

Lovely pics Lettie.

Ah those lambs are soooo cute.

Yes, spring is wonderful, everyday something new has emerged. My favourite favourite bit is when the hawthorn and the cowparsley comes out on the country lanes - quintessential late spring for me.

ramblingwoman said...

PS: Charger in the post?

Pod said...

hello me duck...all i can see in the top photo is what looks like spong, and in the thrid one down. love the illuminated vine photo, and of course the sight and sounds of the english countryside. homesickness!! just lloking at xmas flights. ouch!! was hoping for a beer down t'pub with you and molly and rambo, but alas.....?

Pod said...

a dress that looked like a nightie?
come on love, out with it, how many nighties are in the wardrobe?

Steve said...

You couldn't possibly bore us with spring photos, Lettuce. We're all just as spring-hungry as you are. LOVE those little sheep (aka lambs).

Ex-Shammickite said...

After surviving a cold Canadian winter, and an equally cold spring, and four HOT HOT HOT days, I think we now have proper Spring weather, and I have ONE lonely daffoldil out!

Annelisa said...

I love your springy things!

The seeds - yes, truly amazing!

The ducks - funny... I thought it was going to be one of those other ducks coming up behind the one in front... took me by surprise ( just goes to show, you should never try to second-guess nature, huh? :-) )

Dizzy said...

Lovely photos, I am waiting for my compost but have only just started so a long way to go yet.

I just love spring, its my favourite season. I have only really started to open my eyes to the seasons in the last few years. When in the office rut I never saw a thing.

Shame all those bods running to/from the office and blind to what is around them. There minds too busy to notice.

lettuce said...

why o dear, Martin? isn't that a good thing? :o)

I know Akelllmmmllll! and they were gambolling and frolicking and everything!!!!!

pg isn't it funny how satisfying it is?

Joyce I think you're right. sometimes the beauty and rebirth seem more inexplicable than the bad stuff

Reya, its true - so the same and so different.

hahaha Cream, trust you. (similar to LG's comment) (without the Fern reference)

RW hawthorne down Thorntree road are all out now :O)
(its in the post)

Pod. Well yes I'd have to admit that its spong.
ptb. maybe we should have a whip round for you. (mmmmm) if you're not here we'll just drink all the beer anyway. and eat all the pies.
(lay off me nighties! i was only 14!!)

(vid. was in the park around the corner actually. Pockets of countryside in London too you know)

thanks Steve! there is something about the young of most species. (not all.... no pics to come of baby slugs)

ex-Shammi, poor lonely daff. I hope it finds some friends soon.

annelisa - nature eh? unpredictable in beak and bill.

hi Dizzy. get BH to wee on the compost, will help it on a treat.