Thursday, April 26, 2007

Short cuts

This wonderful wisteria cascades fragrantly over a garden wall which I pass on the way to my textiles class.

Its obviously a pretty old plant, the central stems are very thick and at regular intervals it gets a very severe pruning - which it seems to like, it grows so luxuriantly every spring.

I have a little baby wisteria in my garden, a mere toddler in comparison with this one - but it still has quite a lot of flowers. I need to look into its pruning needs, its done so well so far I'm hesitant to cut it back too short.

Which reminds me, I must get around to to making an appointment for a hair cut.

I last saw Gordonnotamoron, who cuts my hair, in January. I arrived for my appointment to be told that my stylist hairdresser was off sick, they'd been unable to contact me to cancel (my fault, I hadn't left proper contact details).

I arrived home, and posed in a "showing off new haircut" sort of way.

M: "yes, it looks nice".
Me: unfortunably not able to restrain my smirking for long enough to really sustain the amusing-at-his-expense situation for half long enough.
M: (allowing self-doubt to surface) "umm.... have you had it cut? you've not had it cut at all, have you? ... have you???"

The following week, I did get a hair cut. But having let it grow a bit longer than usual, and quite liking the feel of hair around my ears and neck again, decided (after discussions with my stylist) to keep it longer than usual this time. So, less-short-than-usual short cut.

I arrived home, and posed in a "showing off new haircut" sort of way.

M: overcome by self-doubt: "umm..... you haven't had it cut, have you. Did he cancel again? ..... Have you?"
Me: cruelly amused at his expense. But once again, unable to sustain the joke for long enough to really get my money's worth.

I've been told that this was a cruel trick to play on a man.

Anyway, having had a longer-than-usual cut, and that was well over 3 months ago, I am now seriously at risk of mullet.

I REALLY don't want to look like

now, do I?

My aversion to the mullet has not been averted by this.

so, I must manage to make that appointment.

People keep telling me that my hair looks good a bit longer.
But its fine and thin and limp and straight and more obviously grey when longer and I really do like it extra short (not least because I can get away with giving it almost no attention at all).

The question therefore now is: do I now want my hair short short? or long short?


Akelamalu said...

You're a cruel woman to your man! (snigger, snigger)

You definitely don't want a mullet - get it cut! :)

tut-tut said...

Ha! Men's total inattention to detail revealed!

Where did you get that mullet family portrait??

Beatiful wisteria photos.

Reya Mellicker said...

I will back away from the purple paint if you'll back slowly but surely away from the mullet. Oh those photos ... it just was never a flattering style for anyone.

The wysteria pics! I took that same pic on Saturday, of an old wysteria creeping across a white wall at the national gallery of art! Really, same pic, same plant, same shadows. I love being aligned with your aesthetic!

ramblingwoman said...

Hi Lettie, I say, 'long short' and perhaps get it coloured in a 'you different and lovely and well but i can't quite put my finger on why' way. It really suits you a bit longer - go one try a colour it'll give you the 'fillip' you need.

Thanks for my spaceage neocounter - where's the list of visitors gone though? You are nice person doing that for me.

Ex-Shammickite said...

I say SHORT! I've always had my hair short cos I have a headfull of thick red hair and when it gets long it gives me headaches! And I really think long hair looks messy, and a mullet? EWWWW just forget it! Go for the short pixie cut, very flattering and you can get up late and don't have to worry about all that blow drying fuss, and still look fantastic.

muddy red shoes said...

SHORT, looks great on you, I saw a pic somewhere...or like the wisteria, oh for hair that fantastic!

Cream said...

You'll have to mull it over...

Budxx said...

Very good Cream! Hee hee.

I think you look beautiful however you have it. You are very strikingly gorgeous. I think it will be nice whichever way you wear it.

Hope you are happy dear Lettiexx

martin said...

:ong short............ no question.

Steve said...

Oh! Oh! Oh! I LOVE those photos! So beautiful!

As for the hair, I made the same mistake with a friend of mine. He told me a few days ago he was getting a haircut, so when I saw him last night, I said, "Your hair looks great!" He said, "The haircut is tomorrow."


No mullet. Step away from the mullet.

Calamity Tat said...

I say grow a mullet, take up line dancing and get out more!!!

Lizzie said...

Oh, please, please, please go for the mullet. You know you want to. The mullet is calling you.....

And what's wrong with grey hair?? ;-)

Jay said...

Short and long both have merits...mullets have none.

Dizzy said...

I like your hair longer but also think you look really good with very short hair. So there!

Lovely wisteria, I guess this is what yours will grow into.

Love the mullet photos, I never went there myself, but after looking at those photos I feel I have some how missed out:)

As for the compost, if I suggest that I guess he will never use the stairs again. Mind you, the bin is out the front!

Donna said...

Go for number 3 pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease. Go on, I dare you ;-)

lettuce said...

how cruel, though Akellml? understandably cruel? (snigger snigger) Not cruel enough to really string it out.

google images search, Tut-Tut. So much more loveliness than I'd expected to find.

backing away Reya... I love it too! hope you're going to post yours.

RW I just don't think i can be arsed with colouring..... i'm just not as glam as you. (happy with your neocounters now?) (there are many many other options.....)

blow-drying, ex-Shammi - whats that?

yes! m.r.s., I also want hair like the wisteria. but also wish i had the courage to shave my head like you.

hehe cream. v. good.

bud you are so lovely. And also strikingly gorgeous yourself! I covet your hair, you know.xx

martin. hmmm. why no question? is it that you're dissing my short short hair?

haha, shame on you Steve. Stepping away....

clammy - and Donna too - I will if you will.
(you first tho')

lizzie. yay!!! you finally stepped out of the shadows. couldn't keep quiet in the face of mullet attraction, eh?

Jay - another brave head-shaving person. maybe one day.

Dizzie - what will the neighbours say?

martin said...

I would never diss anything about a ladies hair. Short short hair is nice in summer. I myself have wavy hair
it's waving goodbye to my head !.

mist1 said...

I love wisteria. Mine is a little out of control, but I am going for the whole natural look...with my hair too (read: got out of bed and didn't look in a mirror this morning.)

natural attrill said...

That blossom is beautiful!
Had my hair cut today, it gets shorter and shorter the older I get, and greyer, but i dont mind that.

Calamity Tat said...

We were talking Mullets in the park yesterday (saw one) they don't seem to have a word for mullet, I think it's just footballers haircut!

Pod said...

do somethign different hairwise. like the child in the pick. or praps a demi-wave? demi-wave + nylon nightie=irresistible. watch out M!!

musical charlie mouse said...

just to let you know i arrived very safely and my new owner, though a little grumpy and sleepy at first, was soon beaming and jumping up and down and squeezing me like there was no tomorrow and showing me to all and sundry. he took me outside and put me on the washing machine whilst he put all of his peggies in the colourful new favouritest peg bag he ever did see. i think i will like it here. thank you for sending me, but i do miss the naughty guineas a little bit

(ps. i told them to make the spong)

Homo Escapeons said...

I love the Rock Star Family!
There most be a hole in the Ozone layer directly above their house from all of the hairspray!

james said...

wow. i love that last one.
so beautifully 80s.
whateveryou end up getting, you gotta be sure to do it for the gipper.

lettuce said...

wavy hair Martin - as in flock of seagulls? would that be better or worse than a mullet?

mist1 - who has time to look in mirrors?

hi penny. No, can't say i really mind too much either :o)

Tat, how come the French just can't provide the really important words?

Pod. now what is it with your nightie fetish? though i have to say, they do ride up interestingly.... maybe i should start wearing one again?

mcmouse. Be happy.

homo escp. they don't look environmentally-friendly, do they?

jaaaaames. do it for the gipper? are you older than you look?

james said...

no, i just went to a lot of '80s nights. i do feel old enough, however, to remember the '80s retro craze. That was, like, two years ago, like I can't believe it. The kids these days don't even know about '80s retro. Some can barely remember 2005's early nineties/grunge retro. I mean, ohmyg-d.

Junk Thief said...

Like it or not, they are adding a huge Mullet Wing at the Hairdo Hall of Fame in Fargo.

I'm curious of the source of that photo of the happy mullet family at the bottom of the post. I just posted it as a threat to my friends as my new hair retrofit. Now I wonder where I got it.

Maybe the hair fairy put it under my pillow after I lost that bit patch of strands last week.