Tuesday, January 16, 2007

The Thames

After she's had so many many many (really) pajama days lately - first over Christmas, then being off school sick most of last week - I didn't think LG would be too keen to go for a bike ride on Sunday.

She surprised me!

It was a bit chilly and blowy, but also bright and sunny and lovely and smelly and clear and busy and full of birds and cyclists and walkers and quite Spring-like - down there on the Thames cycle path.

I could have taken so many more photographs than I did but I wasn't sure how long LG's keenness would last. I still managed to take quite a few.....

Starting with these startlingly unseasonal catkins

and then going on to lots of pictures of the good old Thames.

I was so happy to see that my ladder is still there.

Not mine personally, I just rather like it.

So no apologies to those of you who have seen a picture much like this before on my blog.

But note, the ladder has now been joined by a branch.

Nature and Culture? - both stuck in the same mud.


Pod said...

they may be related? love that last pic. you have quite an eye for a lettuce.....

Anonymous said...

Isn't it funny how we "adopt" things from the landscape, making them "our" branches or "our" trees or "our" ladders? I do the same thing.

Love the look of that marmalade, by the way!

Joyce said...

Isn't that how life feels sometimes? Just going to stubbornly stay, right here. I know it looks like I'm not going anywhere, but I STILL LEAD TO SOMEWHERE!

Anonymous said...

It does look rather muddy...does it pong?

I had no time to do anything other than work today...but I learnt a new word...from one of my syudents, can you believe it....'auscultate' - we were talking about body parts and health etc etc and that's the word they use in French - I'd never heard of it so looked it up and it's the same in English..weird....

"Oooh doctor....are you going to auscultate me? Oooh la la la la.."

Just imagine - sounds so obscene.

Don't mind me I am rambling - brain overload.

lettuce said...

You know, Pod, you might be right about that! (the relationship, not my eye)
("my eye" - did you know thats the equivalent in French [mon oeil] of "my foot" in English?)

See, Wendz, I can ramble too. I hope you are auscultating.

Glad its not just me Steve!

And Joyce - I like the way you make being stuck in the mud an act of will and defiance!

Anonymous said...

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See you soon!

Calamity Tat said...

Well how rude(above comment)Mud mud glorious mud.. haven't seen mud in ages, just snow hehehe.. and sunshine hehehe.. still i expect I'll see some mud in devon.. bisous x

Calamity Tat said...

oh and I'm off for a swim now so i'll see some water...