Thursday, August 31, 2006

Tats Tips


You look fabulous in print, 3 (THREE) pages in (new just off the press) Tonic magazine (Oct. edition).

Includes Tat's top travel tips.

I hope you can't read the print - because you need to go and buy your own copy.


Geena said...

Oh oh oh - I WANT one - please will someone post me a copy?

Geena said...

Oh bugger - forgot the imortant bit...

CONGRATULATIONS TAT! This weekend I will open some champers and drink to your success.

ramblingwoman said...

YES! to all that Geena (champagne? yes, great excuse to drink a bottle or two!)

Congrats Tat!

(Hi Lettie!!)

euro-trac said...

Oh no! I don't have to drink champagne do I?

It's a hard life!

Perhaps we could have a Wednesday lunchtime beer aswell?? Plus a Ski, Hazelnut Yoghurt!?

(No idea if yoghurt is spelt right there..Not sure I care TBH!?) :O)

"Too Tat.. Santé!"

Molly Bloom said...

OH that is so brilliant. Well done matey! I'm so pleased for herxxx

euro-trac said...

For some reason... I keep popping over to your blog to see your weather pixie!
This is soooo daft! Firstly, she doesn't tell the truth and secondly, I just have to look out of my window!? :O)

euro-trac said...

Crikey... I was sober when I wrote that comment above!
Not now though....


dizzydaftdays said...

Congratulations Tat.

I have read the article and it is great, well done you!