Wednesday, July 19, 2006


Here is an attempt to make up for my woeful lack of blogging activity recently.
Mostly pictures (phew, relief).

Hair news:
Little Gem's latest hair colour.
Stage A. Trial run, one inch of hair only, less-than-generous application of noxious gunge. Panic! It hasn't taken. It doesn't look any different. I told everyone at school I was doing it. etc. etc. etc.

Stage B. Second application, half a head, half an hour. Panic! Its all gone blonde! does it look okay? what will they say? etc. etc. etc.

Shed news:
My (step)Father-in-law, builder by trade - how very useful - put the shed up in more or less a day. Would have taken us much much much much longer. Good old H. Proper job. I was gaffer's mate and tea-maker for the day. The more hairy arm on the right belongs to M, not H, but as this is the only bit he helped with, this is the only bit of him I'm showing.

Fully erected, tho' unfurnished.

Handy shelves, table etc.

Mother-in-law serving celebratory Cava.

More pictures of furnished and embellished shed will follow in due course.

Family News:

My mother is started on a 3-weekly cycle of (palliative) chemo. No awful side-effects so far - in fact the only side-effect is weird and unpredictable (but apparently not unusual) changes in palate and sense of smell. But her medical care (at home) is wonderful, medication is keeping the pain pretty well under control and she is mostly comfortable - which is as much as we can hope for really.

They had hoped to visit us in London today to see French friends (see below) and my garden and shed. But, given the heat/health warnings for today, they are staying put and we are visiting them instead. I can't help thinking that Mum might never be in my house/garden again.

Life is very strange at the moment.

Tourist News:
our Roquefort Friends (French friends, from the region of... who arrive bringing large quantities of outrageously cheap roquefort, yum yum) arrived Monday evening. Staying till Sunday. Much quaffing, late night eating, pastis, bon homie etc. etc. etc. (but less time for blogging and shedding than I'd anticipated...)

Holiday News:
LG finishes primary school on Friday.

Next Tuesday I will be flying - with LG - to Perpignan to stay with the lovely and wonderful Tat et famille.

Other News:
And this is particularly for Tat. Hope it makes you laugh and cheers you up. I hope you and Trac will be practising.
(The number keys used to play this - on my computer - are those on the main keyboard, not on the numberpad. No 6 and No. 9 are particularly entertaining).


Donna said...

Hahaha thanks for the link Lettuce that was fun :-)

Molly Bloom said...

You sound good Letty. I'm glad. I'm impressed by the shed and love the picture of the Mother-in-law. That is really fun. And LG's hair is really, really wonderful. Tell her that she rocks! And I'm glad that your mum is getting on ok. I hope you are ok. So hot! I'm wilting. But still wearing all black - yahey!

I'm jealous that you are going to Tat's. Give her another hug from me. I've already sent one via Trac.
You have a lovely, lovely timexxxx

Kitty said...

Oh that was fun.

Very jealous about the roquefort. That's just what I fancy on my oatcakes right now but all I've got is guacamole. Pah!

The hair looks well cool.

Joanna said...

Love the shed its a wonderful colour. I look forward to seeing it furnished

ramblingwoman said...

I'm covetting that shed (double tt?), great colour! I will definitely have a girl shed if/when we get a house with a garden!

We all enjoyed the trampolining! Especially Alice.

ramblingwoman said...

oh yes, and haha to LeChat's eating of the oatcakes! (with guacomole? Great idea!)

Calamity Tat said...

hahahahaha I wet myself laughing.... that was soooo funny, I rather liked the mid air roly poly, thanks Letty...

I have a shed, you can sleep in it if you like seeing as you have a passion for them... I've already made your bed in there, it's quite big you know, in fact in these parts we call it a chalet...

I passed roquefort t'other day and I did declare that I would rather like to go to the caves one day...we love roquefort in this house.... see you next tuesday missus....

Bird said...

my most sincere sympathies as your daughter enters that wretched dying-of-the-hair stage. btw, i hear eggplant is a very popular color (after the blonde phase has passed).

that is no shed - that's a garden bar - how clever!

best wishes to your mom. i'll keep thinking good thoughts for her.

my own milk crate shed is not progressing - those damnable pesky students keep taking up my time. geesh!

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Anonymous said...

Nice colors. Keep up the good work. thnx!

Geena said...

Aren't oatcakes sweet? How can you put cheese and guacamole on them...ew....

Lovely game Lettuce...amused my little mind...sooo jealous of you popping over to Tatty...have fun!!

lettuce said...

I get enough bloody fliers through the front door without getting them on my blog too. TCH!!!

Glad you all enjoyed the game.

LG's hair has changed colour again, I'll post another pic. later....

Molly Bloom said...

Give us an e-mail when you want to go to the Greenwich Union.

Smoke said...

Drugs are just bad, you should try to use Herbal Alternatives as a temporary replacement to loose the dependance!

Geena said...

Yes Lettuce - just say NO!

Hee hee hee...

grumpy old woman said...

Hi Lettuce

Loved your lovely long post.

The hair is fab, as is the shed - I especially like the table feature - very useful!

The naked trampoliner makes me laugh and laugh - thanks for that.

And thanks for the update on your lovely Mum. Facing the loss of someone so close to you is such a strange journey, isn't it? It's separate from "real" life - almost a parallel universe.

It'll be so good for you to recharge your batteries visiting Tats & co. Looks like Tats and Trac are having a great time!


Joyce said...

So your mum too, eh? I'm so sorry. Suddenly when one is faced with cancer, it seems you are aware of all the others around forced to deal with it as well.

Anonymous said...

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