Thursday, December 09, 2010


An indication of the stupid state of affairs in many schools in England : my daughter took her Maths GCSE (Age 15/16) exam a few weeks ago. This is a nationally set, public and externally examined qualification. Today she has to do a mock exam for exactly the same qualification, even though she has already done the actual real test.

England's school system is test-mad.

I am preparing, in a laconic and not at all test-mad sort of way, for my driving test and have been doing some practice for the theory test.
Rather than being a chore, this has been quite entertaining so far.

It is a multiple choice test. Below are some of my favourites:

You lose your way on a busy road. What is the best action to take?

Mark one answer.

Stop at traffic lights and ask pedestrians
Shout to other drivers to ask them the way
Turn into a side road, stop and check a map
Check a map, and keep going with the traffic flow

A vehicle pulls out in front of you at a junction. What should you do?

Mark one answer.

Swerve past it and sound your horn
Flash your headlights and drive up close behind
Slow down and be ready to stop
Accelerate past it immediately

A person herding sheep asks you to stop. You should

Mark one answer.

ignore them as they have no authority
stop and switch off your engine
continue on but drive slowly
try and get past quickly

Why is it a good idea to plan your journey to avoid busy times?

Mark one answer.

You will have an easier journey
You will have a more stressful journey
Your journey time will be longer
It will cause more traffic congestion

How does alcohol affect you?

Mark one answer.

It speeds up your reactions
It increases your awareness
It improves your co-ordination
It reduces your concentration

You see a pedestrian with a dog. The dog has a yellow or burgundy coat. This especially warns you that the pedestrian is

Mark one answer.

dog training
colour blind

A driver's behaviour has upset you. It may help if you

Mark one answer.

Stop and take a break
Shout abusive language
Gesture to them with your hand
Follow their car, flashing your headlights

Your vehicle has broken down on an automatic railway level crossing. What should you do FIRST?

Mark one answer.

Get everyone out of the vehicle and clear of the crossing
Telephone your vehicle recovery service to move it
Walk along the track to give warning to any approaching trains
Try to push the vehicle clear of the crossing as soon as possible

There has been a collision. A motorcyclist is lying injured and unconscious. Unless it's essentially why should you usually NOT attempt to remove their helmet?

Mark one answer.

Because they may not want you to
This could result in more serious injury
They will get too cold if you do this
Because you could scratch the helmet

Which of the following types of glasses should NOT be worn when driving at night?

Mark one answer.


An accident casulty has an injured arm. They can move it freely, but it is bleeding. Why should you get them to keep it in a raised position?

Because it will ease the pain
It will help them to be seen more easily
To stop them touching other people
It will help to reduce the bleeding

how do you think you've scored?


Anonymous said...

hahahahahaha methinks i just failed unmiserably due to michievous answers :o) funny.. xx

ArtSparker said...

I learned to drive/got my license when I was about your age...good luck with the test.

Eva said...

Where's the result?

Lynne said...

I don't now how well you scored Letty, but I can tell you I would not feel safe behind the wheel depending on how other people in your country answered! :)

The people who made the test up must have had a few bottles of wine and some really good laughs around the old conference table.

e said...

England isn't the only test-mad country, so is America...I think they think the more they test, the better, but that doesn't make up for unequal distribution of resources or bad schools.

As for your driving test, best of luck. Based on the questions here, I could pass easily, and I hate driving.

e said...

England isn't the only test-mad country, so is America...I think they think the more they test, the better, but that doesn't make up for unequal distribution of resources or bad schools.

As for your driving test, best of luck. Based on the questions here, I could pass easily, and I hate driving.

Anonymous said...

I wonder what Edith can do with this..


Baino said...

Haha fancy taking a mock after the event. As for the questionnaire, I'm rather glad you couldn't record my answers.

herhimnbryn said...

Sending you lots of positive vibes for the test. You go Lettuce Lady!

herhimnbryn said...

Sending you lots of positive vibes for the test. You go Lettuce Lady!

Shammickite said...

What happened to common sense?

Akelamalu said...

I agree with you about the education system, having worked in it for 20+ years. :(

It's scary that some people fail the driving theory test isn't it?:0

Tom said...

driving tests in the states are absurdly difficult, with no idiotic questions like this. Methinks you're pulling our legs:)

Anonymous said...

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lettuce said...


no, no kidding. if you want to take some mock tests for yourself (with answers) you can do so at: