Saturday, November 27, 2010

Sepia Saturday

Determined to post something sepia today, my blogging has really been suffering lately from work /family and other demands..... for the past week I've been on jury service which has been interesting a more than a little surreal - an insight into another world.

And heres another world - the world of my great Uncle Stan, with his brother Roy (who died in the 2nd world war) and various dashing daring friends of the 1920's.

This picture above is Roy, Hedda (I think?) and Stan on the right.

Hedda again, possibly on the left? and Stan is in the middle, Roy on the end with the bottle in his pocket.

and two young ladies, very shockingly attired.....

Thursday, November 18, 2010


what a great theme for this Thursday, with chilly weather in the UK and the instinct to stock up, chow down, put on a bit of fat for the winter.....

though my food pictures come from wonderful and warm Kerala, from my trip there in August.

Delicious keralan cuisine, breakfast dinner and supper

idly, wada, coconut chutney, vegetable and sambal and beetroot chutney (breakfast)

ghee roast

thali - vegetable sambal, fish curry, chicken curry, various pickles, banana chips mmmmmm

fabulous fruit and veg

endless pickles

and oooooh the snacks

Thursday, November 11, 2010


Hackney, East London

Cats know how to not try too hard, but relax.

Logan, almost 2 years ago

I find myself taking an inadvertent blog break. Sadly not because of time off relaxing but because of an excess of busy-ness and, probably, trying too hard to do better.

But relax is an excellent Theme Thursday prompt for today, and here are some relaxing thoughts, which make me thirst for the weekend.....

Excellent pub chair in excellent pub in Greenwich, South London

Excellent pint of excellent Speckled Hen (in another excellent pub in South London)

Nr. Brick Lane, East London

Happy Theme Thursday - and have a great and relaxing weekend!