Thursday, October 14, 2010


Well this was another Thursday theme which seemed a challenge at first. But then, when I start looking through my photo archives....

the next 3 by the side of the Thames:

I like knots actually.
I often doodle celtic knotwork, in long meetings. No doubt that says something freudian about me.

and these tassels are made from a series of knots - small and delicate

and big and hairy (inside my girl shed):

This is a Theme Thursday post

but I hope you don't mind if I also take the opportunity to announce the relaunch of made4aid

raising money for aid, through handmade art and craft - we now have an Etsy shop, you can find it here

You can buy handmade items, all profits to Médicin sans Frontières (Doctors without Borders) and World Food Programme USA (and probably Oxfam too, to be confirmed).
To buy, you do need to register with Etsy but that is quick and easy to do. I have more items to add to the shop when I get the time.

There are cards for sale there made with some of my photos - and there is a custom option, so if you'd like to order cards made with photos of your choice, let me know - almost any of the photos you see on this blog could be used, plus almost any of those on my flickr account.

We are also hoping for donations of handmade items - there is further info. and guidelines donating items to be sold on the made4aid website.

and there is a new button for made4aid on Etsy - please feel free to take the code (which you can find on on the made4aid blog ) and display the button wherever you can, in fact we'll be delighted if you do.


Lenora said...

Very cool knots! Your etsy project sounds like a great cause too!

Akelamalu said...

Love the photos Lettuce, especially the knots.

Roy said...

A great collection of knots. Well done!

GreenWhisper said...

the sea ravaged chain and rope knots are gorgeous, love those celtic doodles too..and the wee mushrooms:)

shops looking good


gospelwriter said...

I especially like the second pic - beautiful!

MSF said...

I work at MSF UK and just came across your blog and the made4aid project. Wanted to say a big thank you for your support of MSF. If you want to get in contact about anything, or if you think there's anything we can help you with you can contact me at this email address.
Thanks again, all the help we get is very much appreciated

Katie Miall

wordwitch said...

Hi Lettuce! Long time no "talk"...Love looking at your blog though! Hope things are going well for you! We're still planning on moving to London - hopefully in 2013, in time for C.'s 45th birthday!



{S.T.U.F.F.} said...

Awesome pics!!

...CONGRATS! on the launch!!

nimaruichi said...

Knots all around - great pics

JeffScape said...

I'm a bit curious as to why concertina wire would be hanging by the Thames like that... weird.

Dot-Com said...

Very cool. I'm imagining the baloons once tied to the tree. Maybe a birthday party?

Prayer Girl said...

You sure have some fabulous pictures to go with the Theme. Nice job.