Sunday, June 13, 2010


Brick Lane, London

well I've been thinking about giving up blogging

and I've been thinking about taking a blog break

and i've thought about apologising - yet again - for my lack of reciprocal commenting and blog sociability

and i've been thinking about changes of direction and how I spend my time
(and how fast the time goes)

and i've thought about you lovely people and not wanting to lose the contact

And really, I just want to stop everything for a while.

A pause button is just what I need, after a year of what feels like living dangerously, and the year is not over yet but could - should - be soon.
Fingers crossed for a more settled future.


feeling the need for a positive decision, blog-wise, I am not going to stop, but I am going to make this a photo blog, for a while at least.

I will try and post a photo every other day (more or less, allowing for synchronising with Theme Thursday and Sepia Saturda as much as poss).

I'm unlikely to be writing or commenting much.

Silence suits me at the moment.

I'll appreciate any comments you leave here, as always
I'll try and visit your blogs sometimes, and keep up

and thats all.


SueG said...

I love your photos. They invariably give me a quiet smile. Have a nice linguistic rest. We're around if you feel like talking :-)

Tom said...

thanks for sticking around, love your photographic insights!

ArtSparker said...

I hope that you get good news soon, have been thinking of you.

justherdingcats said...

i love your photos so glad you are going to e posting them, thankyou xxx

Everyday Goddess said...

take your time and breathe. i wish you many happy times ahead!

Giulia said...

Letty, the best possible way (I think) to do this is to take or find a suitable photograph...& a title like the ones I've done. "See You in September" last year. "Vacances" or similar. "Postal Break" which I will be doing soon.

It's a way of people knowing that one has not disappeared.

Blame it on my profession, but just letting it go without some sort of 'break' in the title (or implied) means...people like myself figure you've left the building.

I helped a young man set up a sports blog the other day; he'd been offered an internship & job offer thereafter but didn't have a blog (& he would get the above opportunities if he had one). The main thing I drove over & over to him was...don't drop off the face of the earth without telling people you intend to do so.

I gave him examples of excellent blogs that just....stopped. After a few years. Positively weird. So thinking is good...then one more perhaps that says 'gone fishin'

Just saying. I hope you take a summer break & think on it. I'm trying to think about it, too, but for other reasons.

Good luck. I do love your photographs. Please be in touch about Made4Aid, too, when you can. I'm toiling in baskets at DPDO lately & would like to confer. (Not today, or even this week. But week after would be great.)


Anonymous said...

I too say don't go away entirely. Love the photos and would visit for them alone.

So many people drop out of sight and makes you wonder 'what happened, are they all right?'.

Martin H. said...

We all need to take some time out now and then. Nothing wrong with a little quiet.

Steve said...

Anything you can offer, we'll all gladly accept. Take it easy, Lettuce! I've taken several pauses and they DO help.

Ronda Laveen said...

I do so enjoy your photos. They would be missed.

e said...

Take whatever time ypu need...I'm concerned...can you send an e=mail?

I'm having a bit of a break myself for several reasons...\

Take care!

Baino said...

I'm beginning to think that blogging has a use by date. I post maybe twice a week myself these days. Take it easy . . you'll pop up in Reader when you're in the mood.

mouse (aka kimy) said...

your photos always say volumes!!!


Betsy said...

The wonderful thing about blogging is that you can take a break whenever you need to...and when you come back, your friends are still waiting for you! :) Enjoy the break...thanks for not leaving for good! :)

The Devil Makes Work said...

Do what you need to do Sally. I love looking at your photos and even though I may not comment very often I do read your blog regularly.


herhimnbryn said...

You do what you have to do. Sometimes silence is the solution...
Take care of yourself Lettuce Lady.

Betty said...

Very glad you're not giving up entirely - but pauses are good.
Look forward to seeing you soon. x