Thursday, May 27, 2010


which is the Theme for this Thursday and which made me think of wrinkles in time

I have no photos of wrinkles in time

but these wrinkles in sand seem somehow time-related

all these photos taken in Jersey, Channel Islands.
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Saturday, May 22, 2010

sepia me

I'm being a bit of a bad blogger, enjoying your comments but not finding time to visit and comment myself.
Bit of a bad busy blogger, please forgive me.

Birthday busyness this weekend, mine and my lovely niece, so this is my sepia me - baby Lettuce in olden days.

I think I remember this pram, though its hard to know if its memory or imagination.

I think this - below - is the earliest photo of me. My brother, sister and I were all born within 4 years. My poor mother! I wasn't planned....

And my earliest birthday memory is coming home from school, everything ready for my party - with little friends waiting downstairs - and me, crying and refusing to come down from my room until my sister came home from school.

Here I am with my big sis:

Wishing you all a great weekend.
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Thursday, May 20, 2010

cats and pigs

First there was Freycat - bought in Durham (North East England) market because the little cottage where we lived was infested with tiny tiny field mice. Cute little things, but they couldn't control their toilet behaviour, so had to go.

Oh and there was the occasional shrew - far worse so far as the toilet behaviour was concerned....

We didn't mind the little rodents, but they weren't viewed as pets.

Frey - short for Gallifrey, though we never called her that - was the sweetest cat in the world.

She moved south with us to Watford (North West London) - then to Greenwich (South East London) and lived to be an extremely elderly skin-and-bones sort of cat, sweet and lovely till the end when she tucked herself up in a neighbour's shed and died.

Then there were the guinea pigs.
Harley and Brandon, named after LG's cousins.

LG - 8 years old here - had just come back from a trip to the Ragged School museum. She didn't normally dress like this - she preferred it to her School uniform.

Harley and Brandon fought. Real fights, worse than their name-sakes. Ears were torn, blood was shed. They spent at least a couple of years constantly segregated by a fence of chicken wire.

Then Brandon died a lingering and very expensive death, and Marigold moved in, to keep Harley company.

She was the most placid guinea pig in the world.
And, as they didn't fight, we could let them roam about on the patio.

After Harley's death, Marigold moved back down the road, as company for another bereaved guinea pig delighting in the name Sendak.

So, she was a serial monogamist of sorts.

And now there is lovely lovely Logan who arrived about 16 months ago

as he was then

who is a delight

as he is now

Logan works on our current occasional tiny tiny house mouse problem (similar toilet issues)

between foot-fighting

garden prowling

and of course, napping.

Thursday, May 13, 2010


Well, its a mystery whats going to happen in my country over the next few months & years, with our newly notquitestrictlyspeaking-elected government, with its coalition of really notquitestrictlyspeaking-allied parties.

Not so much a magical mystery tour ahead, I suspect, as a gritting of teeth and bearing it.

Here are some other mysteries.
I'd quite like to know the stories behind some of these:

between the National Gallery and Trafalgar Square, London

yes, they are pants

Giant Panda, abandoned in Suffolk

East London, in a Brick Lane car park

pavement find, Greenwich London. why? did he go? did he need a filling?

hubcap impaled. but how?

mystery date

ah, the mystery of abandoned footwear

inexplicably dumped ties

and this remains-of-a-car was encountered on the Thames foot/cycle path

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Saturday, May 08, 2010

Sepia Saturday

This is my mother - a photograph taken by dad, on their honeymoon in Scotland in September 1951.

There are more photos and a bit of a biography of mum over here, and some additional photos I've posted since Sepia Saturday started here.

Mum died on May 7th 2007, I love her and miss her so much.

I'm away over the weekend so sorry again that I wont be visiting blogs much until later next week....

Wednesday, May 05, 2010



and its May

Mme Alfred Carriere

so my first thoughts were floral


but I did find some other random pinknesses

East London, Shoreditch


lost in sarf london

Bougainvillia petals in Perpignon

Raspberries from my garden

South London - recycling for girlie stuff?


random in so many ways....

....and the final pinkness is less random
and I shan't comment on it for fear of ranting, but there are a couple of interesting articles

First this one, reporting on a study widely reported as "proving" that there really is a female preference for pink

and secondly, an analysis and de-bunking of this study, or at least of the way it was reported and interpreted.....

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Tuesday, May 04, 2010

great and small


Here are the tadpoles, just about 6 weeks on from the arrival of the spawn.

Not yet looking much like froglings

though some of these do seem to have the slightest beginnings of little legs

They're as wiggley as ever, if you can catch them.

And at another extreme of some kind or other - in fact, maybe more than one kind of extreme? - these had just arrived in London yesterday

'Taxi Elephant' by Benjamine Shine

'Cosmos' by Ewelina Kawarska

They are part of London's Elephant Parade - a conservation campaign for endangered Asian elephants. Today I took a break from work and found the 3 elephants which have made their way to Greenwich. They were more fun than what I was working on.