Sunday, December 06, 2009

re-thinking busy-ness

I recently did a course on personal / life coaching.

I'm now working on myself.

Instead of telling myself "I'm too busy" I'm experimenting with saying "I have a full and interesting life. I'm involved in a lot of activities which are enjoyable or important or useful".

It takes a bit longer though which is not an advantage when one is too busy.

Instead of saying "I have too much to do" I try to say "I can prioritise and choose what to do next".

still longer tho.....
(but I did finally make the time to upgrade to new blogger!)

And instead of saying "I must do some housework this weekend" I am saying "I'll sit and read a book".

Which is shorter, so maybe I will succeed.

Here are some other good short phrases which I am practising:

  • that can wait
  • housework is overrated
  • ...and relax.
  • they don't pay me for this
  • I deserve it
  • life is too short
  • stop and breathe


Trac said...

Wow - I could be a life coach!

I've been saying all those things for years. :O)

'New Blogger'? Should I be doing that?

Dumdad said...

To echo Trac: 'New Blogger'? Should I be doing that?

I don't think I've quite caught up yet with old blogger!

lettuce said...

should you trac? should you dumdad?
a life coach wouldn't tell you what to do, just help you work it out for yourself!


it does seem to make it much easier to tweak your layout, colours etc.etc... add widgets etc.
So long as you keep a copy of your old template first - twas more straightforward than i'd expected.

Wendy said...

Trac took the words right out of my mouth...I've been saying that for so long that nothing gets done around here anymore. Which is the other extreme and not so good.

Your blog looks more spacious and airy now..almost like it's taken a deep breath and relaxed. :)

Tom said...

how about 'don't be afraid to try new things'

...i think i'll stick with old blogger.

i think i'll tattoo all of those phrases onto my arm.

Harnett-Hargrove said...

Maybe you could make the phrases into FEELINGS and that would be the biggest short-cut of all! This is quite a mental re-organizing. Good luck! -J

Anonymous said...

I'll plead the Fifth Amendment on this issue - although I'm teaching myself to sleep out of one eye and upload pics with the other; proof I'm becoming mellow in my old age.

cheers from Graulhet.

Barbara said...

No one's epitaph ever said "Kept a clean house". I have come to believe being happy in the present is an important goal. Some days the busy-ness gets in the way of happiness. But I too am trying to change that.

Such a thought-provoking and timely post!

ArtSparker said...

Love the neurotic bee. I'll go with all the helpful phrases except the "deserve" leads to complications - I prefer "because I feel like it".

Liza said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE that pic.
Funny post!
Thanks for the giggles.

I'm with Trac, new Blogger? Should I be doing that?
But then again, relax,
that can wait!

Tom Bailey said...

I love the type of thinking you are talking about here. I stumbled into your blog from another blog.

My viewpoint:
Language has a big impact on the results and joy that we experience in our lives.

Vintage to Victorian at Dairy House Antiques said...

Ditto Sally - ages since I visited you, too! And I still owe you goodies for made4aid. So sorry I was too busy/had too much to do etc etc. Maybe your life coaching will help me prioritise and get something off to you!
Sue x

Baino said...

Sound advice, easier said than done though. I'm really going to adopt "Housework is overrated" and "they don't pay me for this" . . .and I'm a shocker for wanting things to happen 'now' so I suppose learning to say 'that can wait' and actually be patient enough for it to happen is a good one too. Frankly, I'm not that busy, as in doing lots of things, it's work that takes all the time . . 40 hours spent there and two hours a day spent travelling leaves precious little time.

Akelamalu said...

I like those phrases - I may adopt them myself :)

...mmm... said...

All those last ones are very good, especially the sit and read one instead of doing housework! how about "I'll nap"? that is shorter still! :)

Chick said...

I like all those sayings...breathe especially.

Isn't it funny how the most simple phrases seem to be the ones that we need to hear the most?

e said...


Perhaps in paris, perhaps london. I'm genuinely interested in planning to get to both.

I'll e-mail more...

Ronda Laveen said...

I'd love to read more about your life coaching course. Are you planning a new career move? Just having fun learning? Great advice on new ways to look at things.

I'm happy to read about your experience with "new Blogger."

Reya Mellicker said...

Made me smile. That life coaching thing, as I have experienced it, is kind of a racket. But if it helps you, why not??

Megan said...

Interesting note of Susan's on the word "deserve" - I'll be pondering that.

Great phrases!

lettuce said...

sounds good to me wendy!

Tom don't be afraid to try new blogger! ;op

H-H it is! and it would!!

cheers rlb. mellow indeed

barbara I agree, happiness is way more important

ArtSparker - and megan - i do have trouble making the "deserving" work for me, I think you're right about the complications. I'll go with your amendment

thanks Liza. Relax!

Hi Tom - yes I agree with you. And not just the verbal language.

Hi Sue - nice to be in contact again :-)

Baino thats some awful commute :-(

be my guest Ake-LL

mmm, I managed to yesterday, just a little! Will experiment with "I'll nap" today!

Chick its true. I'm constantly having to remind myself to just breathe. It helps

e, this is so exciting!!

Rhonda, I've been encouraged to do this to add to my current work - and if it enhances my chance of a renewed contract next year, I'll do it! I share Reya's suspicion to some extent, but some people do seem to find it helpful

Reya - :-)

Lynne said...

I particularly like your line of thinking with
"housework is overrated"

and life is definitely too short.


Shammickite said...

Those phrases work for me!

tony said...

'that can wait'.Ummm, I like that.Can I steal & Use Myself?

Gary said...

excellent. I took the day off today as a mental health day for just this reason. I get too busy sometimes, try to do too much, get overwhelmed and then need to listen to my body (and mind) when it says 'remember who is in control'. Then I take some time for myself and all is right again. So, I took the day off and worked on my blog (haha). And what is this new blogger??? I will have to check it out.

Anonymous said...

Wow. nice snow photos. I have never heard anyone say anything good about housework, the lowliest of work, pay-wise.