Thursday, May 28, 2009


I was a bit stumped for todays Thursday Theme - suitcase - and thought I might not post.
But then I glanced up and saw these

on the top of a wardrobe in my bedroom.

The smallest topmost suitcase contains a selection of vintage lacey loveliness passed down over a few generations through my family.

The largest bottom-most (bottom-est? hmmm what is the opposite to topmost?) suitcase contains personal memorabilia

including my wedding dress and veil, the bridesmaid's dress I wore at my sister's wedding, a family christening gown, a collection of letters and cards going back nearly 30 years including love letters, poetry - some written by me and some written for me long ago, cards sent when our daughter was born .... ahhh, I nearly lost myself in a voyage of re-discovery when I opened this to take a photo.

The middle-most suitcase contains a couple of very prosaic spare pillows.

I love having these old cases for storage but blimey, they don't half weigh a ton even when empty.

I wouldn't mind doing a Victorian grand tour of some kind but rather than one of these suitcases I'd sooner take my loud red lightweight expandable suitcase which has lots of handy pockets

and especially wheels.

Thursday, May 21, 2009


today's Theme for Thursday is "vacation", so here are a few pics. of a favourite and frequent vacation destination - Jersey, Channel Islands.

We'll be heading there again this August and I really cannot WAIT to be there, switch off and kick back, walk on the beach, go to car boot sales, listen to the sea....

I seem to be regularly apologising here for my unreliable and erratic blogging this year. So this is NOT an apology, because I do know that I don't really need to apologise.

A Big Change is coming (soon!) in my life in relation to work, ie. employment and income - my head and heart are shifting gears and I am in the process of taking control and preparing to step out of a situation of unacceptable stress, mismanagement, pressure and deteriorating work conditions.  Life is too short and the cost is too high to stay where I am.

Change is good and I'm (more often than not) looking forward to it.

Deep breath.

as well as sorting out and working through the variables of the Big Change, I have also been busy, between times, with a charity project.

This is a preview - I will be posting a full-colour double page spread about this at some point. Soon. And I will be asking if you can help us to advertise on your blogs and elsewhere.

But if you want to take a look now, you'll find information about this new venture here.

We are welcoming any feedback, suggestions etcetc....

Thursday, May 14, 2009


and here are some other pavement "whoops!" photos - it would have been fun to watch some of these happening!

all photos taken in South London, except the last which was taken in Nyack, NY.

Sunday, May 10, 2009


Lettuce-ly speaking I am rather inclined to limpness at the moment, browning a little around the edges, under attack by slugs and reeling from the salad-spinner.

I hope to return to a more green and crispy presence both here and in your comments before too long, but in the meantime will attempt to keep posting pictures of one sort or another.

Friday, May 08, 2009


Flowers for Vicky, 1930-2007.

Sunday, May 03, 2009

Cat tales

Logan has been helping me with some college work.

He finds the essays quite comfortable, which is something in their favour,

and sometimes they can even be fun.

Not as much fun, however, as watching mice through the window

Which, in turn, is not as much fun as catching them and then playing.

Logan thinks mice are the Best Toys Ever.