Sunday, February 08, 2009

the white stuff

It seems that some of you heard about our recent weather, even from across the Atlantic.

No doubt parts of the UK (the North and Scotland) were sniggering about the fuss we southerners made, being themselves quite used to such degrees of whiteness. And some of you reading this from other parts of the world would find 8 inches of snow nothing to write home about. Or write blog posts about. But it was snow in unusual quantities for us, especially in London. So please bear with me - it was exciting! we had fun!

LG set off for school, feeling very hard done by and with a note explaining why she was wearing non-school-uniform trainers, but was back home before very long as there was no public transport and walking would have been quite an unpredictable trek.

The school sent an All Parents text around some time close to 2 pm announcing school closure (tch!) by which time we'd been out trudging, crunching, photographing, wondering, wandering, fighting, throwing and generally playing around with the lovely stuff. And, in between times, sitting in front of a roaring fire.

Classes at University were also cancelled for 2 days and so, as a friend put it, it was like a surprise holiday somewhere different.

Somewhere better, with much more beauty, fun, mucking about and damp clothing drying on the radiators.

Monday was full of heavy whiteness and the sky was thick with snow all day.

Tuesday was clear and bright, the sun casting exquisitely blue-white shadows on the still-crunchy sparkling snow.

Our garden still has a few patches of snow and ice, but the forecast of "heavy snow" again for tomorrow has now sadly changed to a prediction of "sleet". Won't that be nice?

I'm still in the process of sorting through the many photos I took, but heres a selection:


Akelamalu said...

We still have the remnants of the snow 'oop north' but we didn't get as much as you.

I love your photos Lettie - you really are a great photographer you know! :)

tut-tut said...

you've captured the essence of a snowday quite perfectly. Plus I signed up on your SlideShow thingy and now I'm a FAN (whatever that may mean).

I hope the sleet means more time off . . .

Shammickite said...

Eww sleet, horrible stuff!
I've heard about the UK snowfalls, and seen it on the telly. I remember as a child in Devon, 1/2 inch of snow brought everything to a standstill, chains had to be attached to tires, bus service were cancelled, water pipes froze! Here in Canada we deal with huge snowstorms on a daily basis and life goes on as normal. The first snowfall is fun but by the 20th it gets a bit wearing on the nerves.
Enjoy it while you can!

R.L. Bourges said...

ouf, sleet is no fun. But at least you captured the beauty before it vanished. Fabulous light in the photos, lettuce. Thanks for sharing.

milly (elephants&redwoods) said...

Oh wow...thank you for sharing! I love snowy posts. So much fun.

Robert said...

Exquisite!! We never see stuff like this in southern California. Hope you're not doing too much shoveling!! I love the snow!!

e said...

I never see this on my side of the pond, either! Wonderful pics, and I'm glad you enjoyed some time off!

Betty said...

That Tuesday photo is just gorgeous. I love it when the sunlight casts blue shadows on the snow.

Vintage to Victorian said...

Love your second photo. I thought about entitling my snow slideshow 'A whiter shade of pale' but didn't. Am glad you made reference to it! Haven't time now to look at your slideshow but will come back to it.
Sue x

Gary said...

This seems to be just the thing you needed. A little unexpected fun at being a child again.

Beautiful photos. Crisp and refreshing.

Absolute Vanilla (and Atyllah) said...

Gorgeous shots, Lettuce - I love 2a - the trees shadowed on the white snow and the "goal"!

Reya Mellicker said...

BEAUTIFUL!! Oh wow. Your pictures are gorgeous.

And yes, damp clothing on the radiator - YES. Snow is a blessing, isn't it?

Thanks for the pics. We only had that one brief storm ... maybe we'll get one more snowfall before the end of the year. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

Lynne said...

What an unexpected winter holiday right at home! We heard about your snow while still in Mexico. We had two guys from the UK heading home on that day and I don't know what happened on their way home with cancellations and such.

Didn't you build a snowman?

Lovely photos ... lovely snow. Ours is melting as I type and I can even begin to see the ground below! !shocking!

Sleet is no fun at all.

flawsnall said..., this has got to be what heaven must look like...

lettuce said...

thanks Akelama :-)

T-T, make some slide shows and i can be your fan too! Sleet didn't happen, but we wouldn't have got the day off anyway.

Shammie I'm surprised about Devon, I'd have thought they were more used to it.

thanks rlb. The light on the Tuesday was just magical

thanks milly, and e and robert.
No, no shovelling for me!

I do too Betty. I've enjoyed your photos too on flickr.

Sue, I must come and see your slideshow! the web must be so full now of unusually snowy pics from the UK

Gary, it was just what I needed.

Vanilla, I have little - no, sorry, I have no interest in football but theres something about deserted goalposts in such weather...

reya, it was a blessing. Fingers crossed for you too.

Lynne we didn't actually build a snowman! shame on us...

flawsnall, what a lovely thing to say. (hello!)

Chick said...

That's a lot of the beautiful blue cast shadows.

As always, lovely photos...looks like you guys had great fun.

Jay said...

These are really great photos.
I forget that the white stuff that is so annoying persistent and common place for me can actually be new to someone else.

mouse (aka kimy) said...

wonderful photos..... what crazy weather our little blue planet is having this year....and it's only february!

snow is so beautiful when it's fresh! unfortunately we've been experiencing a big thaw so the snow that is still on the ground is that dirty, grimy, gritty stuff...but soon it will give way to mud and then probably a few more snows before winter is done with.

ArtSparker said...

How lovely!

herhimnbryn said...

Lettuce, these images are beautiful. I am home sick now!

Barbara said...

Wow! You got winter and we got spring.

goatman said...

Yes, and news-shots of Brits continually falling on their bums on the ice.
Have you never heard of Kitty Litter??

Rodney said...

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