Thursday, February 12, 2009


I was a bit flummoxed for photographs for today's theme, until I remembered my last trip to the London Aquarium - some years ago, near the beginning of my snappy habit.

I'm restraining myself to only 2 pictures (in fact, I think I did a blog post about it at the time).

There were some weird and wonderful and disturbing fish there.
But these are among my favourites.

Who would have thought that fish could be comforting?
... especially jellyfish.

But I find these so appealing - their beauty and implacability and... just plain weirdness... as they drift serenely through the blue blueness.

And whoever would have thought to call a music group Jellyfish?

but I like them
and I like this one

and I do do do wanna stay home

and drift serenely...


Squirrel said...

Well, you make fishes fun. Nothing says fun more than a jellyfish, and now I want a jelly roll, see?

dennis said...

Dennis likes that song. Dennis loves staying home. Dennis loves fish. Dennis hates alarm clocks.

Coffee Messiah said...

Nicely done and enjoyed your take on it.


Anonymous said...

Superb snaps! Nice topic( tho' I have been stung by one of these-ouch! )

Lynne said...

A got an error when trying to publish my comment letty so it might show up twice.

Gorgeous photos! That second photo of the large jellyfish looks like a space ship cruising the galaxy. Really. I think maybe Star Trek patterned the Starship Enterprise from it ... very unearthly!

R.L. Bourges said...

rest is nice - must try it some day.

great photos, letty.


mouse (aka kimy) said...

those are some snappy snaps!!

it's always such a shock to encounter a jellyfish while swimming in the ocean....

my darned computer is needing to be reset I can't seem to get the you tubes to play this morning....or maybe it's the cosmos telling me to get off the computer and get on with the day!

wordwitch said...

Beautiful pics - and yes, jelly fish stings HURT! Had one get my whole left thigh once, when standing in the ocean....

Anonymous said...

Agreed- beautiful photos- mesmerising.

Akelamalu said...

Oh Lettie those photos are just so serene! :)

Megan said...


I will be back later to watch the video - I am curious as to how a band named that will sound!

ArtSparker said...

Jellyfish look like underwater galaxies.

Very strange to see a bnd with a drummer/elad singer - topsy-turvy!

Kris said...

Two very nice photographs.

Vintage to Victorian said...

Hi Lettuce

Fantastic photos! Can you see the eyebrows, eyes, big nose and huge grin in the second photo? (I see things in clouds too ... heyho!)

Sue x

Squirrel said...

mesmerizing is right, one starts staring at these pics and's weird the calming effect they have

i feel all floaty

e said...

Jellies are lovely to watch---mesmerizing---and thanks for introduction to the music group!

Cuppa Jo said...

I love the jellyfish. They're my favorite too when I go the the Monterey Bay Aquarium. Thanks!

lettuce said...

squirrel, jellyfish...jelly roll. eeew.
(have a floaty weekend)

i love dennis.

thanks CM. cheers and a good weekend to you too.

thanks subtorp. ouch indeed!

lynne, they really are alienesque

rlb., would be nice, wouldn't it?
(just guessing)

Kimy if you don't know Jellyfish, do try again, I think you'd like them

wordwitch, ouch again! None of these in UK waters

thanks Cinnanmon, and Lamalu

Megan, hope you like them

ArtSparker - strangeness in both cases, yes.

ta Kris.

Sue, yes! I'd not seen it before. Now I can't not see it. :-)

they are, e.

Cuppa Jo, I've been wanting to go to the Aquarium again for a while, must get around to it.

Betty said...

I love these photos - especially the first one, which looks not unlike a, errmm, - no, can't say it!! :D

I'm glad to say I've never encountered a jellyfish while swimming.

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