Friday, November 07, 2008

taking pictures

I've not taken many pictures lately, not even of the autumnness we've been experiencing lately, some of which has been lovely.

Not many pictures of anything much.

There are a number of reasons for and results of this:

worky work work

cycling to work. (ie rather than walking)
i do sometimes stop my bike to take a picture, but not often.
I do try to concentrate sensibly on traffic rather than photogenic opportunities.
Usually my head is full of worky work work anyway. And then quite often its too dark in any case... and/or i'm wanting to just get home for a nice cup of tea. or for more worky work...

[the cycling to work is good though, i'm feeling fitter and trimmer and pleased with myself. And the hill up through Greenwich Park is getting easier once again.]

I'm within forseeable distance of catching up with myself on flickr. I can now upload pictures which I took only a couple of months ago... I don't know why/that the time lag should matter particularly, but I'd quite like to be posting pictures within at least a few weeks of taking them.

I did a days photography course in September, in the company of my BIL, with a professional photographer. My first experience of an SLR (yes, now on my want-list), I learned a lot and am now taking fewer but - i think - better photos.

I've managed a couple of videos though, and here is a little autumnal pair:

sorry i'm not finding much time just now for blog-visits, hope to catch up soon


Pecos Blue said...

I always like your photos.

Akelamalu said...

Love that photo Lettie.

Loretta said...

Hi, Love your photos, got on to your site from Joyce, the bag maker. Will try and send you some of my photos when I figure out how to do it.

mouse (aka kimy) said...

it's hard to go back to a point and shoot after an slr!

lovely leaves and brick action in top pic.

one can almost dance to the rhythm of wind in the vids!! the box definitely is dancing!

R.L. Bourges said...

the photo looks like writing on the wall; beautiful.

Barbara said...

Fall is all about wind and leaves, the precursor to the coming cold. Your videos are good because they capture the motion without making me seasick!

Shammickite said...

worky work work isn't always fun but it puts foody food food on the tabley table table.
Love that brick and red leaf picture.
Can't watch the vids at the mo, using laptop in florida, and stealing wi-fi.

Lynne said...

Too much workyworkywork isn't good for the photographer's soul.

I'd like to take a photography class but there aren't any close by. I have to resort to books and making myself sit down, read about it, then go and put it into action. Something I am not the best at!

I haven't been to Flickr in ages ...

Take a minute to come and meet the newest member of my family!

Reya Mellicker said...

I LOVE your vids, as always. The sound of the leaves and the plastic cup scooting around is fabulous.

Like you, I like to post current pics. Not sure why - it's interesting. Do older photos get stale? Don't think so!

Hey I just received your postcard yesterday - a wonderful surprise! Nice to see your handwriting. Thank you!

Squirrel said...

Over the years I've had every kind of camera, and used to love using a darkroom, and so forth--but now I prefer a camera I can keep in my jeans pocket. The photo quality is the same, but I think we point and shoots some people tend to just be quicker about it and not get the best shots all the time. Of course you look much cooler standing and fiddling with a camera--we used to set up our old 8X10 format camera and it was a big production!

Squirrel said...

PS thanks !

bitchlet said...


i haven't been here in a long long time. you probably don't remember who i am..

i dropped in to say thank you.. i finally got around to making something out of polythene bags!

tut-tut said...

Can't see the videos . . . those leaves seem to be spelling something out, don't they?


To Ms. Lettuce

I have read some of your posts. I like the flavour of simplicity in your writings. I would like to revisit your blog.

If you love reading short stories and seeing paintings, then a short visit to my blogs would be a good idea.

Naval Langa

Pod said...

stinky work hey ms lettuce?

milly (elephants&redwoods) said...

love the picture!

tut-tut said...

I returned and was able to view. They are begging for a third to make a triptych, don't you think? Something very squirrely about them, really . . .

lettuce said...

hi pecos blue, thanks!
and lamalu

hello loretta, nice to meet you, I shall come and visit you too. Love seeing other peoples photos

it is Kimy - tho my current is a bit more than a point and shoot, i'm making fuller use of it now. whilst saving up....
it was definately a dancing day

rlb, I walk past this bit of wall regularly and its beautiful in any season

barbara I'm glad, wouldn't want to make you sea sick!

haha shammie, you're right about the foody food food.

you're right lynne - tho, as with most things, sometimes a break isn't bad. Just visited. Just saw. she is ADORABLE

thanks reya, i've been enjoying doing some more vids again, you keep me inspired. Inspired by other blog-friends in the letter/postcard-writing - its fun! expect more!

squirrel, i always think i look inept, rather than cool, when it takes me so long to figure out aperture, shutter speed etc.... But i wouldn't be without my little compact snappy camera too

bitchlet, 'course i remember you! i'm just planning some more plastic crocheting! would love to see pics of yours

tut-tut, glad you were able to see them. i did take a 3rd actually, but the leaves and box stopped dancing when i pressed record, mostly...

greetings naval langa. I'm glad you like my blog, I will endeavour to visit yours too

indeed, pod.
poo to pooey work
(yay yippee to hols tho)

hello milly. thanks!

Chick said...

Love the climby colorful ivy...I so want a SLR camera.

Your videos are very American them.